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    Guys, I finally solved the problem. The game is fully playable in 60 fps again! Basically, I just needed to make a clean installation of my driver from Nvidia, then I needed to execute cmd.exe with the function "sfc /scannow". https://support.microsoft.com/pt-br/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system. Thank you guys for the help, have good games! o/

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @diegogamer97 I literally said downgrade the drivers, if only you read them earlier.

  • AncientBeastER
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    Hello 🙂
    Idk why AC:Valhalla use just 40% of my CPU. I have gtx1060 6g and 16gb ram, but i was watching test video from one youtuber, he've r5 3600 and RTX 3080 and have also 40% cpu usage.
    Idk whats going on. Thats are good cpus, not high-end but still good. I really don't understand that. Probably all R5 2600 users can have in valhalla minimum +5 fps with more usage.
    That look for me like bootleneck. So body know how can fix it?
    ps. i have same cpu usage on all settings.
    ps2: Anyway AC:V is probably the best AC in history! Good job. Just pls fix optimalisation.

  • YazX_
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    @ancientbeaster thats not a sign of bottleneck, your CPU is able to handle the work assigned to it while 40% utilized, thats a great news as you dont want your CPU to run 100% all the time although its perfectly fine but it will generate more heat and you dont want that, now the question is what's your GPU utilization?!

  • AncientBeastER
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    @yazx_ Yes but i have maximal 45% usage, thats i wonder. I was thinking i can have a full spectrum of using cpu like sometimes 30% and sometimes 80%, but i have all the time 30-45%
    Also i watched the video with r5 3600 and rtx3080 and the man have just 50-60fps on 1440p.
    I have on high 30-50fps on 1080p, but after some changes to mid (like clouds) i have 38-52fps. I wonder... why i can't lower the clouds to low, is no low option for that. In Odyssey that gave me many fps.
    So i play on high with 2 or 3 options on mid.

    My gpu usage is 97%. I think this is normal.
    This is a thing I don't fully understand because according to what is written in "settings" I'm using something like 4gb vram / 6.
    I understand this is about the clock speed?

  • DeltaSnipezor
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    @redindianrobin tried that my man.

    Still having the same fps drops 30-40minutes into the game.

  • DeltaSnipezor
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    Be good to have it at least acknowledged by support...

  • RedIndianRobin
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    @deltasnipezor Nope nothing gets acknowledged here in Ubisoft lol

  • YazX_
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    @ancientbeaster ok forget the videos, let me explain a little bit on how this works:

    1. A game is a program similar to any program you run on your PC, which needs CPU to handle workload such as loading data from your harddrive and place it into RAM.
    2. Game uses GPU aka video cards to draw the scene for you to play, CPU initiates Draw Calls to GPU to draw these scenes.
    3. Your CPU usage aka utilization will get higher depending on the workload it needs from the game (Loading, processing and initiating draw calls to GPU).
    4. the more powerful CPU you have, the lower usage it will be (unless if your GPU is faster), as an example you get 40% usage on your setup, on i3/R3 CPU, usage will be higher.
    5. Now your CPU is initiating draw calls and handing work to your GPU, the ball is in the GPU's playfield, the more powerful GPU you have, the more processing and drawing it can do.

    So you get 40% CPU usage and 97% GPU usage, this means your CPU is waiting for your GPU to complete the work it handed to it before giving it more work to do, which means your GPU is the bottleneck not the CPU, even if you get the best CPU out there, the result will be the same, you are bound and bottlenecked by your GPU.

    to get more FPS or enhance your experience, you need to fiddle with graphics settings in the game, this will ease the work on your GPU and make it able to process more work from the CPU within the same given time, thus rendering/drawing more scenes, which in turn will get your CPU utilization higher to give more work to your GPU. for this game, set Anti Aliasing to low and motion blur to off, other stuff to high/very high, clouds on medium is fine as they are not performance tanking like Odyssey, those will give a nice performance boost.

