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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Quivers reset to minimum arrow capacities even if upgraded following TU 1.1.0 | POST HERE

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    I have completely upgraded my quiver and the amount of arrows that I can hold has gone back down to the base amount. How can we fix this.

  • Syrjaelae86
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    @celepacif atleast there's a sort of a fix for that. If you meditate Eivor isn't drunk anymore. Although that shouldn't be a problem anyways. This Yule festival and patch 1.1.0. really was great.

  • KairiMacedonia
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    Hey ever since the new update not only has my character fallen victim to the famous drunken log ins but it also seems that she lost her arrow capacity too? I have upgraded my quiver to only having two improvements left which I think left me around 34-35 arrows max and now my new Max is 20 no matter what bow I am using. Also the shops leather supplies seemed to be bugged they aren’t available for me. I got some to appear in my home base shop after donating to the hunter shop but non in open world

  • KairiMacedonia
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    @bulldog1861 I am having the same issue

  • Jorjtank
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    @lotharkamgang the travel to Vinland worked for me however it dropped my quiver level from maxed to now 3 or 4 upgrades needed. the next issue is once your quiver is maxed fabric doesn't actually drop anymore and its not for sale even in my lvl6 shop. so while i don't have the minimum anymore i no longer have max and no way to fix it because the game isn't dropping fabric anymore

  • Bored_Blackbelt
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    @d0nt_panick same here. On xbox one. I've only just arrived in oxenefordshire. And I'm drunk all at every load, And the cloud saves are effed up. Ugh.

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    I've been playing for about two days since my initial post regarding the "Decreased Quiver Capacity (after Yule Festival released) / Quiver Upgrades Broken" on 12/20/2020.

    I've been exploring higher level regions to acquire the elusive Fabric, so I was able to test the Rations upgrade, which DID work (I saw an increase from 3 to 4 via Inventory).

    As far as the quiver? Still stuck at 12 hunter arrows, 20 light arrows, and 5 predator arrows. Also, I had enough Fabric to give the upgrade another test via the quiver. With this being said:


    As of 1:35 AM (MST) on 12/22/2020, I'm still unable to upgrade my quiver, yet the game does manage to deplete my resources without reward. So, the problem is unresolved. To be sure, I/we should be seeing our original capacities return to their status before we invest in upgrades. For example, my quiver was 18 hunter arrows, almost 30 light arrows, and almost 10 predator arrows; therefore, once this is fixed, I should be upgraded FROM that previous status (18 hunter arrows, almost 30 light arrows, and almost 10 predator arrows) once I commit to the next quiver upgrade. There's no reason why we should suddenly have less than we started with. The entire upgrade system with the quiver is in the ditch right now, but that fix doesn't change the "Yule Festival Tax" on our quiver capacity before the upgrading stopped working.

    Anyway, that's the update (no change), but the Rations do upgrade properly (always save beforehand).

    Thank you, Ubisoft! (I'm not trying to be overly critical. I love the game, but this a noticeably painful bug amongst the overall fun.)

  • Luvbeers7
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    I have a feeling the Vinland fix only works if you maxed out your quiver AND finished Vinland before the patch bug hit. If you finished the Vinland arc with something like 6/10 quiver, then the fix will only bring you back up to that amount, not maxed out. If you didn't even start Vinland (like me) before the ACV-1.1.0 virus was released then the fix won't work at all.

  • Falconking43
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    I've got the same problem, all the forums solutions involve traveling to Vinland and back but I've not reached that point in the story yet do doesn't do me much good

  • spelldazer
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    @ubit00n I've been able to reproduce and avoid this bug for now. The bug occurs when the new skill point nodes are triggered at around 278 skill points or so. Just looking into the skill tree when they show up triggers the quiver reduction. As long as I keep my points unspent and do not open the skill menu, the quiver remains at its current capacity.
    For those who have the issue, you can try loading an early save from before the new skill nodes appeared for you.

  • kansasgrant
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    My max predator arrow size has been 8 for a while. All of a sudden it's 5. Really frustrating. I use bow a lot. Please fix. I may just move on to other games with all the bugs from the last patch.

  • unjulation
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    yep, just throwing my hat in the ring to say that i've been hit by the quiver capacity bug today
    there are a couple of fix's ive seen on the interweb, i'm sure peeps have already found them but just incase -

    1) reloading a save from before (i had already spent several hours and a boss fight under my belt by the time i realised and dont want to lose my progres ) Grrrrrrr
    2) https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/670151-assassins-creed-valhalla-quiver-capacity-bug-fix: (https://gamerevolution.com/guides/670151-assassins-creed-valhalla-quiver-capacity-bug-fix)

    and seeing as ive not even opend up vinland yet, only got 22hrs under me belt as of yet, by the time i do i hope ubi has fixed it or the yual tide celerbration has been removed and thus fixing the bug, we shal see......

  • sockthing
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    @spelldazer I'm not sure this is the whole story at least not on a PS5. I have reached a stage when any combat seems to trigger the quiver size reduction, my level is around 170 and my quiver is one down from maximum. I'm in the middle of combat and and suddenly the number of arrows in my quiver is back to 12 hunter/ 5 predator. During this time I have been fighting and have not gained skill points, allocated any or looked at the skill tree. Its quite possible that this also triggers the issue as well but I think the problem is wider. I rolled back to a save that does not have the issue many times before I found it was a known bug, everytime I'm in combat the problem seems to occur. I don't even need to be using my bow at the time for the bug to occur. I even tried combat in different areas but the same problem occured.

    To be honest I have now decided to stop playing until there is a fix as using bows is central to the way I like to play. Whilst I could play on I really don't want to have my current saves with the bug in case the fix, when it arrives, only stops the bug happening rather than fixing broken saves.

  • mikecarter66
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    PS5 Quiver has reset to base settings, only 12 arrows on hunter bow, 5 predator, 20 light bow

  • spelldazer
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    @sockthing you are right. I have 4 unused skill points and something else triggers the reduction from time to time, usually as I gain xp. My guess is that this triggers a refresh of the skill menu which runs the new code and causes the quiver reduction. Just a wild guess. I keep saving and reloading as necessary. It is very very frustrating.

  • jobu59
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    Just noticed that my arrows have reset to their starting quantities. My quiver has been maxed out for a long time. Not sure when it happened.

  • summortuus
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    @guest-pww2dj2g I'm thinking this could be a while. I keep checking the known and investigating bugs threads, and it's not even listed. I'm just going to stop playing until the Yule festival is over and hopefully it corrects itself then.

  • HarryLi0330
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    Case 13661669 created.

  • guest-pww2dj2g
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    @summortuus I'm not sure it's going to be corrected only after the Yule event ends. I disconnected my season from the Internet and that caused the end of the Yule Event but the bug persist.

  • bayoooMan724
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    how come my ammo capacity back to 5 arrow only. what happen?

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