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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Quivers reset to minimum arrow capacities even if upgraded following TU 1.1.0 | POST HERE

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    Just going to suspend my play until the patch comes out to fix this. I can't take on opponents with 12 arrows.

    Also, apparently "magic fabric" is the new unobtanium. I've never yet run arcross said fabric in 29 hours of play. Incredible.

  • Kormac67
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    @no_talent_clown 29 hours is not much. Fabric starts dropping more frequently in Sciropeshire.

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    @no_talent_clown -- I've been playing the entire game with the 12 hunter arrows, 20 light arrows, and 5 predator arrows. I JUST reached the 300 club in the game, but - well before that - I've been able to take down most of the Legendary Animals, all three Daughters of Lerion, several Zealots, AND Steinnbjorn (400 Power ranking). You have to find something other than the bow as a strategy, but once you upgrade via Skill Points and obtain various Abilities, you'll find the bow is one of the lesser viable options in challenging situations. Also, there are arrows EVERYWHERE. To be sure, you're right, this bug is terrible, but you don't need to shut down gameplay over it - not even close.

  • Ubi-MrM
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    Hey everyone,

    Just to keep you updated, the issue with quiver capacities is now listed in the Known Issues list and is due to be addressed in a future update, as communicated by my colleagues UbiKobold, UbiKoreanBBQ and UbiExcellent.

    We will share more news as soon as we have it. I truly am sorry that we don't have any further information to provide, however as soon as the patch date and details are confirmed, we'll share the information here for you all.

    @no_talent_clown Fabric is a resource obtainable from small chests in higher-level areas. If you're still in the early game (29 hours in from personal experience may not be quite as far as you need) then you will not yet be able to find it. Make sure to seek out as many small chests as possible. If you're still unable to find fabric once in a confirmed area that drops it, please comment on an appropriate thread for that issue than derail this thread further. Thank you!

    Official Response
  • Skaebo
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    I have the same issue. My arrow capacity hadn't been upgraded to maximum, because I noticed the change right away after the update, and left arrows alone until it is fixed. I tried the Vinland fix, didn't work. This whole part of the game is missing for me until it is fixed; I never have enough arrows to bother with ranged stuff (1/3 of the game). I see this bug is now a "known issue", and I hope this bug is higher on your list than cosmetic glitches, which reminds me that the quiver disappeared from my character model long ago, and I haven't seen it since (probably the same time yall messed up the arrow caps).

  • guest-09jU19up
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    My quiver is fully maxed but I can only have 12 arrows in my hunter bow, 5 in predator bow and 20 for my light bow. This is really annoying as I have been playing the whole game with only this small amount of arrows 😞 PLEASE HELP

  • Sven6398
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    @guest-09ju19up you can upgrade the amount of arrows you can cary in your inventory. You need to upgrade your quiver for this.

  • MyFunnyGamertag
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    None of the vinland or unequipping bow fixes work. Until fixed ranged gameplay isnt viable. Please fix this its been a month now.

  • MyFunnyGamertag
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    Its been a month. fix this now or give refunds.

  • DarkGypsyAngel
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    I know this issue has been reported but mine triggered in different place then previous reporters. I had just finished assault on Rouecistre Fortress , when I spoke to Gaedric . Screen says Ammo full and now my limit is only 20. This has to happened to me before I lost several hours of game play. I explored through Lincolnshire and it triggered bug. I reloaded back several hours to fix. I can't keep doing this. I have 140+ hours invested so far. I have loved almost every game. Will this be fixed soon? Or I am just out supplies I used to upgrade and will forever only be able hold 20 arrows. Also I have not yet traveled to Vinland.
    Thank you Andrea

  • ppak86
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    I waited a month.
    How much longer do I have to wait?

  • Sigwulfson
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    I have the same problem and nothing of the suggested fix's works. One thing is software can fail, that is acceptble, as that is the nature of software. But @Ubisoft kind a neglect the issue is seen with my glases a huge problem. If I go to the mechanic and ask him to fix my bracks and the car is returned with the brackes fixed - but now missing a door and he just says: Now problem - I'll fix it at some point...just you wait and see..... that would end up in a legal matter if he just neglicted it....

    Here I get the feeling that @Ubisoft just do not give a s... about the customers who actually bought and paid for the game. How is that acceptable?? As I mentioned I understand things cannot be fixed over night - but this problem have been going on for more than a month now - and there are no timestamp for a solution.... Now it was @Ubisoft who created the problem with an update - so it is damn well @Ubisoft who have to fix it - it can never be the customers problem!

    Now if there are no close solutions one must begin to think if any legal actions should be taken about demanding refunds - as I did not expect to buy a product that the software company - here beeing @Ubisoft - crippled it after I bought the software....! I am however very fund of ASC Valahalla and think it is a great game - maby the best ASC I have played before the problems. So I would be sad to se my positive opinion being shattered by a Ubiosofts pour handling of problems made by themselves.....

  • CorvusInfernus
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    I have this same issue after the 1.1.0 update. My previously fully-upgraded quiver can now only hold 12 hunter arrows, 5 predator arrows, and 20 light arrows (i.e. the starting amount). A little annoying to now have to worry about arrow count! I am on PC launching from Ubisoft Connect.
  • longjohn119
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    I waited a month.
    How much longer do I have to wait?

    13 more days ......

    Just like I've been saying for the last 4 weeks, they only do updates every 6 weeks and the next one isn't scheduled until the 26th and week before the next content update on Feb 2 ...

    If this update doesn't fix it then you'll have to wait another 6 weeks

  • Biftekeftes
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    Hello to all. I encounter the same issue with the quiver as the majority of people in this thread. I tried to look for any fixes online but nothing really works. I even tried the Vinland "fix" but to no avail.

    However, as I was playing right now, I noticed by accident something... weird.

    When I went to my inventory and I moved the cursor over my bow and pressed the "hide gear" button, my quiver got immediately downgraded to the 6th upgrade even though I have it fully upgraded. When you exit that screen and go again to the inventory, it seems to be fully upgraded again but upon pressing "hide gear" it happens again.

    Hope this helps in finding the source of the issue 😊

  • Rac-x
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    WOW, just seen the new patch and the fix is not on the list, What a load of C$*P, they fixed a costume bug, but not a game breaking bug like this honestly what a mess Ubisoft have become

  • Daimos11
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    But it is in patch notes?

    • Addressed an issue where the arrow quantity could remain stuck at 12. 

  • Rac-x
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    @Daimos11 Ok. My apologies Ubisoft I clearly missed that, Thanks Ubisoft for fixing the issue, and sorry I clearly cannot read 😂

  • Jubilee64
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    Not fixed for me after todays update. My quiver is still stuck at 18.

    For info - on PS5, the last update reset my fully upgraded quiver to 12; after travelling to Vinland it moved to 18. UI still shows fully upgraded quiver but cannot hold more than 18 Hunter Arrows (or 26 for light arrows). So not fixed; disappointing.

  • Biftekeftes
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    Installed the new patch and the issue persists. Capped at 22 Hunter Arrows and 10 Predator with fully upgraded quiver. And as I mentioned on my previous post, the glitch with the downgraded quiver when you choose to hide bow is still there.

    Everytime I hide it, my quiver seems to get downgraded to level 6. Could it be that this is where the issue lies and every time you hide the bow, the game kinda shows you the "true" level of your quiver or it just shows that it is "stuck" to that level? That would still be bs though because in my case the quiver is fully upgraded.

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