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  • CarRamron23617
    2 posts

    and on top of it my raven won’t work 😞

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 768 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    This issue with Eivor spawning in drunk should now be resolved due to the Yule Festival having ended, which the bug was discovered to be tied to.

    If you are still loading in drunk, or experiencing drunk effects in-game when not having drunk any ale or participated in a drinking game, please provide a video demonstrating this along with the platform you play on so that I can open an investigation separate to the one for the Yule Festival. It would be helpful to know if you have completed a quest where drinking is required recently as well, such as "Heavy is the Head" involving Ivarr mentioned by @WrightWayUp.

    I'll mark this issue as resolved for the moment, as we do believe it to be fixed, but will absolutely reopen the investigation if it is needed! Thanks! 🙂

    Official Response
  • kroes_de
    2 posts

    every time i spawn i spawn drunk fix this please

  • Pemy_
    7 posts

    Same here, on PC, started happening ever since the Yule Festival began. It's pretty annoying.

  • LadySwampfox
    6 posts

    I am also experiencing this glitch on Xbox One. This nonsense began after I partook in a Yule Festival brawl (for those wondering, I made it to the final boss before being defeated). Just quit and restarted the game, and Eivor was behaving as if drunk, complete with the "drunk" on-screen effects. It's like he's got an IV feeding him alcohol for long trips or something.🤣 Pretty annoying to have the world spinning like that. Please fix it as soon as you can, Ubi. Thanks.

  • LurcherLady
    13 posts

    @ladyswampfox I didn't even do any of the Yule related stuff, upgraded the settlement and it's happening every time you start the game or have to reload. It only lasts a couple of minutes but when you need to be able to see to fight or interact, very annoying. I think the effect is too strong and unecessary (on PC)

  • clintoss1
    5 posts
    • Every time I load up my saved game my character is drunk. Been happening ever since I did a mission to return the secret brew. Is this normal.
  • CharlieRamairez
    1 posts

    HAppens to me as well, please fix this

  • Steije2006
    3 posts

    @kroes_de same here

  • meeseeks44
    1 posts

    also seeing this problem on PC, it is after doing one of the Yule events, every time a save game loads Eivor spawns drunk. The effect disappears but it returns after loading a save (and all future saves).

  • HelIraiser
    3 posts

    Same here on PS5.

  • LansSolo
    13 posts

    @kroes_de same here too

  • Mac_Legend223
    2 posts

    For the last few territories whenever I load Eivor is automatically drunk.
    I believe it started in Snottighamshire. Unsure if it's related, but after doing a standing stones quest the camera view glitched while synching the puzzle answer. I saved and reloaded, and since then the drunk issue happens.
    I'm playing on the PS4 Pro.

  • LadySwampfox
    6 posts

    I have the same problem on Xbox One. I was able to fix it by reverting to an earlier save (created before I started the Yule stuff), and after doing so I was no longer having the drunk spawn thing.

    Now to avoid the Yule activities entirely until they patch it.

  • BlueFang008
    3 posts

    Idk if this is just my Xbox but is anybody else logging into their game and they are instantly drunk? It goes away eventually but what the heck.

  • DM_Steel
    9 posts

    @bluefang008 Yes, I just tell myself that Eivor downed a barrel of the eggnog while I was offline.

  • miagolano
    5 posts

    Yes. Wears off pretty fast but it was only funny the first time.

  • koland666
    1 posts

    every time i load my game i get the drunk animation where everything is spinning. I had this since i saved my game after exitting the Jotunheim

  • UrameshiYuri
    9 posts

    @bluefang008 yes, same with me on pc.

  • broski0808
    20 posts

    Yeah this happen to me last night. Funny thing is the game was find when the Yule festival started. They only thing that changed was that two days before I had done some of the events in the Yule festival. I am kind of not too interested in this Yule festival because I suck at the drinking game and I always hate the little mini games they put in AC. Though I am pretty good at the fighting and drinking game and the archery game.

  • Athanasius
    14 posts

    This began when I logged out by a witch's house that was filled with the green cloue of poison. I'd cleared it before logging out and I don't think I was poisoned at that point.

    Since then every time I log back in, and this is with far later saves, including in different slots (PC), I'm always drunk/poisoned until it wears off. It's annoying if I want to get straight on with something as soon as I'm in, not to mention making me worried about the general state of my save file(s).

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