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  • hbahsir
    8 posts

    Yup. Still getting the 'Oh no, it crashed! while launching, so yeah, nothing happened.

  • MoonWraiven
    8 posts

    They moved the freaking opal map underneath the picture section so I can’t disable in game pictures icons on the map because then I can’t see my opal map this is stupid

  • DuskDragon56496
    382 posts

    I haven't found anything about a yuletide fesrival, or recurring monastery raids,abilities are still not working, should be called "disabilities" and for the offended politically correct and band wagon jumpers "inabilities"And a side note,for those that say "not challenging enough"fight with your bare hands if you don't find it "challenging" or simply don't level up,Personally I think it's fine the way it is combat wise.Except for that stupid completely unneccesary stamina bar,This is a real hoot by the way,we're talking about a people who were renowned for their strength and stamina, able to row for hours on end then fight a lengthy hand to hand battle after,and yet in Valhalla we're out of breath after 4 dodges...just brilliant!
    Also the developers said that they didn't add side quests to the game because Eivor isn't a hero,yet the mysteries are usually of Eivor helping some poor souls with whatever dilemma they're facing, talk about making themselves look foolish!!! Hopefully there's a lot more coming to make this game replayable but as it stands now there probably are going to be long breaks between dlc content,because I played it through twice,one I was able to finish and one I wasn't, and there's just no incentive to play again...I really hope Ubisoft meant what it said about adding lots of content because an hour or two here and there isn't going to cut it.

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    Any sign of these "revellers" east of Ravensthorpe yet?

    Oddly think I've found where they're meant to be and I can actually hear quiet party noises but..there's nothing but a collapsed house and hay bales...

  • StaplePort2478
    23 posts

    @sofajockey where are they, in your room?

  • StaplePort2478
    23 posts

    Im trying to uninstall game and reload on xbox1 today. My bugs not fixed cant progress in essex, can't speak to rollo, can't progress in absence of ealdorman in lincolnshire, cant progress in jorvik cant regroup with asian lady and cant talk to her. I forget her name sorry. Closing the vault.

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 370 posts

    @stapleport2478 Around the wall of the big hall.

  • ssjgoku2k420
    15 posts

    I saw nothing in the notes about Road to Hamartia. I hope it's fixed. I can't do anything with this game. No map, no hud.

  • Milansan
    13 posts

    @daelosthecat enemies in valhalla are a joke

  • SofaJockey
    Original poster 370 posts

    @milansan Really? What troubles you about the enemies, compared to in any other AC game?

  • thegardener25
    144 posts

    @quinch1199 Yeah there's one of those wooden figureheads in the ground where you can add an ornamental figure. I put in a fire pit to keep the guys warm as they see in the bells at Hogmanay.

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    @stapleport2478 lol.... wish! Still not had my vaccine so unfortunately not yet.

    Its kind of creepy to be honest, I stand there and can clearly HEAR people talking, drinking etc. I've even recorded it and checked.

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    @thegardener25 Ubisoft haven't stated when Yule event will be live but, as a wiccan myself, if its not the 21st Imma sending over a hex! lol

  • axlslak23
    100 posts

    @quinch1199 Did you teleport out of an orlog game or something else? That seems like a ghost mode of some kind. You started an activity, and then teleported out of it, I think. Which puts you in limbo. Try to start that same activity again, to reset.

  • Bzduras
    9 posts

    Issue with screen tearing on Xbox Series X is still there. I'm done, anyone wanna buy the game? I'll make it cheap, I promise.

  • MentallyFooked
    7 posts

    Downloaded the Gold Edition on PS4 and no Season Pass available. It still says €40 in PS Store.
    Anybody having same issue?
    I thought this might be fixed in the patch! Season Pass for Gold Edition Ubisoft?

  • DaelosTheCat
    169 posts


    I'm not milan, but I'll reply. They are too easy. Even on the hardest difficulty the combination of bad AI, slow attacks and the protagonist easily becoming overpowered with any weapon makes the game too easy. There's no challenge to be had. At least, I didn't find any. In my 30h or so with Valhalla on the highest difficulty the only two fights that were challenging were some drengr in a cave in Norway (but that's probably because I was just learning to play) and some magic boss lady I found. That's it.

  • Rodrigo_Apgaua
    1 posts

    ... I have nothing to say for this patch after saw this:

    XP Boost packs...

    Really Ubisoft? Really?

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    @axlslak23 Nope, that's how it is, several restarts and reloads etc and its still there. Is there people there for anyone else? I feel like the audio file has glitched for the "crowd noise" in that area...even though Yule isn't active yet the files for it were downloaded today.

  • ktd
    7 posts

    FFS UBI! 😠 This patch is a nightmare. Cant fast travel, cant finish quest, all sorts of other bugs.
    Can I get my +65 hours back please?

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