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    I'm having the same issue here on PC too,

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    This issue with Eivor spawning in drunk should now be resolved due to the Yule Festival having ended, which the bug was discovered to be tied to.

    If you are still loading in drunk, or experiencing drunk effects in-game when not having drunk any ale or participated in a drinking game, please provide a video demonstrating this along with the platform you play on so that I can open an investigation separate to the one for the Yule Festival. It would be helpful to know if you have completed a quest where drinking is required recently as well, such as "Heavy is the Head" involving Ivarr mentioned by @WrightWayUp.

    I'll mark this issue as resolved for the moment, as we do believe it to be fixed, but will absolutely reopen the investigation if it is needed! Thanks! 🙂

    Official Response
  • larrykop1967
    65 posts

    Yeah, me as well, ever since the yuletide festival fight.

  • Bizwiz2006
    4 posts

    They know, but they don't seem to care. This and other issues like arrow quiver downgrade have been reported 100's of time in the last week yet somehow they're not in the official bug list. Ubisoft really doesn't care once they have your money.

  • Harvest_King
    6 posts

    My character is permanently drunk, which is causing the game to behave other than intended. Actions are being delayed or not happening at all, my character’s movement is slow, as is the camera, when the drunken wobbly effect is gone, the affects still last. Randomly my character wont move, or perform actions, a lot of times, enemies melee hit my character while not in range, it rubberband next to my character and back to range distance, which is almost exactly like what a player in an MMO does when they have a bad connection. This also causes me not to be able to lock onto any enemies. I also cannot aim with a bow, it does not bring up the first person aiming view

  • jukkahut
    1 posts

    This happened to me today after reloading after death in Suthsexe Fly Agaric mission.The effect disapperars over time, but thereafter this happens after every load or reload - even from time before this first happened. Playing on PS4 Pro with the latest update.

  • NightHawk29
    9 posts

    This drives me f***ing nuts! (along with the million and 1 other bugs in this game. Ubisoft wanted to compete with CDPR and CP2077 and beat them to the punch it seems but Ubi has no care to fix it, now at 1.1.0 and they keep adding more bugs and worsening performance. Wish I didn't buy the physical C.E. otherwise I'd have demanded a refund on this sloppy half-a$$ed game.

  • kalex100
    22 posts

    @harvest_king Same thing is happening to me, this started after the yule festival was implemented, every time i load into the game he's drunk off his rocker. and the same effects continue after the screen stops shaking... this is silly

    10 posts

    It seems like every time I load my game after doing the festival stuff. My character is automatically in the drunken state for a little while. I didn't save the game while like that. I am playing on a xbox one

  • falmark187
    3 posts

    Looks like a bug i have that too

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    @lazy1ok It's a known bug. I'm sure you won't be so drunk after Yule. 🙄

  • Gyp3yblood
    2 posts

    Yeah im stuck on one of the final fights every time I enter the church I'm drunk soo I get my [censored] whooped usually I'd meditate to clear it but you can do that inside,,,, game is getting deleted soon are come back in a year are soo when someone has pulled there fingers out and fixed all these problems

  • Berekov
    5 posts

    With update 1.1.0 I now load into the game drunk. It is extremely annoying especially with how frequently the game crashes with the new update. Fix immediately or I will need to request a refund.

  • gcourson
    3 posts

    Same here, every time I continue a save I am drunk so I have to meditate.

  • gentester
    64 posts

    I'm getting this bug, and for me its since the yule stuff landed, I made the apparent mistake of taking part in the fighting arena stuff and you have to drink in between each round of fighting and when you finish fighting you have all the 'drunk' side effects, this goes away after some time whilst in ravensthorpe but comes back as soon as you go anywhere else

  • gentester
    64 posts

    Yep. Same always drunk bug as others are reporting and it started for me after taking part in the Yule brawl event

  • binskies
    29 posts

    Same here. Playing on Xbox Series X and every time I load a game, whether it was from being desychronized or starting up after quiting, I'm drunk... This has been since the update.

  • SingleAeon
    1 posts

    I have the same problem here.
    I know meditating solve the problem but it kind of sucks to have to do such thing!

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 148 posts

    Hey there folks.

    Thanks for your reports so far, please keep those coming. This issue is under active investigation at the moment, if we require any additional information from you we'll let you know.

    Official Response
  • Power_of_Rome
    24 posts


    Two more important bugs people reported since day 1 that you didnt fix...

    Eurvicscire treasure hoard final place is completely missing. Its not showing up at all (video below)
    Oxefondscire treasure hoard is partially bugged. You pick it up and nothing happens. The treasure keep respawning forever.

  • MachineGhost46
    15 posts

    @torfinr Same here. Lasts a couple of minutes without meditating. Started either with Yule ot the 1.1 update ( are they the same? ).

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