    So to wrap up, imagine it like a factory producing a product and packing it, if the speed of the product unit (CPU) is faster than the packaging unit (GPU), then the production unit will hold off (CPU Utilization) until the packing unit (GPU utilization 100%) can package more products otherwise products will not get packaged and get wasted, vice versa, if the packaging unit is faster than the production unit, it will hold off (GPU Utilization) until the production unit can deliver more products

  • Arabianhorse69
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    Same issue here I have a 2070 Super and 10th gen i7 and can't achieve a consistent 30fps on high settings.....

  • jandraelune
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    Ryzen 5 3600 and GTX 980 with 32gb ram. Not a single slow down from 1080p/30 with everything set low, really no need for all the eye candy. The CPU is only 26% used at most and the GPU gets 40% when playing, it does slow down ONLY when hitting > esc < and going to the menu where the GPU spikes to 85% use for no reason at all.

  • AncientBeastER
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    @yazx_ Thank you for explaining this so thoroughly 🙂
    Anyway with just Motion Blur off and AA low i have average 51fps in test. Probably i must to change graphic card.
    Also i don't understand why people even on RTX2060 have on high just 58fps avarage, also i saw test on RTX2070 with just 59fps average. This cards are many better than my GTX1060.
    I was thinking that with RTX2060 on high 1080p people can have something like 70-80fps and i see on many videos just 58average.

  • YazX_
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    @ancientbeaster you are very welcome 🙂 , i have 1080 Ti paired with Ryzen 3700X, i'm playing at 1440p which is twice as large as 1080p and get constant 60 FPS with avg is 75, most of settings are maxed out except for shadows (very high) and AA is set to low, DOF and Motion blur are both turned off. My CPU sits on 30%-40% and GPU 97%, so there the bottleneck is from my video card, but for me its more than enough FPS to upgrade my card.

    most people shoot all settings to ultra without trial and error, others have problems related to weak CPU paired with high end card and the other way around, sometimes bottlenecks come from RAM timings and frequency, other times from DISK, HDDs are not recommended at all to install games on, SSD is the way forward, so you have many possible reasons on why games FPS drop and bottleneck happens.

  • TemoshGangPower
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    When you will fix this terrible fps drops after ~1 hour playing? Helping only game restart! Its looks like a classic memory leak issue, check your own forum or reddit for similliar threads. This problem going from the release and make the game unplayable! How many we must wait until devs do something? Or we must suffer for our money?

  • v01d_inc
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    Same here. Playing on Geforcenow. This is disgusting. I could play Odyssey Ultra settings 1080p with breathtaking graphics but can’t even play valhalla in 720p medium.

    The game as potential but it’s so broken. Don’t you guys have testers? How could it not get flagged by QA?

    #BrokenGame #TakeYourTimeToFix

  • omniaaa
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    Same thing for me. After one hour the game is unplayable on GeforceNow. Saving and reloading from the main menu fixes it temporarily, but does not always work.

  • Rectdageimar
    4 posts

    Same here, it starts stuttering after like 30 mins, and after 1 hour is unplayable.

  • TemoshGangPower
    5 posts

    Ubisoft, maybe you try to cooperate with Nvidia to resolve this problem? Many users are experiencing issue what ruin all pleasure of the game! 

    Don't you give a damn about us?
    😠 😠 😠

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 533 posts

    Hey there fellow gamers, and thank you for your patience! I am very sorry that all of you have been experiencing FPS drops after about an hour of gameplay! I have a few questions and some steps to try, if you all wouldn't mind taking a look!

    1. Are you using GeForce Now?
    2. Have you tried verifying your game files?
    3. If not tried yet, please try our steps here.
    4. Can you provide a video of this occurring from your gameplay? If so, post to YouTube as unlisted and then send the link here.

    Official Response
  • TemoshGangPower
    5 posts

    Yes, we using Geforce Now. Therefore we can't verify our game files.

    Here's a link on my gameplay with fps drops proof -

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