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  • WR3cker_DK
    75 posts

    Berseker gear stats is still broken.
    Can't place map marker directly on quests(broken since 1.04 patch)

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 169 posts

    I now have hunting trophies. 😊


  • bitebug2003
    98 posts

    @adarklore it's far worse that than

    I finished the game but this happens

    I would avoid installing it

  • ADarklore
    91 posts

    @bitebug2003 What system are you playing on? Ah, I see it's also PS4. Yikes.

  • mentraton
    17 posts

    No issues on PS5 so far.
    The enabled adaptive triggers did not see that in the notes.

  • stormPD
    3 posts

    Man's Best Friend ability still not working for me - ability at level 2 but still greyed out and unable to use
    Playing on PC.

  • ADarklore
    91 posts

    @stormpd I'm worried about getting a bug with this as well... because I have accessed the ability book in Lunden BEFORE I even progressed to the point of getting the quest at the settlement. So far the ability is also greyed out for me as well- which makes sense because I haven't acquired the wolf yet... but I wonder if the quest will bug out now because of acquiring the ability before the quest.

  • DaelosTheCat
    167 posts

    Doesn't look like it will make the game properly challenging or introduce heavy level scaling.

  • krvpt.
    63 posts

    i STILL have the splash screen issue. WHAT THE [censored] UBI?????

  • palleon
    4 posts

    Assassination graphic no longer happens on PS5 - you just kneel next to them and wave a knife about (it’s ON in the settings still)

  • lastyle222
    1 posts

    my bugs, posted in the german ubi forum, are still there 😕


    • no achievement for settlement lvl 3 (settlement is 6 and got this chievo)
    • lunden world event - flying boxes, no guy there
    • cairn challenge - doesn't finish after the verification

    videos of my bugs are iin the thread

  • ADarklore
    91 posts

    I just cancelled the install... I'm going to wait to see how widespread these issues are before installing on PS4.

  • JMetch
    59 posts

    Game is still broken after update. Storming the Walls will not populate. For over 1 month I have not been able to advance the story. Game is broken. CD Project RED offered refunds for Cyberpunk due to the bugs and glitches. However, none of those were gamebreaking as Valhalla. Just shows you that Valhalla development team does not care about the gamers or to fix their own game to enjoy.

  • RainbeauRanger
    24 posts

    Still can’t find Lufvinja, I can only speak to Faravind at the royal hall who says she is somewhere with some men. She’s not at Magnis and not at Stenwedge. I’ve no quests on my quest log other than reach settlement level six.

    also what’s this Yule festival thing? Am I meant to be able to find that yet?

  • krvpt.
    63 posts

    @jmetch dude i havent been able to start the game at all because of this [censored] splash screen [censored]. ubisoft needs to take their damn hand out of their pants

  • Hypobox
    8 posts

    As me and 100s of others have pointed out the Cloak Bug is still there after the patch. Unwanted Yule festival stuff but not what is needed. Thanks for all the other fixes, that was a hefty patch.

  • ADarklore
    91 posts

    Well, looks like I'm screwed because it will not allow you to play the game without FORCING you to download the update- even when you disable automatic updates. As soon as you start the game, it automatically starts downloading, when you delete the download, it continuously adds it back to downloading. I guess the only true way would be to completely disconnect from the internet.

  • hbahsir
    7 posts

    Yup. Still getting the 'Oh no, it crashed! while launching, so yeah, nothing happened.

  • MoonWraiven
    8 posts

    They moved the freaking opal map underneath the picture section so I can’t disable in game pictures icons on the map because then I can’t see my opal map this is stupid

  • DuskDragon56496
    367 posts

    I haven't found anything about a yuletide fesrival, or recurring monastery raids,abilities are still not working, should be called "disabilities" and for the offended politically correct and band wagon jumpers "inabilities"And a side note,for those that say "not challenging enough"fight with your bare hands if you don't find it "challenging" or simply don't level up,Personally I think it's fine the way it is combat wise.Except for that stupid completely unneccesary stamina bar,This is a real hoot by the way,we're talking about a people who were renowned for their strength and stamina, able to row for hours on end then fight a lengthy hand to hand battle after,and yet in Valhalla we're out of breath after 4 dodges...just brilliant!
    Also the developers said that they didn't add side quests to the game because Eivor isn't a hero,yet the mysteries are usually of Eivor helping some poor souls with whatever dilemma they're facing, talk about making themselves look foolish!!! Hopefully there's a lot more coming to make this game replayable but as it stands now there probably are going to be long breaks between dlc content,because I played it through twice,one I was able to finish and one I wasn't, and there's just no incentive to play again...I really hope Ubisoft meant what it said about adding lots of content because an hour or two here and there isn't going to cut it.

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