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  • Colt36R
    1 posts

    With the new yule festival update, no matter where I am on the game map, when an AC valhalla save is loaded, Eivor is drunk. Like woozy boozy bobblin and swaying drunk animation. Can’t load a save without dude being faded boozy. C’mon.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    This issue with Eivor spawning in drunk should now be resolved due to the Yule Festival having ended, which the bug was discovered to be tied to.

    If you are still loading in drunk, or experiencing drunk effects in-game when not having drunk any ale or participated in a drinking game, please provide a video demonstrating this along with the platform you play on so that I can open an investigation separate to the one for the Yule Festival. It would be helpful to know if you have completed a quest where drinking is required recently as well, such as "Heavy is the Head" involving Ivarr mentioned by @WrightWayUp.

    I'll mark this issue as resolved for the moment, as we do believe it to be fixed, but will absolutely reopen the investigation if it is needed! Thanks! 🙂

    Official Response
  • DubDex420
    8 posts

    Every time I start the game and load the latest save Eivor is drunk. This sometimes happens when I fast travel as well.

    1 posts

    I saved once at the Yule festival while my character was drunk, and since then for the past 6 hours or so with multiple new saves when I load into them; Eivor is completely drunk every time. This becomes quite irritating when I've just died in a fight, and I reload the save to try again and Eivor is again completely drunk. If there is a fix for this without deleting anything that would be much appreciated.

  • Syphedias84
    1 posts

    And I thought I was the only one having this issue.
    I don't know if I saved when Eivor was drunk during Yule festival. I know I finished the fight drink fight arena and the drink minigame.
    Maybe autosave saved after I was drunk or so, but since then, whenever I load a save my Eivor is completly drunk.

    Also starting today, I experienced extreme white flashes when I'm in my village. I hope my saves aren't destroyed by any bug or so... 😕

  • Sammarok
    45 posts

    Eivor is drunk all the time since last update... and even more funny, I saved the game before entering a restricted area with Sigurd and Basim (a main mission quest: Brewing Rebellion) but Eivor is drunk and they start clapping at me while I am trying to be in stealth, hilarious, I got it on video and can post it here if it is allowed.

  • Legna_Sydobon
    1 posts

    Same, ever since the Yule patch. I was kinda hoping it would go away after Yule ends.

  • Alyss_Raven
    2 posts

    The same happens to me. Every time I load the game, Eivor is Drunk.

  • LordLuvaduk
    2 posts

    @omninerd42 if you meditate it will go away, annoying but shorter than waiting it out

  • JSRG1840
    80 posts

    Confirmed that works on ps4

  • DrJono
    12 posts

    anyone else have this problem. Every time I start the game up (from scratch not sleep mode) or if I die and I have to reload my last save. I always start being drunk with the screen waving around etc.

  • Y2Jreturn
    9 posts

    @drjono Has been an issue since the latest patch/start of Yule Festival. Just meditate and it will get back to normal.

  • thedevilcomes
    39 posts

    @y2jreturn agreed

  • marctrooper1
    4 posts

    Each time I "continue" when starting my game, Eivor is drunk.

  • pipzuk
    8 posts

    @marctrooper1 it's happening to me too

    6 posts

    same here soo0oo lame

  • Russel_978
    2 posts

    Ever since playing that fight minigame in the Yule festival, everytime a checkpoint is restarted (dying, loading up the game, manually restarting a checkpoint) the game acts like Eivor is drunk, the animations are affected, and the camera has that "drunk effect" to it. It was funny at first, but when I realised it persisted it got pretty annoying.
    Playing on a PS4, 110+ hours of gameplay.

  • Rentapig311
    2 posts
  • UbiSObuggy
    8 posts

    I notice when I traveled to norway... all my loads are sober. I'm no longer loading in drunk. Not sure if the bug will return once I head back to england. Maybe a fix? Can anyone confirm?

  • UbiSObuggy
    8 posts

    @torfinr I notice when I traveled to norway... all my loads are sober. I'm no longer loading in drunk. Not sure if the bug will return once I head back to england. Maybe a fix? Can anyone confirm?

  • Manny2536
    2 posts

    A few days ago I saved the game after completing a fist fight tournament after the "Christmas" update (not sure what update it was but there's now a festival going on in my village). My character was drunk at the time of my save. Now after I logged back on, my character spawns in drunk. Whether I fast travel or respawn after death, my character is drunk. I've tried waiting it out until he is sober and then saving it but no matter how long i wait or save after he is not drunk, he continues to spawn in drunk. P.s. I also play xbox one s.

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