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    same problem here

  • Skams.
    2 posts

    Reinstalling directly on 😄 worked for me. Fixed it.

  • TheoMLG
    1 posts

    Over 12 hours since release and the game still wont start. What a [censored] joke. I took the day off for this and it has been a complete waste. Ubisoft you never fail to amaze me by just how wack a company you are - atleast I got the game through ubisoft+, I would have been so mad if I had paid full price for this PoS.

  • Lulzez
    1 posts

    Hi guys! I had the same problem as you. Stuck on splash screen. Tried everything from installing it to my windows drive C, reinstalling, run as admin and reinstalling visual C++ redist. What got it to finally work for me was disabling the G-sync in NVIDIA-settings.

  • patrickmaart
    1 posts

    @dichtebanana Does this still happen for you?

  • ShenoXDfug
    15 posts

    @lulzez i am running a AMD GPU so this wont work for me

  • ShenoXDfug
    15 posts


    • 3.0GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W processor
    • 32GB 2666MHz ECC memory
    • 1TB SSD storage
    • Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8GB HBM2 memory

    i also dont think my Computer is the problem as also Watch Dogs Legion runs perfectly

    @Ubisoft any tipps?

  • drdeath12-uk
    7 posts

    hopefully they apply a patch for us today shame we didnt get a notice from themselfs saying there is issues effecting pc players

  • Nichlas_kbh
    3 posts

    For me the solution was very simple.... Still took me about 4 hours to figure it out....

    I wen't on my desktop, right clicked

    Settings > Screen > Graphic settings > Looked for ACValhalla.exe > manually chose max (apparently my computer was allowed to choose for it self, which have never been a problem with any other games)... Now I'm playing..

  • ArtemisHunter60
    5 posts

    @jabukegrada Thank you so much that fixed it !!

  • Dragon_Arcane83
    12 posts

    @irish-sheep no, you need to make sure that Valhalla is on the same drive as Windows. Or it won't work.

  • Koma32
    1 posts

    I had the same issue until I installed the game on my windows drive, before doing that I tried everything mentioned: reinstalling Visual C from the game directory, downloading VC x64 and x86 from Microsoft, updating to latest video driver and even set the game .exe as an exception in my antivirus, but nothing worked until i finally re-installed the game on my C drive.

  • Snowkevke
    4 posts

    Hey Guys,

    I'm using a MSI gaming laptop and had the same issue, coudn't get further then the loading screen.
    Then i read about someone turning off afterburner and it worked for him.
    My MSI is using Dragon Center, turned it off and the game launched without a problem.

    Hope this is helpfull to some of you using an MSI.

  • Captainben96
    4 posts

    I've got the very same problem. It did the exact same thing when I tried to launch AC Origins on my new PC last week and the support left me on hold since then so no more info I'm afraid. Sad that these are the only two games I wanted to play the most right now, guess I'm gonna go back to Odyssey (which runs just fine for no reason though)... Hope they find us a way to fix that quickly!

  • Dx2.LFT
    38 posts

    this my experience for premium price, stare this pop-up long as i die


  • VictusKristus
    8 posts

    @jabukegrada I get to the part where I select ACValhalla.exe, but I don't understand where I find "High-performance NVidia processor"?

  • JabukeGrada
    4 posts
  • Ziener89
    6 posts

    @shenoxdfug Same issues, hope they fix it soon.

  • Captainben96
    4 posts

    EDIT: I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it on my C : drive and it seems to work (download is only partially complete, I'll see what happens when fully DL). Good luck to you guys!

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 702 posts

    @menachit Hail! Thanks for getting in touch, and I'm sorry that you are having this issue. The developers are aware and are gathering information regarding this. It may be due to how your hard drive is configured, and we'd appreciate your system files if possible. Please contact us via Twitter or Facebook DM if you can!

    Official Response

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