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    @torfinr I notice when I traveled to norway... all my loads are sober. I'm no longer loading in drunk. Not sure if the bug will return once I head back to england. Maybe a fix? Can anyone confirm?

  • Manny2536
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    A few days ago I saved the game after completing a fist fight tournament after the "Christmas" update (not sure what update it was but there's now a festival going on in my village). My character was drunk at the time of my save. Now after I logged back on, my character spawns in drunk. Whether I fast travel or respawn after death, my character is drunk. I've tried waiting it out until he is sober and then saving it but no matter how long i wait or save after he is not drunk, he continues to spawn in drunk. P.s. I also play xbox one s.

  • wolf-MAN010
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    @manny2536 i have the same issue but does your game also crash after a while?

  • Sylwester9303
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    Same here - Xbox Series X.

    No matter if I go out from the Animus and went back in, fast travel, load game - Eivor still is drunk.

  • Kaphalor
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    Same Problem here

    It started, after i ended the game drunk (after the festive brawl to be precise)
    I also respawn drunk, after i die

  • AIXtreme2k
    2 posts

    The same here. Please fix this bug!

  • SearStingray157
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    I see the same, it last for a short while (10-20 seconds maybe) and then he clear up. Strange.

  • Manny2536
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    @wolf-man010 no, I haven't had that issue though I stopped playing after an hour because it was frustrating 😕

  • damhanalla12
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    @mac_legend223 I have a similar issue, though mine started after the Yule Festival, I did the drinking contest and since then every time I load the game Eivor is drunk, and if I meditate to sober up, Eivor stays sober until I die, or fail and have to reload. I have gone through several days of playing this way, sometimes this means doing some of my quest intoxicated. I get they wanted the Yule Festival to feel like a real get together, but I don't need to be drunk a week later while trying to conquer England.

  • coocie95
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    Every time I fast travel or load a save on AC Valhalla, I get a disoriented effect on the screen like my characters drunk. Happened ever since I participated in the drinking contest for Yule festival. It goes away, but it's very annoying.

    Playing on a ps4

  • weaslexr5
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    @droidux same, super annoying, not kinda of annoying, not unfortunate, not aw bummer, no ----> extremely annoying after a couple days. I hope they put out a hot fix

  • FunbagsOfSatan
    27 posts

    Eivor has become a true alcoholic since the Yule patch. Whenever I load a save she's completely sloshed. I'm on PS5.

  • LottaTronIcs
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    @mac_legend223. same problem here, it started after the Yule Event....

  • MachineGhost46
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    @lottatronics /start rant/ Yep, the Yule event introduced many bugs - always drunk on load/rescussitation if you have done the Yule drinking challenge, minimum number of arrows on all bow types even though quiver is maxed out, torch flame does not always work, yule festival completely goes away if none of the Yule challenges attempted yet and several more. Ubisoft taking their time fixing these... /end rant/

  • MachineGhost46
    19 posts

    @funbagsofsatan Same on PS4 Pro.

  • M9GUK
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    Since the Yule dlc every time I start the game Eivor is drunk no matter where I am on the map

  • Beinish
    2 posts

    Ever since returning from Jotunheim, it seems that Eivor is drunk for like 20 seconds every time I start the game. It happens if I die as well. It doesn't happen with fast travel at least, but I'm not sure what to do anymore, it's kind of annoying.

  • WraithCadmus
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    @beinish This is happening to me too (PC). It started just after I finished Grantcester (which I did 2nd after Leicestershire). There's a combat scene just after and it would make sense if I was drunk there, but I wonder if it isn't this same bug.

  • YorkshireLass
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    @wraithcadmus Yes it's been happening since the Yule update/activation and is really annoying. I find the drunk effect is overdone anyway but to have it happen for no discernible reason every time you have to reload is bizarre to say the least. It takes around 10 mins to wear off. A pain if you are at a point where you need to fight/interact and can't because of the effect.

  • DADDYdenaro05
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    After I did the drinking quest in the Yule Festival now every time I reload a save, die or enter in the game I get the drunk animation and it last a lot of time (apparently if I do a fast travel the effect goes away). I'm starting to suffer of motion sickness

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