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  • Kormac67
    622 posts

    @larrykop1967 Yes, every reload, not just Ravensthorpe.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 799 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    This issue with Eivor spawning in drunk should now be resolved due to the Yule Festival having ended, which the bug was discovered to be tied to.

    If you are still loading in drunk, or experiencing drunk effects in-game when not having drunk any ale or participated in a drinking game, please provide a video demonstrating this along with the platform you play on so that I can open an investigation separate to the one for the Yule Festival. It would be helpful to know if you have completed a quest where drinking is required recently as well, such as "Heavy is the Head" involving Ivarr mentioned by @WrightWayUp.

    I'll mark this issue as resolved for the moment, as we do believe it to be fixed, but will absolutely reopen the investigation if it is needed! Thanks! 🙂

    Official Response
  • wolfssteel
    10 posts

    Eivor is always drunk when I start the game. This has been going on since the last patch. Btw game play has been ot more stable. Thanks for the patch

  • moriatii
    31 posts

    @wolfssteel I have this one also, on every restart I get that drunk effect, very annoying

  • PhillyChief
    3 posts

    I'm experiencing the same thing.

    Need 10 words to post.

  • Killer045XL
    1 posts

    After the new patch update 1.1.0.
    I always start the game up extreme drunk.
    Cant shake it off, only by fast traveling.
    Also in the Yule brawl i get a invisable platform that i sudenly stand on.
    Get these anoying bugs out pls!
    Greething from Holland.

  • Apohutsy
    25 posts

    @justplainlucas Same here, apparently, this is a problem caused by the yule Festival, which is riddled with other bugs. Needs patching up...

  • wolfssteel
    10 posts

    @moriatii Apparently it also happens when I use the atlas feature. Just went from Norway to England and im standing in my village smacked outta my head

  • ClubStew
    13 posts

    @frozenova16 after you die, your last save is reloaded, or whichever save you loaded if you selected a specific one instead.

    This was especially problematic when I fought the legendary lynxes and make a save right before. I didn't know how to get the young lynx off me (hold X) and died twice. Came back and fought then drunk twice for a bit. Makes it more difficult when your vision is blurred and movements slowed.

  • ClubStew
    13 posts

    See https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/89451/new-update-always-drunk/38 for a thread gaining some traction on this issue.

  • LM0101998
    14 posts

    A funny bug but still a bug

    Maybe he needs to sober up lol 😛

  • Fly_bywire
    4 posts

    I have this too....

  • ClubStew
    13 posts

    See https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/89451/new-update-always-drunk/38 for a current thread on this getting attention from Ubisoft.

  • Jojolina89
    2 posts

    hi there,

    i have a problem after i,m loggin in the game...in last few days after i,m logging in ...my image are like i,m drunk and that,s mean a black and white immage and everything arround it,s moving slowly....as i said exacly when you drink in game....to exit that stage most of the time i,m going to village and sleep....or i,m playing and after few minutes that stage is gone....but i can,t tell how many minutes i need for that..

    so let me know i,ve activated something in game....because as i said that,s happened since few days....before that everything was ok.



  • Joe_Veltjens
    1 posts

    wondering if anyone else is having this issue or is it some game bug....everytime i log in Eivor is drunk like hes having a seizure. last about first 3 to 5 minutes

  • Jojolina89
    2 posts


    same here

  • smcinturf
    39 posts
    Apparently you can sleep in your bed in Raven and then create a new save when you wake. Haven't tried it yet.

    Ok...this did NOT work for me so.... Still have 3 issues now. Arrow capacity back to default with fully upgraded quiver. 3 new skills do NOT appear attached to nodes so I have 4 skill points and nowhere to put them.. Level 400. And obviously always loading in drunk. Come on devs...fix this. Almost finished with game...but I have season pass!

  • wolfssteel
    10 posts

    @clubstew Thanks

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 161 posts

    Hey there folks.

    Quite a few separate threads on this particular issue so just to keep things organised I have merged quite a few of those into this one thread.

    Just to confirm that the development team are aware of this particular issue and are actively investigating this at present. Thanks for the reports so far, please keep those coming.

    Official Response
  • Billbomount
    1 posts

    I am experiencing a glitch of some sort wherein sometimes following fast travel, starting the game, or desynchronization my character will be drunk. It is only a minor annoyance because it does not last long but if it is something that the valhalla team would be able to fix on their end that would be awesome!

  • white_n99
    2 posts


    Have the same issue as you. Every time I start the game or sometimes after cutscenes or fast travels Eivor is drunk! It’s quite funny but it would be nice to see it fixed. It only appeared with the most recent Yule Festival update.

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