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  • Miralie39
    5 posts

    What a surprise ANOTHER bug.

  • Xans_Othala
    1 posts

    With the Yule festival came 2 bugs in quests. The one with the cows. I killed 4 and only got meat from 3. The other one is not lootable. 

    The one with the mead. Marker is glitched and no boat to be found. By the time this is read i might have lost the locations of both the cow corpses and the barrel. Please make it possible to reset these quests.

  • ChuckKatse
    352 posts

    Think it is pretty pathetic to introduce the Yule Festival and have its quest bugged. Get on YouTube and key in the Missing Ale quest and watch the walk thru. It will show you exactly were to go. Hey Ubisoft, do you test any of your content before adding it to the game? or is it just thrown in?

  • Kormac67
    1024 posts

    Well they were talking about the bandits having stolen the ale so you should search the nearby camp.
    But after you found it the target point is broken. Just head south and it will fix itself.
    Same with the cow quest, it says "return to cow farmer" in the end but points to the same wrong point 1200m westward.Just return to Ravensthorpe.

  • diggerbarnz1
    3 posts

    I'm lost in "looking for it"! Can't recall where I started or where bandit camp was

  • ajscott819
    9 posts

    Utbech in Grantebridgescire. In the marshes.

  • Finalflash07
    22 posts

    @kormac67 No fun in doing broken quests, quit raged earlier today

  • USMCtracker1833
    1 posts

    @ubiwan every time I reload also because the keg disappears or falls in water. The loaded game starts me out drunk for some reason.

  • PandaQueen666
    1 posts


    Every time I go back to Ravensthrope, I am drunk, like insanely can't see straight drunk.

    Also for the Quest for getting back the barrels of ale that Ake lost to bandits it sends me to a far distant like land that has a curse on it but no ale. It also does the same thing for the Farm that you need to build.

  • Ragna-san
    3 posts

    Same here. The quest shows me this location. I was there but it seems its under the Map.

  • guest-HYlj0aqG
    1 posts

    I cant even find the guy in supposed to go back to Ravensthorpe with. Went all around every little marshy Island and nothing.

    2 posts

    So I started the yul festival and I I'm the quest missing ale and I pick up the ale ran with it then I was attack I set it down clears my path now the barrel is gone and I'm heading the object but the object is underneath the map around a curse area

  • bahutsauvage
    66 posts

    @buff_pizza Thanks a lot for that, worked for me
    Now the only thing I got to figure out is how I manage to transport Ale in THAT Barrel....undefined

  • enzo48010
    6 posts

    Step 1: Go to find the barrel in Utbeck
    = Do not raid, the barrel disappears and icon appears somewhere else.
    = Do not carry the barrel all the way to camp, not a good idea.
    = Avoid confrontation while holding the barrel, coz you'll need to put down the barrel and fight, and the barrel disappears again.
    Step 2: Kill all enemies first before getting the barrel (to make sure no confrontations happen while holding the barrel).
    Step 3: either walk or put the barrel on a small boat and find AKI south of Utbech, right after the broken bridge between Duroleponte and Utbech.
    remember, You are not meant to take it all the way back to camp by yourself, you need to give it to AKI who is waiting along the shores south of UTBECH.
    Note: if your icon is showing in a different location, it will automatically update once you are with AKI.
    Note: if the barrel disappears, and it does not show in UTBECH, what I did is finish other missions and raiding, and when I went back to UTBECH, the barrel is back.

    Good luck...

  • diggerbarnz1
    3 posts

    @ajscott819 thank you - after I beat the drunk my quest marker is off the maps all-together

  • mevouc
    2 posts

    I just had the same issues, I am playing on PC. The first time I even travelled by boat (with the ale...) all the way to the 3000 m away marker before realising it was all bugged and pointing to ~300 m below ground. I also encounter the issue Paradonas got, at what point, when putting the ale on the ground, it disappeared and the new marker to go pick it was ~245 m underground.

    Here are some screenshots I took when doing the mission again with the workaround given above.

    • Marker correctly set on the ale before picking it up : https://imgur.com/a/MgP51YG
    • When picking it up, the marker changes to this place (when moving the map, you can guess it's actually far underground). The custom marker < I > is the place I had to go to to have the marker update to ~150 m, as stated by DoGGyLajoie : https://imgur.com/a/aSswnnq
    • After going to the place marked as < I >, the marker updates to Ake's actual position : https://imgur.com/a/6sKEyw9

    Note: If you never go close enough to Ake's position, the marker never updates, and you can move the ale all accros the map to the bugged marker before realising you just lost 15 minutes of your life struggling with not loosing the ale (until you put it on the ground and it teleports underground and you become sure that the only way to fix it to redo the mission all over again with the workaround...).

    Thank you a lot for the workaround by the way !

  • guest-7P9NuMyN
    1 posts

    Same issue here as well. Looks like there is no way around it. I’ll do something else until it’s fixed I guess

  • mevouc
    2 posts

    Update on this @UbiWan : The same bug appears for the mission with Winfrith. I hunted the 4 cows, and just after getting the meat from the last one, the marker for bringing Bertram back to Winfrith appears at the same place as the bugged one for Tekla's ale in south-west in Sciropescire : https://imgur.com/a/iMu6yu1

    This is less annoying than for the other mission tho, since we know where Bertram is.

  • wvmtman63
    1 posts

    Same hear on pc

  • riclin1
    1 posts

    @ubiwan Yes, I picked up the barrel of beer, sat it down to get a boat to cross the water and it disappeared and now the marker is underground near the cursed area in Sciropescire. I think its about 300m underground approx. Playing on Stadia,

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