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  • guest-09LLnpOF
    5 posts

    I am having the same issue. I only have 5 arrows for the predator bow which to be honest is the only one I use so I haven’t bothered to check the other bows. I’m sure they are also at the minimum capacity

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2877 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    As shared by @Jubilee64, this issue has been marked as resolved following TU 1.1.2. Thank you for your patience at the team took a closer look at this.

    If your arrow capacity is still reset to minimum capacities following TU 1.1.2, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Thanks! 😊

    @longjohn119 - Thanks for sharing your feedback about being able to quickly switch bows. If I recall, you should be able to see how many arrows are left within the HUD, to the bottom-left of the screen (above your health and abilities icons). I do personally agree, though - it would be a lot more convenient if you could switch between bow types without going into the menu. I've passed on this feedback for you.

    Official Response
  • ferlin-1
    4 posts

    Just from a simple search it appears to be a big issue that after the festival ended it dropped your quiver capacity. I'm maxed and only showing able to carry 12 hunter, 5 predator and 20 light arrows. I use the bow A LOT and I'm seriously about to stop playing until this is fixed

  • edgarcaleffi
    1 posts

    What's ARROW DROPPER in Skill habilities?

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Hello everyone, and thank you all for adding to this thread! As mentioned by my colleague UbiKobold, our teams are hoping to add a patch to resolve this issue in a future update. As soon as we have more details regarding when this patch will be released, we'll share them with everyone here.

    Official Response
  • LittleYanYay
    7 posts

    @ubiexcellent I have also noticed now that not only did my fully upgraded quiver reduce its capacity, but also something new is the quiver shows as not fully upgraded with 3 slots still open for upgrading. I hope that is fixed as well as I am almost done with the complete game toward the 100% achievment and I am not sure there is enough fabric left in the game world if I need to re-upgrade what was already done.

    playing on XBox One X

  • Creamfilling
    1 posts

    So I tried the Vinland fix and while is "sort" of worked, I was back up to 20 arrows instead of 12... it also reset my Quiver progress from Stage 7? (all but 1) back to Stage 4. So now I have to spend all my fabric to get back to that point. Which means that I will now no longer be able to get 100% completed in the game since there is only so much Fabric in the game. This makes me sad...

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @edgarcaleffi It's one of the extra skills that pops up at some point (right around the 200 per level mark?) on the outer edge of the skill tree. It's actually called Arrow Looter or something, not arrow dropper. It's blue (Wolf).

    If you disconnect from the internet, and boot the game up to play offline, those three skills should appear - there's a bug causing them to disappear from the skill tree, and I've noticed that playing offline makes them reappear.

  • Syrjaelae86
    16 posts

    @ubiexcellent one would hope so since Yule update broke the quiver.

  • ashleysosa44
    34 posts

    @ubiexcellent should I just get a refund and come back in 3 months when the game is actually playable? Because "future patch update".... it's been almost a month.... where is it? I didnt pay $120 for a game I cannot play. Between the arrows, the other bugs and 2 missions that are stuck where I cannot progress, what exactly is the point of it?

    Fix the game or give us our money back. And we will be back when yall actually complete the game. Shouldnt have released it in the first place. An insult to gamers and AC fans alike, we wouldve gladly waited for a finished and complete game that works then to be forced a broken one that we cannot enjoy or beat.

    We arent dumb, we know what's taking so long... that holiday break. That new years break. Why else would it take a month to tell us "we hope to fix these issues in a future patch update". Well holidays over, hop to it.

  • LittleYanYay
    7 posts

    @victormelfman Did this, empty arrows, travel to Vinland. Quiver shows as fully maxed AND quiver reappears. Head back to England and quiver again reduced to 4 missing slots and capacity lowered. Aggravating as F.

  • estelle4386
    1 posts

    Can’t seem to get the Vinland back to work and I’ve gone too far into progress that I can’t reload from before the Yule update, so I’m stuck at 12 arrows on full upgrade. Anyone or ubisoft know how to fix this because I can’t battle gods or creatures without 30 arrows.

  • KCTiger79
    2 posts

    I have the same issue. I’ve upgraded the quiver several times and the capacity has not increased. Ubisoft needs to fix this ASAP. It’s getting difficult to beat higher level enemies and areas when my arrow capacity is at the minimum. Seriously.

  • KenpachiHRO
    16 posts

    @ferlin-1 Fast traveling to Vinland and back fixed this for me...

  • KCTiger79
    2 posts

    I read that and tried it but it did not work for me. Unless I’m missing some detail on what needs to be done.

  • KenpachiHRO
    16 posts

    @kctiger79 Some players mentioned they had to shoot off all arrows (empty the quiver) in Vinland before traveling back.

  • azullFR
    717 posts

    Same for me, I don't know who they manage our paid game with internet, but it's for sure a shame that they broke and are braking this game with bad (to be polite) requests... and do nothing to correct this !
    They even do not tell anything about this problem as many others and they do not inform player about basic things (ex: it was useless to do more Yule challenges as all Yule coins have now disappeared !)

  • scotuplay
    5 posts

    Greetings. I opened a support ticket with Ubisoft, and they asked me to post here. Not only did my number of arrows get affected by the 1.1.0 upgrade, my quiver was eventually downgraded as well. Below are from the contents of my last submission to support which provide an overall summary and may also reveal a database overwrite issue related to gameplay sequencing:

    1. Did a bunch of game play. Upgraded the quiver, but not completely.
    2. Went to Vinland. Changed my mind about playing through.
    3. Went back to England using the atlas. Did a bunch of gameplay and upgraded the quiver to maximum value. (30 for hunter arrows).
    4. Ubisoft released 1.1.0. My quiver still showed maximum upgrade, but maximum number of arrows was reduced. (12 for hunter, 20 for light, 5 for predator.)
    5. Did a bunch more gameplay and just dealt with it.
    6. Decided to go back to Vinland. Noticed that the quiver was no longer totally upgraded. However, my maximum number of hunter arrows increased to 22.
    7. I completed the Vinland events and returned to England (Ravensthorpe).
    8. My quiver was no longer totally upgraded, but my max arrow behavior seems to return to "normal." For example, maximum hunter arrows was now 22, not 12. I say "normal" only in the sense that 22 likely matches the quiver level that is now reflected (6 out of 10). But I don't know that for sure.
    9. #8 is obviously brings another dynamic to the problem. The quiver should be max/totally upgraded. Another huge issue now is that there might not be any way to get enough fabric to upgrade the quiver again since I looted most the chests.
    10. Completed the Jorvik arc. Had 22 available hunter arrows during the arc. Upon completion, it went back to 12 maximum. So, #8 no longer applies in the sense that the games seems to be acting normally given the downgraded quiver level.

    What a mess. I was never a game developer, but I am a prior coder, admin, consultant, and project manager. (I'm probably a bit older than most on the forum.) I just don't get it. Is it too harsh to suggest this (along with the other 1.1.0 bugs that were quickly observed day one) should never have happened? I understand coding and versioning complications and mistakes. Really. But I feel this rollout reflects a rushed lack of judgment. I would've had explaining to do in my old job.

  • guest-puembFKh
    2 posts

    My arrow capacity has been reset despite having leveled it up multiple times since the Yule event. Please help!

  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 217 posts

    Hi all! This issue is to be resolved in an upcoming update. We appreciate your patience!

    Official Response
  • PhoenixFury2211
    10 posts
    Hi all! This issue is to be resolved in an upcoming update. We appreciate your patience!

    Do you have an ETA on this update? We all know it will be fixed, but we're frustrated at how long it's taken. I hope this will be patched before the February update.

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