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    First time this happened to me was when I died fighting one of the legendary animals (don't remember the name, but a big wolf).

    I'm drunk whenever I restart after a death, fast travels or starts up the game.

  • Kdiggital37
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    Everytime I load my game or fast travel my character is drunk, its a little irritating waiting for the effects to wear off. especially when i'm drunk too.
    All save games are effected. (PC)
    I believe this started when I saved a game after brawling at the yule festi.

  • falo2k
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    Same on PC - very annoying.

  • Plong0605
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    Loading into the game drunk and the color is gone. Just hazy bright white and black. Tried the last couple of saved loads and they do the same thing. Even if I load into a different town.

  • Slimalek
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    Ever since starting the Yule festival content I have started experiencing numerous bugs. I now have 5 wealth and 1 raid markers that will not disappear after having completed them, Eivor is drunk every time I load, occasionally using the raven doesn't work but this was fixed by reloading. However, reloading, restarting (both game and console) and fast travelling has fixed none of the other problems. Are these issues likely to get fixed any time soon?
    I am playing on ps4.

  • elemento8
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    Playing on xbox series x. Ever since yule festival Eivorr respawns drunk alot of the time!

  • TheMan.74
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    Everytime I die or reload a save, the camera effect of being drunk randomly shows up. I can get rid of it by meditating but it's still really annoying also I will be fighting a drunk brawl in the yulefest brawl pit and whenever hitting someone in the center of the arena I start floating so I can't hit anything but they can hit me and I can't escape without using all my stamina.

  • shyam3010
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    @slimalek I’m playing on ps4 too. I wanted to ask– has valhalla been crashing at all for you?

  • azullFR
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    for what I could "see" this happens only after "brawl" in Yule festival and corrupts all saves where the festival as started whatever you did a "brawl" in these earlier saves or not ....
    (hope you understand my english 😉

    I did a new "game" with a save before Yule festival (thanks for loosing 150+ hours ....) :
    I restarted the Yule festival with doing all Yule festival quests except the "Brawl" = No Drunk Bug
    I did the "archery" several times (+- 20) and the "Drinking challenge" also several times (+- 20) and still no problem;
    Important to notice : I didn't reload the "Drunk save" to avoid corrupting this one.....
    At this state I suspect the "Drunk Bug" comes when you do 2 "Brawls"
    Now I think it's not my job to corrupt my new save with a test .... I paid the game .... 😉

    PS4 pro (fully up-to-date)

  • andreilucas
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    So I know this is a known bug, that some players are getting drunk everytime they log on after playing the drinking game in the Yule Festival.

    I was doing a test yesterday with some graphical tweaks and as the starting city in Norway was the most graphical demanding area in the game so far, I fast travelled back there to see if the tweaks I've made had made any actual difference.

    I didn't realize at first but when I fast travelled to Norway my game got auto-saved.

    So I logged in today and the game was loaded there, and I was not drunk. Then I fast travelled to England to continue playing, and when I fast travelled there I spawned drunk.

    So its not related to logging in, but loading in England.

    So the issue apparently doesn't involve logging in, but actually spawning/fast-travelling to any place in England. It doesn't happen if your last save file is in Norway or if you fast travel there.

    By the way this is REALLY annoying specially when you have to reload a checkpoint after dying in a difficult battle, so please fix this asap.

  • Saastan
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    Every single time I start up the game or a save is reloaded Eivor is drunk. It takes about 30 seconds to a minute to clear up. It is really annoying, and by the looks of it a lot of people are experiencing this. When is it going to be fixed?

  • wondermutt101
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    I haven't participated in any drinking games and the brawl i was in was at least 30min ago but my character is constantly waking up stumbling all over like hes drunk is this a glitch??

  • Agais
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    Since a couple of days back Eivor spawns in drunk every time I start up the game or reload a saved game, no matter where I am. And it's a bad drunk, as some have mentioned. Can barely walk.
    Anyone found a walkaround for this?

  • guest-RfjDQb0F
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    Playing on PS4 after patch.

    I started having this drunk bug problem ever since doing the drinking competition at the Yule festival. Anytime I load in a save of any kind, Eivor is drunk. Even if I’ve restarted the game. Even after restarting the system. Even after making a completely new save where he has gotten sober.

    I don’t know if you can’t call your raven when drunk, but now I also can’t call my raven. If I meditate, the drunkenness goes away, but I still can’t call my raven.

    Since the drunk-spawn thing started happening, there is also an issue for me where I try to fast travel away from where I am, it goes through the lengthy load time, acts as though I’m fast traveling, but when the screen comes back up, Eivor is in the same place and cannot move, he can only run and rotate in place.

    When this happens, I got rid of it the first couple times by restarting the game, but now when I completely restart the game again, he loads in drunk, no raven access, tried to fast travel, load screen forever, still in same place and still can’t move and still no raven.

    I have had a mountain of game-breaking bugs like this from the get-go (I had the glitch where I couldn’t play Valka’s first mission in the beginning), but it seemed like things got a little better with the initial patch. Since the Yule festival, however, everything is breaking to the point where it's now unplayable. Every Yule activity had a bug of some kind. I finally had to give up on playing it today after all the above issues and also repeatedly getting half-stuck in the ground and being unable to extricate myself without calling the horse and mounting it as it ran up to Eivor to pull him out of the ground. Despite the problems, I love this game, and I'm heartbroken that I can't keep playing it right now.

    I work with game developers every day, so I understand that bugs can be hard to fix, especially since fixing one can cause new ones to appear. In this industry, developers are often also asked to work inhumane schedules, plus with 2020 being what it is and it being the holiday season, you all have my sympathy and my thanks for all your hard work and dedication. I just hope that my game will be playable again someday soon. Thanks for your time!

  • crueljack3281
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    @ubi-raziel I have this issue with Eivor being (temporarily) drunk on loads and fast travel. It started after I did some of the Yule events

  • andreilucas
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    Nothing I've read here from support is a real fix.

    Its literally a bug that no user can fix, you can fast travel or wait till you're sober but thats not a fix.

    If you go back to Norway after the Yule Festival and save the game there, and login again, you won't be drunk if you load that save in Norway. But at the same save, the one where you spawned on Norway and you were not drunk, if you travel back to England, you'll get drunk anyways. Are you making fun of british or what.

    So its not really just an issue with the drinking game alone, it appears to be linked to the fact that it happens only on England as well.

    Just saying cause its really annoying and I'm having to tone down the difficulty on crucial moments (reloading a checkpoint in the middle of a battle, for example) because a couple of minutes of drunk gameplay can be really annoying, especially if you're a super hardcore gamer and are playing on the Normal difficulty, like I am.

  • Asgardian02
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    its part of the yule festival, have fun they said 😞

  • SuperDogStar
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    Same problem here. It started happening after the Yuletide festival. I am playing on Xbox Series X.

  • ACESsigepps
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    Last several times that i've logged in to play on stadia my character is drunk. Yes drunk with the camera swaying and stuff. I hope I'm not the only one having this issue.

    Just deleted all saved games. Waited until the drunk effects wore off. I then saved the game. Went to the main menu to load the game. Again starting the game the camera is swaying and my character is drunk. [censored].....

  • esdential
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    Same here. When starting game, loading a save, after fast travel - every time, consistently.

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