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  • UNSOLVED [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    Stop humiliating yourself guys. These scammers just pulled money from you and that's it. 4 months have passed, 3 large patches of 15 GB each, can't you see that these clowns are not capable of anything? Nobody reads your messages. They come in every 2 months and pretend that they are aware of the problem. Just forget that bad experience, and never pay more to these idiots.

  • dodokjv
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    This is the top unresolved thread in the player support and they still dont give a flying [censored] about this issue. I expect the mods to come back in a few days again and asking to create tickets, give them screenshots, videos, dxdiag and other [censored]. They will never fix this, that's for sure. They should just admit that and delete this thread. Everyone will pretend this is not an issue.


  • Zarael1721
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    I cant believe these scammers really ignoring us for such a long time guys... Took my money, did let me play 100 hours of awesome experience then messed up all performance and any response to that already 4 months? Sorry for saying that and i dont care if they bann me but i have to tell it... UBISOFT YOU ARE BOUNCH OF CU.NTS

  • RitzPaul94
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    This post is deleted!
  • Yesin069
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    I figured out some places where the performance mostly drops 100% to at least 40fps for me (I play mostly with between 60 and 75fps):

    • Every settlement in Norway (specifically Fornburg) - maybe the snow particles are too badly optimized and tank performance!
    • Eivor's settlement in England (specifically during events like Yule or Ostara)
    • Camps that look like caves and are surrounded by much water - those areas shouldn't be hard to run and drop always when looking at places where there also is water - maybe SSR is too heavy in this game but it isn't a problem in every other area, so it feels like those specific camps are just poorly optimized and need some more handwork

    I can't understand the drops under 60fps. Valhalla looks good but it shouldn't be that difficult to run it properly when settings are tweaked. It also would be great if Ubisoft brings back the settings they taken away from us since Origins and that are in the INI-files (like Globalk Illumination, Fog, Bloom, Tessellation, SSAO). Tessellation and SSAO should give us back some performance if they let us change those settings properly.

  • ruanseth
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    @Yesin069 "Valhalla looks good but it shouldn't be that difficult to run it properly when settings are tweaked. It also would be great if Ubisoft brings back the settings they taken away from us since Origins and that are in the INI-files (like Globalk Illumination, Fog, Bloom, Tessellation, SSAO). Tessellation and SSAO should give us back some performance if they let us change those settings properly."

    These entries are all still there in the cfg, apart from GI and tweaking the values seems to make little, if any, difference on performance overall. The areas you mention, where the worst drops occur are all due, in the most part, to heavy AI load, rather than rendering load. Yes, the GPU is pushed more in these areas, often to 99%, but the CPU remains half dormant, and this seems to be the real reason performance is now so much worse than it was prior to 1.1.0....... Even dropping the all the settings to low does not recover the performance in heavy AI areas, as the CPU is just sitting there doing very little.

    No ammount of tweaking (I think I've tried everything) will solve it, so we either play as it is, or give up and move on the other games.

    Sadly, whatever they did in 1.1.0 will not be fixed... There is no true support here, just 'call center' bot type operatives, drafted in, who give the same response over and over, and if I'm wrong Ubi, prove it!

  • Yesin069
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    I know that these can be tweaked but they seem to be broken and because of that not in the in-game menu. Tesselation seems to be bound to the world detail setting and changes with it. SSAO maybe with Shadows but I didn't test that one.

    I don't know why the AI is so taxing in this game. The AI is dumb as hell and has no complex patterns in it. No comparison to the AI from RDR2 or MGS5. The drops I mentioned above also happen when I killed everybody and look at specific places. This seems like optimisation issues in specific areas and not overall in the game.

    I don't seem to have lower than expected CPU usage so I don't know if I also have the same problem that most people here have. I also started playing with update 1.1.0 installed, so I can't compare it to before.

    For me I just see some specific areas that tank perfomance harder than everything else, without any reason. there is no complex AI or complex architecture. Just a whole in a mountain and some water...

  • dodokjv
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    The game runs even worse for me after 1.2.0 update. Before I could maintain stable 30 fps without stutter, now it stutters all the [censored] time. I play on 1060 3gb so I really don't expect high fps and super stable performance, but before 1.2 I could enjoy the game and now it runs like [censored]. Thank you, [censored]!
    FIX YOUR [censored] GAME ALREADY!!!

