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    I though that many months after release this game is already in some stable state.
    Sadly, no. Just bought new laptop with 3060 and Ryzen 7 5800H. Played couple of hours without any issues, but then started too see an pattern (especially when reaching England).
    Usually randomly when fast travelling average fps drops from 60+ to 15, making game practically unplayable. Sometimes restart help, sometimes load helps. Some mentioned travelling to norway and loading again helps, sadly for me that doesnt help most of the times. Sometimes even after exiting and launching game again, *bam* 15 fps average.
    Verified integrity of the game.
    Using Geforce experience optimal settings for the game.
    So the only thing what can be done is wait for patches?

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 533 posts

    Hey iam_invincible and Voidolt! I am sorry that you both are continuing to see FPS drops in your games. As Ubi-Mark mentioned, this issue is currently under investigation by the Game team, but again we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused in the meantime.

    I encourage you both to keep an eye on the Megathread for this issue, as well as watch out for future updates regarding this. Thank you for your ongoing patience with this matter, as we greatly appreciate it!

    Official Response
  • Snt.Grem
    24 posts

    I watched here a comparison of the new Intel processors with the previous generation and suddenly saw this early access in the tests in the last place, both processors complete with a 3090 video card barely withstand the near-comfortable 60 fps, but the funniest thing was to observe the load level of these both processors on the graph. [censored] you are such trash! Just take a look at this test and do not try to spend money on new hardware for the sake of this game, whoever says what, it does not solve the problem! The game still works like a piece of [censored]! Don't be fooled!

    9 posts

    @snt-grem Just to correct you that the early access game was bottleneck with the GPU because it has above 90% GPU usage... so it is totally normal that the CPU usage is low, did you even see the other game CPU/GPU usage? we can argue that the game is not optimize or have a problem when neither the CPU or GPU able to reach above 90% usage.

  • Snt.Grem
    24 posts

    @strelats, not! We can definitely say that the game worked great up to version 1.1.0. Exactly up to the moment when these clowns released a crooked update with ~ 50% CPU load blocking.

    What bottleneck are you talking about? I played more than 90 hours before the release of this [censored] update at maximum graphics settings, the FPS was stable, the game was smooth, the processor was loaded at 80-100%. I can confirm this because I have version 1.0.4 of the game available. Here's the screenshot just taken.


  • Snt.Grem
    24 posts

    940 messages in the topic, we just had nothing to do and we decided to talk about the fact that the game worked great from the release, and after the 1.1.0 update and until today it suddenly became not optimized. Seriously?

  • Kormac67
    582 posts

    @snt-grem Even our cheerful and useless Ubis are too embarrassed now to post "dev team is working hard on this, we will update you as soon as we have new info (which is never of course so technically it is not a lie)". They have drawn back to ninja-editing posts when people let lose their anger in too drastic ways.
    Any bets on next weeks update?
    a) issue stays the same
    b) issue get even worse

  • peterlaub
    Original poster 61 posts

    I'm going with c): your computer will explode when trying to play the next update!

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    So who is excited about the new update 1.2.1? what do you think they will broke next 😂
    Anyone who managed to get the game update just let us know if they fix the performance issue, I m not in the mood to re-download the game to get disappointed again and again...

  • SoberStone999
    59 posts

    @strelats I'm downloading, they said it would be 14GB but it's only downloading 700mb...

  • SoberStone999
    59 posts

    @strelats So it seems the update isn't out yet because I launched it and it still says

  • SoberStone999
    59 posts

    Patch 1.2.1
    After less than 5 minutes game went from 50 to 20 fps in raven camp, the issue is far from fixed.
    See you guys in 5 weeks to another delusion!

  • RitzPaul94
    15 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • T1GFX
    33 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Snt.Grem
    24 posts

    Come on guys. They don't give a damn about their consumer. Previously, they at least lied, saying "they are aware of the problem and are working on its solution." This has been for 5 months already 🙂 now they are ashamed even to appear here. They just edit posts and ban people who express dissatisfaction. People who have been deceived and cannot get their money back. This is a topic of sorrow and despair, there will be no correction and We cannot influence this in any way.

  • longjohn119
    499 posts

    @t1gfx I think I may have found the cause of the problem ..... I'll bet 100 bucks that update 1.1.0 is when Ubisoft attempted to implement Resizeable BAR into the game engine ..... And it's been mucked up ever since and will remain that way until they drop support .... It's like SLI support, it's really a waste of time because such a small fraction of the Player Base has a system that's capable of taking advantage of it .... You have to have a motherboard and CPU with PCIe 4.0 support working properly (Which pretty much leaves Intel systems out) and either a RTX 3000 series or RX 6000 series GPU which are still as rare as hen's teeth

  • Zarael1721
    95 posts

    No coment, next patch without any performance changes..... we are close to half year without fixing error what requires hot fix already second day which is hillarious...

  • RitzPaul94
    15 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • RitzPaul94
    15 posts

    Another thing ubisoft please stop placing this "Performance and Stability---Improved performance and stability" line at the very bottom of every changelog because this whole portion is a lie.
    Thankyou, now go back to making more cosmetics.

  • stoyandanov
    13 posts

    I'm now in the game for 11h 30min. Doing sessions of about 2 hours per day. For each session I have to exit to title screen every 30-40 minutes as the FPS drop from 50-60 to under 10. Seems this is the way I have to complete this otherwise good game.

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