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  • nakkari
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    This post is deleted!
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
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    Hello all!

    I've merged together several threads about being unable to proceed in "The Case of the Missing Ale" together, so we can keep all this information in one place. Apologies if any ongoing discussions were disrupted by this.

    This issue was marked as resolved following the end of the Yule Festival. I will now be locking this thread.

    If you require help with any other issues, please check out our megathread list, or open up a new thread.

    Keep an eye out for future events within our News & Announcements forum, as well on the official website.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • benzy4792
    30 posts

    Hey dude,
    It appears its just a marker bug.
    If u go to southeast end of the 'island' you can find Ake there in a boat of his own.
    The brew respawns in the camp automatically

  • PhillyChief
    3 posts

    The quest markers for the ale and building the cattle farm keep moving so I can't complete them.
    Fast Travel with a Yuletide quest active doesn't work. I just reappear where I was but either can't move or am floating in the air.

  • Nonethewiser85
    1 posts

    Where is Alwin supposed to be? He isn't in the brewery and I don't have a question marker for him.

  • tonydamiani
    2 posts

    My ale disappear and there's nothing I can do about it. Not even loading the game because when I put it on the ground it goes under the map to another location. And the quest even tho I finished them are still incomplete. So... Whatever...

  • mazdajay84
    1 posts

    I've been having the same issues on PS4 and it looks like everyone is now dead at the brewery. The return icon is over 3k meters away from the bandit camp. 🤔 I did find a post online that stated not to call a raid prior to getting the barrel.

  • MissBanana4
    1 posts

    I've had an issue on the ps4. I can't even start the mission. The first npc you need to talk to seems to be missing so i can't even begin.

    How can I correct this?

    9 posts

    @ubiwan you should be accepting of this error, apologising, and offering a hotfix for this and other related yule festival bugs, not advising people on how to complete it!

  • rogers2684
    3 posts

    Ive looked a long the whole coast line but Ake is no where to be found

  • Hashimashadoo
    8 posts


    I found Alwin by googling for an image of what he looks like. He's dead - I found his corpse behind the barracks.

  • Hashimashadoo
    8 posts

    Sorry, that should have said 'bakery', not barracks - where Tarben occasionally spawns tending a little apiary.

  • d_bogdan_2000
    1 posts

    Bost quests are bugged.
    On the ale one, I dropped it in the water and cannot be retrived now (when I tried to enter a boat it automatically droped into the water.
    On the cow mission, I was missing a cow, and cannot be located with the egale. The quest giver just stands in the middle of the water and does nothing.
    There are several bugged quests that cannot be completed (and very annoying there is no way to restart them), but I resumed to the ones involving the Yule festival.

  • littlepandaxx96
    1 posts

    So the yule festival is in town but the mission that i have to bring back the speculation ale is bugged i pick up the crate but aka is all the way in sciropescire, i did go there only to find that the marker indicated something below the map so i cant finish the mission what do i do i really want to finish the yule festivities

  • FlyingYakAttack
    1 posts

    I figured this out. I spent time trying to follow the actual map marker, but as other ppl here have mentioned this just takes you to a cursed object to destroy, and taking the barrel back to Ravensthorpe does nothing... but that's because that was never the objective.

    When you pick up the barrel Eivor says something about taking it back to Ake's boat (the drunk guy you tracked down and fought earlier), not your own. Head west from the encampment where you found the barrel until you reach a wood plank covered road, then follow that road to the southern coastline of the island. Set the barrel down next to the canoe and the mission completes when Ake meets you there.

  • aaronryanfrick
    1 posts

    In my game Ake stays on top of the cliff and won’t go to the area at the river. The canoe is also missing at the river.

  • Sneaky_RAFP
    4 posts

    First I have an issue with "Cow Catcher" where Bertram will only stand in the river and go no further.

    And now I have an issue with this quest, collected the barrel then it suddenly disapeared from my hands and now I cannot find where to hand it in.

    Is this going to get fixed?

    Can we have a reset button so that at least we can restart the bugged quests?

  • Chuke1776
    1 posts

    When doing Yule Festival quests. The map marker is wildly incorrect. It will try to show me to go to some random place. When I know I'm supposed to go across the river. For example. For the case of missing ale quest. After I find Ake. The map marker that has a question mark with it. Appears to the very furthest part of the map. And the map marker back to the Boat shows an area furthest south.

  • Ivecalv
    1 posts

    I can't even talk to anyone in the brewery after i build it...
    But my char starts out drunk everytime i log in....

  • Nozgame
    54 posts

    So I just built the Brewery. Now I'm trying to do the quest and lo and behold the whole thing is broken, and not just a bit.

    First of all, apparently I need to talk to reveler Alwin, this doesn't even show as an objective btw, I had to google it. Second of all, reveler Alwin is f***ing dead. Yes, the poor guy died during the attack on Ravensthorpe I did a few hours ago (the one after finishing the first two arcs), threw his body in the water. Now he's nowhere to be seen and I assume that's why the quest doesn't even give me an objective. As you can see in the screenshot, no Alwin (cuz he ded), no quest marker, no objective.

    Also Tekla is working at the brewery, even though apparently she's supposed to be missing. Go figure... There's also some dead dude right at the entrance of the brewery, no idea who that fellow is.

    All in all there's nothing I can do here, Alwin is dead and nowhere to be seen, there is no quest marker or even an objective telling me what to do. The quest is absolutely broken.

    I have two questions for you, Ubisoft devs. What the hell ? How do you release such a deeply broken quest ? I mean I enjoy the rest of the Yule Festival, it's really cool but what is this ? Now I'm probably gonna miss out on that quest just because it's broken and it's going away in 20 days and we're probably not gonna get a fix for it. Is there anything I can do ? I'm not loading up an earlier save, I'd be losing too much progression. Do I wait for an update ? Do you guys even plan on fixing this ?

  • jimbowal10
    1 posts

    My game progress has Ake on top of the cliff, after our fight with him overlooking the camp. I went to the hut to get the keg as others have stated, however am unable to pick the item up.
    I did try loading an earlier save and managed to complete the mission, however this is 20 odd hrs prior - before I get Excalibur, end game, Daughters of Lerion fights etc.
    I have given up and decided to get the 155 coins other ways. 😢

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