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    I've also experienced twice a graphical glitch: when I enter the game, and my Eivor is drunk in the middle of the forest (something that usually never happens without the bug) and if it's dawn or if the sun is low on the horizon my screen flashes because of the blur effect of alcohol. It's most probably a thing specific to my computer which cant handle properly light coming through trees and bushes at dawn + the blur effect

  • gemgames86
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    @ubi-raziel I did the Yule brawl. I only have save games after the Yule brawl so I cannot check to see if Eivor is drunk beforehand. I do know that this problem has started with the Yule festival for me though. Whether it's related to the brawl or not though I cannot say. But it happens every time I load a save. The effect does wear off at random speeds. Sometimes it wears off in 30 seconds, sometimes more abruptly. Fast traveling sometimes fixes it but not always. This glitch seems to be happening to pretty much everyone since the Yule festival event started. There's a lot of posts on the Reddit forums about it too.

  • evilhippo
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    No, not me, the toon. I start the game and since the Yule event started, my toon is 'drunk' with the screen wobbling around. Doesn't matter what I had been doing or where I am located when I last logged off the game.

  • gemgames86
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    @ubi-raziel Just as an update to my previous reply. It seems the drunk effect lasts for 1 minute 39 seconds on average. However even after the allotted time, my vision still appears slightly wavy. My perception could be wrong though simply because staring at moving objects can linger even after the initial effect has worn off. For instance if you stare at a swirling spiral for a few minutes and look away you'll see things warping. Similar to after images. I have also tried meditating and sleeping in bed. These fix the initial drunkness but upon reloading it returns. Again, I'm not sure if the drunkness goes away 100% or just mostly. I hope this all makes sense. And I hope it gets fixed soon because I feel like I can't play right now due to feeling dizzy from the game.

  • jeje_71
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    @ubi-smash happened to me the first time i did a reload after the start of the festival

    • didn't happen on consecutive loads (i had to find a savegame before the start of the cask quest because the cask disappeared, speaks of how much bugs there are in this product, you find new bugs trying to walk around other bugs...)
    • that was yesterday, today also happened when i used continue from the menu
  • Taratantel
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    When reloading game, Eivor is drunk, and when i loaded the game it has lost all of my maxed out Mythical Berserker gear, no idea if this is related, but meaby to have something to do with Yule Festivale update, not have done that before. And now i had to reload game 2h back, to get the mythical gear.

  • BricksFive
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    I've got a new bug now that I've noticed that skills in my skill trees are being unacquired. The reason I noticed was because the skill that allows you to highlight all enemies when going into stealth wasn't working. I checked the skill tree and sure enough is was as if I'd never acquired the skill plus the 2 skills needed before it were also unacquired. I had to level 2 more times just to acquire them again because previously the points weren't refunded. Then I started looking at other skill trees and noticed there were multiple unacquired as well. Then I noticed yesterday that cursed areas aren't cursed. I'm kind done with this game I think until it's fixed. Should have just purchased Cyberpunk. lol

  • Aerial_Arts
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    @ubisobuggy This did not sober my Eivor up, fast traveling to another location fixes it most of the time though.

  • Kormac67
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    @ubi-smash Eivor is drunk whenever she fast travels to Ravensthorpe since the Yule event started. Probably the stench of alcohol in the air.

  • Iron6Mai6den6
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    Since the Yule event started, everytime I load a save, Eivor is drunk (Swaying and blurry screen). Also since the event, the framerate keeps dropping, especially if there is a lot of NPCs in the area.

  • davidnyoung
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    Also have same issue on PS4. Makes game virtually unplayable. You venture into an overpowered hideout and suddenly you're drunk and very shortly after, you're dead! I've slept several times, talked to various NPC's and no joy. Please fix so I can carry on!

  • nonfornon
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    I'm having the same issue here on PC too,

  • larrykop1967
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    Yeah, me as well, ever since the yuletide festival fight.

  • Bizwiz2006
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    They know, but they don't seem to care. This and other issues like arrow quiver downgrade have been reported 100's of time in the last week yet somehow they're not in the official bug list. Ubisoft really doesn't care once they have your money.

  • Harvest_King
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    My character is permanently drunk, which is causing the game to behave other than intended. Actions are being delayed or not happening at all, my character’s movement is slow, as is the camera, when the drunken wobbly effect is gone, the affects still last. Randomly my character wont move, or perform actions, a lot of times, enemies melee hit my character while not in range, it rubberband next to my character and back to range distance, which is almost exactly like what a player in an MMO does when they have a bad connection. This also causes me not to be able to lock onto any enemies. I also cannot aim with a bow, it does not bring up the first person aiming view

  • jukkahut
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    This happened to me today after reloading after death in Suthsexe Fly Agaric mission.The effect disapperars over time, but thereafter this happens after every load or reload - even from time before this first happened. Playing on PS4 Pro with the latest update.

  • NightHawk29
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    This drives me f***ing nuts! (along with the million and 1 other bugs in this game. Ubisoft wanted to compete with CDPR and CP2077 and beat them to the punch it seems but Ubi has no care to fix it, now at 1.1.0 and they keep adding more bugs and worsening performance. Wish I didn't buy the physical C.E. otherwise I'd have demanded a refund on this sloppy half-a$$ed game.

  • kalex100
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    @harvest_king Same thing is happening to me, this started after the yule festival was implemented, every time i load into the game he's drunk off his rocker. and the same effects continue after the screen stops shaking... this is silly

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    It seems like every time I load my game after doing the festival stuff. My character is automatically in the drunken state for a little while. I didn't save the game while like that. I am playing on a xbox one

  • falmark187
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    Looks like a bug i have that too

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