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    @kroes_de same here too

  • Mac_Legend223
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    For the last few territories whenever I load Eivor is automatically drunk.
    I believe it started in Snottighamshire. Unsure if it's related, but after doing a standing stones quest the camera view glitched while synching the puzzle answer. I saved and reloaded, and since then the drunk issue happens.
    I'm playing on the PS4 Pro.

  • LadySwampfox
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    I have the same problem on Xbox One. I was able to fix it by reverting to an earlier save (created before I started the Yule stuff), and after doing so I was no longer having the drunk spawn thing.

    Now to avoid the Yule activities entirely until they patch it.

  • BlueFang008
    3 posts

    Idk if this is just my Xbox but is anybody else logging into their game and they are instantly drunk? It goes away eventually but what the heck.

  • DM_Steel
    9 posts

    @bluefang008 Yes, I just tell myself that Eivor downed a barrel of the eggnog while I was offline.

  • miagolano
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    Yes. Wears off pretty fast but it was only funny the first time.

  • koland666
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    every time i load my game i get the drunk animation where everything is spinning. I had this since i saved my game after exitting the Jotunheim

  • UrameshiYuri
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    @bluefang008 yes, same with me on pc.

  • broski0808
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    Yeah this happen to me last night. Funny thing is the game was find when the Yule festival started. They only thing that changed was that two days before I had done some of the events in the Yule festival. I am kind of not too interested in this Yule festival because I suck at the drinking game and I always hate the little mini games they put in AC. Though I am pretty good at the fighting and drinking game and the archery game.

  • Athanasius
    14 posts

    This began when I logged out by a witch's house that was filled with the green cloue of poison. I'd cleared it before logging out and I don't think I was poisoned at that point.

    Since then every time I log back in, and this is with far later saves, including in different slots (PC), I'm always drunk/poisoned until it wears off. It's annoying if I want to get straight on with something as soon as I'm in, not to mention making me worried about the general state of my save file(s).

  • Lysvander
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    Possibly to do with the drinking game or drinking during the brawl with the Yule festival.

    This is a minor nuisance though ... i load in, click mediate, done. Literally takes 5 seconds.
    I'm sure it'll get fixed.

    +1 for it being night then as well to start my things.

  • mikita.bernard
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    Every time I play AC Valhalla it loads my character in super drunk and they stay drunk for quite some time.
    Also, the quest “A Rivalry for the Ages” does not work because the key is not there for me to take.

    Very annoying.
    Please fix.

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    If i load the game, im always drunken since the last Patch.

  • GhostAssassinLT
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    @loftedgolem255 same crap happening to me, only problem is that I'm about to raid Cyne Belle Castle and once I sober up all of the troops are dead... 😞

  • kalex100
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    @ubi-raziel I can confirm. This is getting silly... every time I log in, he's drunk.

  • jeremyblack1981
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    @code387 same

  • theVoltan
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    My Eivor's also drunk everytime I load a game (this includes reloading after death). It goes away after a while (like it does after actual drinking). Haven't noticed it happening with fast travel.
    I have attended the Yule brawl so that's probably what started it.
    It's the PS5 version.

  • mikita.bernard
    3 posts

    I’m having the exact issue.
    Very annoying.

  • JSRG1840
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    To put a bit of a better focus to this. It did not happen on the ps4 with the yule patch, nor with the 1st hotfix to the yule brawl (where you added the completion to the brawl quest and corrected the round counter). It started once the new combatants from the cow catcher and ale quest got added into the rotation of opponents.

  • Colt36R
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    With the new yule festival update, no matter where I am on the game map, when an AC valhalla save is loaded, Eivor is drunk. Like woozy boozy bobblin and swaying drunk animation. Can’t load a save without dude being faded boozy. C’mon.

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