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  • petek
    28 posts

    Yep it's much worse - gone from 40 FPS to 22FPS with major stuttering. If you're listening Ubisoft I (and I assume many others) will not be paying money for a Second Year / Expansion that for a game that you are doing nothing to fix. I bought the original season pass in good faith but I'm not wasting my money on a game that I used to enjoy that is now unplayable.

  • longjohn119
    538 posts

    @petek I got the game as part of a promo deal for Ryzen CPUs last July ..... So I haven't even bought the Season Pass for the first time ever since I can't even play the main game without a ton of game breaking bugs ..... I'll probably never play the game again because it doesn't look like they are ever going to fix the broken Aim Assist or even try. Even if they fix everything else I'm not going to play it until the Aim Assist gets fixed and I'm not buying any more AC products, DLCs or otherwise

  • Voidolt
    20 posts

    @petek Same here, was about to buy Season Pass on sale after release but decided to not buy anything from Ubisoft since they can't focus on this fix.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 538 posts

    Hello everyone, and thank you all for providing updates and workarounds as the Game team continues to investigate. It appears most of you have tried the workarounds below, but if you have not or if you are new to this thread please try these suggestions for the time being.

    Please know that we are actively investigating, and the more information we can gather the better. If you have already provided the following information please disregard the rest of my message here and know that your continued patience is greatly appreciated with this matter. However, if you have not provided the following information please create a support ticket and add these details so that we can send up your information as well.

    • attach your DxDiag to your ticket
    • a full-screen and un-cropped image of your graphical settings (here is how to take a screenshot, just in case)
    • The usage percentage on you GPU's and CPU's while running the benchmark on the settings that you are using

    Once you have attached these images and your DxDiag please return here and post your ticket number.

    Official Response
  • Voidolt
    20 posts

    Funny you suggest us to create support ticket but due to this :
    I can't send it. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • T1GFX
    33 posts

    Don't you love when these useless Ubisoft representatives appear in this thread suggesting literally pointless things that will help nobody affected by this issue? They are getting paid to tell customers to have faith and patience but we've all been waiting for more than 7 months with the only fix being made by the community. As a Ubi rep can't you at least forward the community-made fix to the developers so they can reverse engineer, analyze and implement the fix officially?

    Til this day I remain positive that these people can't communicate and are vietnamese bots who use google translate meaning they can't get the message across for the devs to implement the fix. That's how sad this situation is. All they can do is censor us, lmao.

  • Anivas29
    1 posts

    @t1gfx Thanks a lot it worked for me, i now have the performance i had when i bought the game 😄

  • Voidolt
    20 posts

    I've never had this issue with Unity,Syndicate,Origins, Odyssey and in launch day of Valhalla. It took them few months later to break this game so since that it's unplayable for me. Also here's a graph of my problem just in case if someone wants to see it.

  • Voidolt
    20 posts

    @voidolt As you can see, the FPS goes from 60 to 15 in few minutes or when fast-travelling. I tried everything as Ubisoft suggested and other methods from community so far still didn't work. This game was playable on release day i had no issues with it and i made a lot of progress. Now due to this problem i cannot finish this game. Thanks god i didn't buy Gold Edition or Season Pass for this crappy port game.

  • Turtlecubs
    5 posts

    @voidolt Exact same issue with me, and the majority of other people on this thread... such a huge regret to purchase this game..

  • leolionhunt
    3 posts

    I've been having the lag problem since launch. Game runs fine for around half an hour at 30fps and then drops FPS randomly consistently at 20fps. Sometimes this lag happens whenever I go towards a river or sea and never returns to normal unless I restart the game. Please fix this Ubisoft.

  • ratz203
    1 posts

    Got a 3090 just now from work, 40-50 fps at 1440p on Far Cry 5. What is this? Was getting well over 120+ fps with 2080ti before Ubisoft Connect.

  • Voidolt
    20 posts

    Something is messing up with Ubisoft Connect, I don't remember correctly but before Ubisoft Connect came out the game did run well. I've tried to play it on offline mode, no overlay but both method didn't fix the FPS problems.

  • TyranusVader
    102 posts

    For those experiencing stuttering like I have, I suggest that you reset your GPU driver's shader cache. For AMD GPUs, there is a button in the control panel in the graphics tab. Once you're in the graphics tab, click on "advanced" to unhide the advanced options. The "Reset Shader Cache" will be the last option.

    Once that is done, start the game. You'll notice at first that the game will continue to stutter, but that's because the driver is in the process of recompiling the shader cache. After a few minutes however, the stuttering will cease. Since doing this, I have been playing the game for hours without any stuttering!

    Regarding the frequent crashes that a lot of users are experiencing, I too was on the receiving end of these crashes, but by turning off some settings in the driver control panel, the crashes ceased. The settings that caused the game to become unstable were VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) and Enhanced Sync. For months now, it has been a known issue by AMD that Enhanced Sync causes certain games to crash. In effect, Enhanced Sync is broken for the time being, so make sure that it's disabled!

    Regarding Nvidia GPU users, I believe there is a similar way to reset the shader cache, but it's been a long time since I had a Nvidia GPU, so I'm not sure how.

    Finally, resetting the shader cache will not solve the low CPU/GPU usage that some users are experiecing. That's a whole different issue altogether. Either use the third party solution or wait for an official fix from Ubisoft.

    Let me know what you guys think?

  • longjohn119
    538 posts

    @voidolt Connect has more to do with causing the graphics drivers to crash than low FPS. The FPS problem looks to me to be in the CPU to VRAM code which got changed when Ubisoft tried to implement Nvidia's version of resizeable BAR ..... Textures and other assets are stored in VRAM and the CPU calls for those assets and then sends them to the processing cores in the graphics card (asset streaming) But if something is messed up in those VRAM transfers then everything slows down including CPU usage (it can only process what information it receives and if that information is bottlenecked somewhere then CPU usage is going to drop because of lack of data to process) and FPS because the graphics cores can only process what data is send to it and like with the CPU if there is a bottleneck then the FPS is going to drop like a rock

    As for Far Cry 5 I don't have that game and never played any of that series so I don't know but did they try to implement Resizable BAR into that game also? I bet they did and broke it just like they did Valhalla when they implemented into the game back in late December (They didn't enable it until a couple of months later which is SOP for things like that) I've been saying for months that Valhalla got broke when they improperly tried to implement Resizable BAR into the game engine code

  • SirWoldrenYT
    28 posts

    @tyranusvader I think there wont be official solution xD

  • Snt.Grem
    27 posts

    Of course it won't. For 7 months they did not even try to understand this problem. Can't you see it?

    Special thanks to those clowns who write all sorts of nonsense about the cache launcher, overlay and other crap that does not relate to the topic in any way, and even more so does not solve the error of crooked programmers from [censored]. Thanks to you, these scammers now believe that the problem is not on their side, but in our systems, launchers, etc.

    The problem is in update 1.1.0, which they released without testing and did not leave the opportunity to go back to the working version of the game, that's it! There is no need to invent a bicycle, I have already shown a comparison of different versions, everything is extremely obvious there. Until version 1.0.4, the game works great, any next update is ~ 50% loading of components and therefore low FPS, I will never believe that this cannot be reproduced, just no one needs it, no one wants to fix their own error, because it is not paid work. They'd rather make costumes for donations and useless upgrades. Forget fixing!

  • Snt.Grem
    27 posts


  • SirWoldrenYT
    28 posts

    So noone cares to fix this game

  • RitzPaul94
    20 posts
    This post is deleted!

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