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    It's a "funny" bug Born After yule party.
    every time i render in game o die and load a save, for 1 minute eivor Is drunk.

    Waiting for a solution 😉

  • JobuuRumdrinker
    17 posts

    Every time I load a game, I'm drunk for at least a minute or two. This only started happening after the Yule event. Original Xbox one

  • Sam_Boo26
    175 posts

    I read somewhere else on the forum that if you meditate, it should stop. It's a "quick fix" until they correct it 🙂

  • Aeorath
    1 posts


    It's the same for me, it must be from all the drinking I've done at the Yule Festival 🙂

  • Power_of_Rome
    28 posts

    @ubi-raziel Eurvirscire hoard s missing

  • btothep
    1 posts

    After playing the drinking game in the Yule fest, I am drunk for about 3- 4 minutes after respawning. It also happens when I've loaded the game. I'm playing I a One X. Please fix.

  • Sarris31
    1 posts


    Great game, great yule tide idea. Unfortunately, every time that I load the game, my character is [censored]-faced drunk. I then have to wait for a video game character to sober up.



    P.S. Aside from this bug, I normally enjoy getting my character good and sauced. 😁

  • Ty2197
    1 posts

    New bug for the Yule Festival, anytime I come out of a loading screen Eivor comes into the game drunk no matter if it's a fast travel screen or turning on the game for the first time. This is on PS4.

  • kingwill188
    1 posts

    Hello, I'm having a problem on my xbox one s digital. It seems that everytime I die or I get back on the game my character has the drunk effect active. Also it will no longer let me save the game. One other small problem. My saves keep jumping around and it wont allow me to finish any quests.

  • EvhValhalla
    7 posts

    I have the same bug for a couple of minutes every respawn. Means any challenging part where you keep dieing is incredibly frustrating.

  • matsta
    3 posts

    Upon participating in the Yule festival, every time I restart a checkpoint my character is drunk

  • Wagzalicious
    3 posts

    Same thing happens to me since I did the Yule drinking event last night.

  • Tantalus_JB
    6 posts

    Happens to me on PS4 when loading/fast travelling. Not every time, just randomly since the last update. Doesn't last too long though and has created some funny scenarios between me and the other half where we decide what Eivor was up to while we were gone!

  • ChuckKatse
    314 posts

    Ubisoft is aware of the bug and there is a walk around. Meditate when you first start game play after loading a save. You will have to do that every time. They could of did a hot fix if you ask me . It is quite annoying.

  • Buzzster99
    12 posts


    After I played some of the New Festival, next day I sign in and start in the Settlement...I was Drunk....quit and signed in and same thing. So I Fast traveled to another location to see and that got rid of it. So I Died to see if it did it and sure enough, respawning after Death I was again Drunk. Only started after playing the Festival day one.

  • Dave_the_human
    5 posts

    Hey there,

    Fairly simple issue this time around but still very odd. Every time I load a saved game I start off with the full duration of the drunk debuff. I can wait for it to go away, or meditate, or whatever but it still comes back every time! This happens both loading a save mid-game and on hitting the continue option from the main menu.
    (I assumed this was a different bug than the one on the known issues thread since that workaround didn't work and it's on loads not travels etc 🙂 )

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • KrakenRick
    1 posts

    Having the same problem only on the Xbox version, ever since this Yule update thing is really annoying can only hope Ubi will patch it and soon.

  • malteration_
    5 posts

    Its a Bug after the "boxing" Event. Had to take a savegame 1 h befor to fix this problem.

    Dont do this Event then its fine.

    But after the next Bug is taking the Barrel back from the "Brewery Quest"
    After i picking up the Barrel the quest marker went miles away on the other side of the map and i cant ride, swim ore ship with the barrel.

    Very, very awsome Event. NOT.

    2/6 Quests are Bugged...

  • Chunyu1977
    1 posts

    I had the same problems here, both starting up drunk and in Brewery quest (it's quite a problem to bring a barrel to a distant destination).

    And the most annoying is.....when I finally arrived at the destination, there was nothing happened, it's just a grassland with no one to interact. Would you please fix it?

  • Daftwraith
    1 posts

    @dave_the_human Also having the same issue. Seems like you can get it to go away by fast traveling most of the time, but it is annoying.

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