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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] [PC] After launching the game, it freezes on the splash screen | POST HERE

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    @vasario same here i paid over $100 what for a loading screen if so thats a hella loading screen for the money i paid

  • dtrexninja
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    Eny one getting stuck on the warning screen after you see the logo

  • Max-_-33
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    @dtrexninja Yes did u not get told u paid for a loading screen lol

  • troykt76
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    Thanks for the proposed fix. The fact remains that we should not have to do some back end fix ourselves. I work in I.T. and if we present this to a customer we would get fired from the project. This seems to be the same problem they have had with Origins. My OS drive does not have the room for other files and nor should it, Its for the OS. Stop releasing half baked MVP (Minimal viable product)

  • dtrexninja
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    @max-_-33 no I was told I was getting a full game good job I did not get collectors edition my figure would of been an empty box with a loading Icon

  • Max-_-33
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    @dtrexninja haaaaa MVP comment love it

  • ShenoXDfug
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    i just got an error while reinstalling the game. Error: "Microsoft Visual c++ Runtime Libary". Im not sure if it has something to do with the Game but after that, i reinstalled also supporting software like they mentioned in this post https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/faqs/25596/Reinstalling-Supporting-Software/ but it did not help me and im still stuck in infinity loading screen. Maybe it helps someone to figure out the problem

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    Redlight- you are the best!! its works perfectly!!

  • S1qh
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    @redlight This fixed it for me, thanks dude!

  • hugRmunR_
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    As the topic states, I'm stuck on the splash screen. Lovely logo and all, but I would like to be able to play 😄

    All drivers are up to date, restarted the PC a few times, did the repair install etc.

  • Max-_-33
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    @s1qh how u do it im no good when it come to Edit stuff

  • Acdcwrocker
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    @redlight I don't understand the whole creating symbolic link files. Is there a video that explains it. Or can you give me a very basic 101? Apologies I didn't expect to have to do this but I appreciate you posting to help everyone

    Edit: and to clarify its more that I don't understand if symbolic links replace the original files in the installation folder and then you keep the originals on the main drive.

  • Dx2..
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    if u release finished game it should be atleast working and not getting stuck in logo pop-up
    this is last game what i will ever buy from ubisoft, this not how u do customer service, always major issues and u charge 100+e for premium game
    only premium again is just the price like with many other games before, never smooth launch

  • Acdcwrocker
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    With the files and folders within the video and sound folders do i need to link each file separately or can i just create a single link for the sound folder and a single link for the video folder?

  • Captain_Kayn
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    Hi there,
    I have encountered some dificulties playing the latest game. This is what I have tried so far:

    • Restarting my pc
    • Updating my drivers
    • Opening the exe. file using administrator
    • Disabeling all overlays
    • Controlling files

    Is there anything else I can do to make this game work?
    My game get's stuck on the splash art screen which pops up when the game tries to load.

    I just tried to run Assasins Creed Odyssey and that works from which I presume that my required settings should be ok.

  • Acdcwrocker
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    Ok, so i got it to work, for those who are confused try this.

    • Download and install the file included in @Redlight post

    • In your OS drive (usually your C : drive) create two folders one for the videos and one for the sound files.

    • Open the ACV folder and keep them next to each other.

    • Drag all the files and folders from the video and sound folder in the corresponding C : folder (cut and paste don't copy them.)

    • Right click the sound folders and select "pick link source" then in the empty original ACV folders right click and "Drop as" - "Symbolic Link" (make sure you do this for every file, and yes you can batch it with selecting all the files.)

    • Do the same again with the files in the video folder. Note Do not try to batch link the folders as it wont work and you have to do each one individually but instead select "drop as" - "Junction"

    • You can delete any language files you don't want in order to save some space.

    If you make a mistake don't worry just delete the .sym file or the junction and do it again.

    Launch the game and give it a min or two and you should be good to go. 🙂

    Thanks again @Redlight for the post. I'm gonna put on a brew now. Got a long night ahead!

    If you are stuck just mention me i will have it open on my phone but i'm not techy so i was free balling it but can parrot what i figured out 😛

    Edit: The C : was coming up as a emote aha

  • MicR0Mat1C
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    @captain_kayn im having the same problem ? Found any other fixes?

  • Freddygoldie
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    I'm having the same problem. After the first intro when beginning a new game, the loading screen is loading forever. any fix on this issue?

  • Max-_-33
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    @acdcwrocker i sent u a PM

  • Captain_Kayn
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    I found this article that I used to try and fix my problem: https://quoramarketing.com/fix-assassins-creed-valhalla-crash-on-startup-loading-screen-or-crashing-after-splash-screen/: (https://quoramarketing.com/fix-assassins-creed-valhalla-crash-on-startup-loading-screen-or-crashing-after-splash-screen)

    Let me know if some of you guys found a fix. Much gratitude in advance.

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