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  • Th3Randy
    18 posts


    I finally have MORE that 12 arrows...BUT my fully upgraded quiver has been downgraded to HALF....since I had both the quiver and rations maxed out...I also can no longer collect fabric!1 WHAT A MESS!

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3592 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    As shared by @Jubilee64, this issue has been marked as resolved following TU 1.1.2. Thank you for your patience at the team took a closer look at this.

    If your arrow capacity is still reset to minimum capacities following TU 1.1.2, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Thanks! 😊

    @longjohn119 - Thanks for sharing your feedback about being able to quickly switch bows. If I recall, you should be able to see how many arrows are left within the HUD, to the bottom-left of the screen (above your health and abilities icons). I do personally agree, though - it would be a lot more convenient if you could switch between bow types without going into the menu. I've passed on this feedback for you.

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 631 posts

    Hey all, thanks for reporting this - and sorry to hear things weren't quite fixed completely! I'd like to have those affected provide us with screenshots / video of the issue occurring after the 1.1.1 update, in order for us to investigate things further.

    Official Response
  • Brady12_13
    2 posts

    I just updated my Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to the 1.11 update that came out today and my quiver is still messed up. I still can only carry 22 arrows even though my quiver is completely upgraded.

  • Brady12_13
    2 posts

    @brady12_13 should've added I’m playing on Xbox Series X

  • Th3Randy
    18 posts

    Can I message the photos and video to you? I don't want to post them to the message boards?

  • unholyn
    2 posts

    Ok. So Ive started my game, could loot arrows when I had 12, yay.
    BUT now its stuck at 18 instead. I had my quiver at 24...
    18 are still better than 12, but I can’t actually see why you didnt fix the whole bug instead of just a part of the bug... 😒

  • unholyn
    2 posts

    Indeed. And Im now stuck at 18 as max... 😒

  • Outernationale
    2 posts

    I'd made a post previously, but this thread more accurately describes my problem. Reset quiver upgrades but didn't resupply fabric....

    (Fabric still at 21, which was for the final ration, which I hadn't really needed)

  • Jubilee64
    4 posts


    Can you be aware there are multiple quiver bugs, and have been since the last update

    • I had a fully upgraded quiver prior to the Yule update. After the Yule update, it reset to minimum but after I travelled to Vinland it went back to 18 capacity (Hunter arrows). Throughout the UI has shown it is max updated but I only have the 18 capacity one equipped, others have different quivers equipped - I suspect the one they had when they first returned from Vinland. The latest patch hasn't fixed the issue for us.
    • There is another group of people who have travelled to Vinland during the last update for whom the quiver has now been downgraded by the latest patch - but they can't upgrade it again as fabric doesn't drop since they maxed it out previously
    • There are other posts on reddit for whom the latest update has removed all the quiver upgrades they earned and bought in the time since the Yule update, and who are now stuck with a max capacity which is lower than intended as it still shows them as purchased on the UI
    • There are yet other posts for whom the issue is currently fixed

    Can you tell your team that there are multiple issues.

  • flyinpiranha
    3 posts

    I have this issue. Not sure I even want to download the patch and keep playing since I'm unable to finish the game due to the other "Can't reveal final Order member" bug that they seem to not even address.

  • benzy4792
    30 posts

    @brady12_13 I'm on series s and I have the exact same problem

  • TheeElf
    262 posts

    @flyinpiranha The fix appears to be hit and miss. As for myself, I had a fully upgraded quiver prior to Yule, was affected by the quiver issue (only 12 hunter arrows, 5 predator arrows, etc.). After the 1.1.1 title update, my quiver remained fully upgraded and I can now hold 30 hunter arrows, 40 light arrows, and 15 predator arrows. This is why it is hard for developers to get a fix out when there are so many underlying factors that could impact the fix. I will keep an eye on it to max sure that it doesn't revert at some point post-1.1.1.

  • halb_nichts
    2 posts

    Also still stuck at 18 on the Ps4Pro

  • Th3Randy
    18 posts


    I found that with the 1.1.1 update, if I load a "autosave" file from yesterday (pre-update), It keeps my quiver fully upgraded, and I can fill it to the max 30 (hunter). When I go back to my main save game, I have a quiver that is now only at level 5 (20 arrows) and cant upgrade because the fabric is no longer available.

    I think the issue lies in how someone gets back into playing after the update.

    After I updated, I simply selected "Continue" and I had a downgraded quiver. That game save was from yesterday and it DID have a fully upgraded quiver, BUT before I started trying to troubleshoot the problem, I did a manual save over my pre-patch save, so that one is now saved with half quiver (bug).

    When I load a save from yesterday, its fully upgraded and I can fill my quiver to 30. Problem is....I have at least 3 hours of game play that I have between the save today and the one available from yesterday...I do not want to go back and redo all of the monotonous tasks I was doing (map completion - world events, armors, wealth, getting Excalibur, 3 animal kings....and more). That's just TOO much.

    I hope they patch it and can restore my fully upgraded quiver.

  • ChumpyYodeler
    1 posts

    After I updated the game and started to look for more arrows as they had fixed the 12 arrows bug, I found that my quiver upgrades were missing. I near about completed them only 2-3 were left.

  • andre_nl
    1 posts

    @chumpyyodeler Same here. My quiver was fully upgraded, now is missing 3 or 4 upgrades. And there are no fabric any where to re-upgrade

  • michaelwood1987
    3 posts

    I had the 12 arrow quiver bug, and updated by game to v1.1.1 to find that my max hunter arrows was increased to 20. The quiver was level 6. I then upgraded the quiver twice to level 8 and found the max hunter arrow is still 20. I cannot loot or buy any more.

    From a Google I believe that at quiver level 8 I should have 26 hunter arrows.


  • michaelwood1987
    3 posts

    Stuck on 20 now (lev 😎

  • torid110
    7 posts

    Patch 1.1.1 fixed it for me ! Finally have my 15 predator arrows back !

  • Randi2047nd
    1 posts

    This is honestly so ridiculous. There's no reason why this game should have this many bugs. This particular bug with the quivers is the absolute worst, especially for players ranged players and those who bought the damn packs with their own money, only to not see it in the game because of fckn glitches. I would have been honestly okay with the releasing a game later than to release one with all these glitches. Or... you know... at least patch it/send out updates. This is absurd. It's been almost a month. And nothing.

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