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    @mac_legend223 I have a similar issue, though mine started after the Yule Festival, I did the drinking contest and since then every time I load the game Eivor is drunk, and if I meditate to sober up, Eivor stays sober until I die, or fail and have to reload. I have gone through several days of playing this way, sometimes this means doing some of my quest intoxicated. I get they wanted the Yule Festival to feel like a real get together, but I don't need to be drunk a week later while trying to conquer England.

  • coocie95
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    Every time I fast travel or load a save on AC Valhalla, I get a disoriented effect on the screen like my characters drunk. Happened ever since I participated in the drinking contest for Yule festival. It goes away, but it's very annoying.

    Playing on a ps4

  • weaslexr5
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    @droidux same, super annoying, not kinda of annoying, not unfortunate, not aw bummer, no ----> extremely annoying after a couple days. I hope they put out a hot fix

  • FunbagsOfSatan
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    Eivor has become a true alcoholic since the Yule patch. Whenever I load a save she's completely sloshed. I'm on PS5.

  • LottaTronIcs
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    @mac_legend223. same problem here, it started after the Yule Event....

  • MachineGhost46
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    @lottatronics /start rant/ Yep, the Yule event introduced many bugs - always drunk on load/rescussitation if you have done the Yule drinking challenge, minimum number of arrows on all bow types even though quiver is maxed out, torch flame does not always work, yule festival completely goes away if none of the Yule challenges attempted yet and several more. Ubisoft taking their time fixing these... /end rant/

  • MachineGhost46
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    @funbagsofsatan Same on PS4 Pro.

  • M9GUK
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    Since the Yule dlc every time I start the game Eivor is drunk no matter where I am on the map

  • DADDYdenaro05
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    After I did the drinking quest in the Yule Festival now every time I reload a save, die or enter in the game I get the drunk animation and it last a lot of time (apparently if I do a fast travel the effect goes away). I'm starting to suffer of motion sickness

  • GuiG3ars95
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    Please fix the bug when Eivor is drunk each time game is loaded. It’s really annoying especially when you fight a boss.

  • AnimalAl137
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    Ever since the Yule fest, as I start a new session with ACV, Eivor acts as if he's under the influence of shrooms or heavily intoxicated. He shakes it off in a few minutes but every time now it happens.

  • Spiral-Kamina
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    This is indeed because of the Yule Festival drinking game.
    Solution is to put the console/pc into offline mode and launch the game/load the save.
    The Yule Festival will end then. Save the game and enjoy. However, the Yule Festival will be completed for this year then and will not restart even if you go online once more, so make sure to do any Yule quests first if you care about them.

  • kurion84
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    1: I have a maxed out Quiver, but the amount of arrows I can carry keep defaulting to 20, 12 & 5, not about to pin point anything that is making this happen and only way to resolve is loading a save previous to it glitching out.

    2: Each time I load a save, Eivor is drunk.

    Any ideas on when these will be fixed or ideas on what causes them to avoid?

  • MrsBBQchickn
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    Eivor is always drunk when I load into to my game! Only occurs in England, and only since participating in the drinking game at the Yule festival.

  • Bulwvy
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    @kurion84 yeah i load drunk as well now. wasn't present before.

  • thedevilcomes
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    @ubisobuggy not up to that point but I will test once I get there

  • thedevilcomes
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    @kurion84 the drunken Eivor glitch is due to the yule event. not sure about the quiver

  • unworthy4
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    I don't know what caused this. Maybe I saved at some point when I was drunk but every save (old/new) starts with me drunk. While not game breaking it is certainly annoying to have to sober up every time I load the game.

  • Jakkarinsyn
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    I can't continue my story because there is no quest for me to do. I guess because of the "wise friend" quest that make my game broken or maybe Yule Festival and more importantly is my Eivor always DRUNK!!! Plz fix these issues ASAP.

  • DrainYou1967
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    Everytime i continue my journey or have to load a previous save point, Eivor is somehow drunk. Very annoying when raiding and I can't see straight.

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