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    My pc specs are:

    I7 6700k (no overclocks)
    GTX 1080
    16 GB Ram
    Game is installed on an ssd

    Bought it via Ubisoft + on ubisoft connect

  • Normbags
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    I found that my issue was that the game was installed on 2 SSD's in RAID 0, swapped it to my 😄 drive and it launched

  • SixpoundeR85
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    I´ve updated my drivers and restarted my pc. None worked

  • SixpoundeR85
    11 posts


    Well, i dont have room for valhalla on my C drive. And my SSD´s are not in raid config. So not much help for me but maybe for others...

  • Xyrella
    18 posts

    Yeah it is just the generic answer of please update your drivers that they are telling people, but that doesn't help the issue.

  • nabbist
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    @sixpounder85 i can't choose which character I would use both on pc and Xbox ;(

  • Tangakkai
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    @normbags I think that might be the problem. However, this is not acceptable from Ubisoft. Can't have up to 50 gigs on my almost full 512 SSD and we're living in 2020, where this should not be a problem.

  • ArtemisHunter60
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    @redlight I did everything as instrucked and now I cant even open the game anymore 😕 dont know whats wrong.

  • SamyGetLow
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    This is disappointing, having same issue. Game doesnt go further from the Ac Valhalla Dialogue box after clicking play. I spent $120.00 on this. Will be refunding.

  • CyanLord_
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    I have the same issue.

    I tried the usual: drivers, reinstall the game etc

  • Bi0waX
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    Hello all,

    I have tried many things. Reboot, install drivers and even asking my wife. We came to a solution! All we had to do is install Ubisoft Connect to our OS drive (C-drive) and also install the game on that same drive. I have tried to install both on my secondary D drive. Still did not work. So...

    tl;dr: Install both on C-drive and it should work! If not, you're screwed! Im off playing the game 😆


  • Sordan13
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    hey guys i have the same problems.... and i dont find an answer how this can be solved.

    i even cant get in touch with the support..

  • Dx2.LFT
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    nothing fix this i have literally try everything for many hours

    some says that u should install ubisoft software and game on 😄 drive where is windows and they have get game work
    ffs i dont have space for that, like that cant be solution for this.

  • Jutzukan
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    Update: Still doesn't fully launch.

    Spent way too much time this evening. Now I'm so sorry for signing up for Ubisoft Connect. I knew I should've waited a month or two because this is like Ghost Recon Breakpoint all over again.

    Verified files, Ran as admin, Uninstalled Ubisoft launcher / reinstalled, Uninstalled game / reinstalled, verified files AGAIN!

    r5 3600
    rx 5700
    16g RAM

  • Sordan13
    2 posts

    ok Wait i found an option.... try to install it on the Windows Hard disk... it just worked for me now....

  • Dx2.LFT
    38 posts

    C : drive

    stupid emotes

  • Fau2on_De7tA54
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    HI, i got the same problem and fix the problem, only need to get the game in the same disk than Uplay ... if that help someone ! have fun

  • PilgriM_71
    8 posts

    @normbags Yeah I'm getting the feeling it doesn't like the game being installed on a different drive from the Ubisoft Launcher, that's a pretty big miss by the game testers if it is the problem.

  • S-T-R-l-K-E-R
    6 posts

    @himotep-07 the softwareor any program that tweaks GPU

  • Menachit
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    As I said in title, I tried everything: reinstalled game and ubisoft connect, run as admin both and only one of them by alternatively, I saw a video for AC Origins that a guy deletes game file on documents and runs game successfully but it didn't worked on this one. Can we please get an answer for this situation? Because I cannot even contact ubisoft support bc live chat is disabled as well as e-mail submitions.

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