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  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @rockerchris You know it's funny. On my first save (100%) I still have 30 hunter arrows, but on my second save (75%) I only get 12. Not sure what the difference is.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x Climbing should be faster than the snail’s pace it is now.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x Be able to skip finishing moves or turn them off. I’ve seen a lot of them already and it gets repetitive.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x Be able to see what gear or cosmetics you’re getting before you buy them, or give us a bigger picture to show them off. Tattoos, settlement schemes, gear, etc.

  • ADarklore
    121 posts

    I still want to be able to 'equip set' option instead of having to equip one piece at a time... and also the ability to save loadouts like Odyssey had. I have several gear sets now, and rarely use most of them because of the annoying time it takes to equip them.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x You should really only have one strap for one weapon if only using one weapon, and not two straps for only one weapon.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x I think the romance scenes shouldn’t be so short or end so abruptly. It doesn’t have to be anything graphic, but something other than a few kisses would be better.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x I think female Eivor should have bigger breasts, so she isn’t as flat. It doesn’t have to be a major change.

  • Crighton-66
    4 posts

    So after many years of playing ac the thing i loved about the game was the ability to stand in group of enemies and parry do some cool countering and a bit of fancy sword play; can you please tell me why we've gone back to this roll around evading xxit? graphically origins was beautiful, odyssey just as good and the fighting was epic, now you would think that were gonna be vikings the fighting system would have remained the same as odyssey but no we've gone back to roll around and stick, please is there some way you could take the fighting system from odyssey and put it on valhalla please. oh and have only got 12 arrows on my hunters bow after having 30 and yes my pouch is fully upgraded and tried several different things like swapping, travelling here and there using my arrows and rebuying them, doesn't work, fix it paid good money not to be your games tester, oh and getting stuck in the graphics is a bit annoying as well, was a time the character was on the surface of the graphics not halfway in them, there's an old wives tale, if it aint broke don't fix it. I've really wanted to enjoy this, but obviously some personal egos got in the way of the gameplay trying to change things when they didn't need it, stick to the original and just tweak not completely change it.😠

    364 posts

    My 2 cents of €

    • a mission board with random and repeatable quests like in Odyssey
  • larrykop1967
    66 posts


    + 1 for this as well it does get repetitive, also areas changing from distrust to normal once a story arc is completed, i like to travel by horse around England in the game and they should change afterwards and i always get spotted even with the cloak on, and get rid of that bandit that seems to follow me everywhere accusing me off killing his brother lol.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x Livestock in your settlement should be able to roam around the village so they’re not in such a small enclosure.

  • sorgulu
    3 posts

    @torfinr I think it would be nice to have more things to do after you finish the game, more enemies, more predators, more hostile forts, more raids.

  • customer_x
    15 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • customer_x
    15 posts

    Set loadouts option and let us DISMANTLE GEAR / WEAPONS !

    And more people in the land outside towns and city's, traders with cart/wagon, patrols, hunters in the woods that hunt boar/deer and overall MORE civillians along the roads.
    This world is just to empty, like you guys forgot .. look at Origins or Odyssey, they are much better immersive worlds.

  • Trappist01x
    Original poster 24 posts

    @trappist01x Bigger fish, food pots, and animals to fill more of your ration meter.

    Be able to fish when perched.

    Holding aim for bows has a different effect for different bows.
    Hunter: Slightly increased zoom. 
    Predator: Longer you hold it, the more damage an arrow will do, but will slowly drain stamina.
    Light: Faster, rapid arrows. 

    Fish to stay scanned when using Odin’s Sight.

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