  • mueenahmad786
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    So CPU Utilization issue hasn't been fixed yet even after 4 updates?

    I'm truly Empressed, bravo Ubisoft. Very Empressive.

  • longjohn119
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    @mueenahmad786 And this game is listed as 1 of 8 that are supposed to support Resizable Bar for Nvidia 3000 series graphics cards

    Yeah rightttt .......

  • dignite_
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    So how do you do rollback? 4 [censored] months and still unplayable.

  • mueenahmad786
    13 posts

    @dignite_ Empressive Question. But unfortunately I will be banned again if I tell. So can't do. One thing I'm going to tell is that I'm really enjoying Valhalla at 70~90 FPS with Full CPU Utilization 90~100% on all cores with all settings maxed out except World Details which are @Medium. All other settings Clutter etc are at MAX. I'm truly in love with this game, I'm glad I got to see such beautiful game in my lifetime. It gives you Ezio Auditore Vibes if you play with male Eivor. Music by a legend Jesper Kyd, and yes SHAWN and REBECCA are BACK!! I'm in love with this game and it runs butter smooth on my intel processor core i5 2500K and GTX 1070 @1080p All Maxed Out Except World Details which need better processor. I'm s
    feeling sorry for all those suffering with COU Utilization issue, Sorry Ubisoft you created a masterpiece but you ruined its experience by your own hands but please fix it asap, some players are still waiting to play because they will get only one opportunity in their lifetime to finish the game for the first time!

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    This post is deleted!
  • Yesin069
    554 posts

    I got fo Vinland and performance there is just horrible. This area really doesn't look that taxing and the NPC's are dumb as hell and always stay at their positions or walk the same routes even at night. Why this game runs so bad in specific areas, when it runs fine in others?

  • stoyandanov
    16 posts

    So are you guys telling us again that all FPS drops and performance issues are because of the DRM protection and those who paid for the game will not get support. But those who didn't will play without issues?
    Let's hope that as the DRM is not effective now, we will get this burden out of our hardware with the next patch.

  • Snt.Grem
    34 posts

    @stoyandanov, denuvo protection has nothing to do with it. The game from the moment of release until version 1.0.4 worked perfectly. The point is fraud and incompetent employees who could generally admit that such a crooked update would come out in a forced mode and without the possibility of rolling back to the working version. Of course, now they simply ignore their worthlessness, because this is just a megatred on their forum, which does not generate any publicity and does not underestimate the sales of the game. Just think 800+ messages and these are only those who believed and hoped. Only these scammers know how many people have actually suffered and for what amount.

  • dignite_
    5 posts

    @mueenahmad786 PM me if you don't want to reply here.

  • nnMaxnn
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    I thought I would post this for future reference. I know this is not a fix for everyone. My FPS drops on my system were due to using Xbox One controller through Bluetooth wireless adapter. Once I plugged my controller in all my FPS issues went away. I went ahead a took it a step further and purchased Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10. Updated the firmware. The game runs great now! No more massive FPS drops, stuttering and sound issues. I tested it out for good solid hour. Seems to be working perfectly fine now.

  • Mahluk.
    8 posts

    Has anyone tried Empress 1.1.2. Does the problem continue ?

  • ruanseth
    32 posts

    I'm absolutley seeing quite an improvement with 1.2.1... CPU is still at around 50 - 60% but, the spread is even across my four cores, rather than two working hard and two almost idle. GPU seems pegged higher as well, staying at 99% almost all of the time.

    I am currently running at max settings @1080p on a very old i5-2500k (@4.4ghz) and a GTX1060 6GB with 16GB of RAM with perfectly playable frame rates (for me).... I still get drops in heavy AI areas, but as lowering visual settings makes little differance I may as well enjoy the game looking as best as it can.

    I did not see this consistency before this patch... it's almost a straight line ... I doubt it's the driver, but I'm also trying these nV dev drivers: Gameready 470.14's

    Hopefully we are getting somewhere.

    Sorry image links don't seem to work anymore.

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