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    Ubisoft Support Staff 687 posts

    Hey there everyone! I am very sorry for any trouble that this issue has been causing. I appreciate the continued updates to let us know that this is still an ongoing issue. The Game team is actively investigating, and we have posted this to our Known Issues page as well. Please keep an eye out for future updates, and thank you all very much for your continued patience as they work to resolve this!

    Official Response
  • Hern_the_Hunter
    19 posts

    @ubi-raziel I have found 3 ways to sober up.
    1) The time consuming method is to fast travel anywhere. You will arrive sober.
    2) Go to bed in the longhouse. You will wake up sober.
    3) However the fastest way to sober up is to simply meditate.

  • NFFIRE89
    1 posts

    Everytime I load into the game I get the "drunk" effect. Regardless of if I had actually been drinking prior to the save.

  • Jurld
    17 posts

    Yep. Every time I load the game, I am drunk again.

    Here's an idea, Ubisoft, before getting all happy with yourselves about how great the Yule went over and deciding to release some kind of Festival of Love nonsense for Valentines, you actually prioritize fixing some bugs?

  • C4tzInFury
    1 posts

    Hi ! Since January 2 after playing Yule event [ archery/combat/drunking game]each time we respawn we are drunk in the region of Ledecestrescire. Our puissance is currently 39. Played on xbox one at Quebec city 🙂

  • Captain_KMA1
    2 posts

    @bricksfive Same here. It’s really frustrating. You can also meditate to remove the effect.

  • turtletrav72
    1 posts

    Many people are experiencing a bug where when they load a save after participating in the Yule Festivle drinking contest, Eivor becomes drunk.

  • katieenligne
    2 posts

    I haven’t been able to finish either Yule Festival quest I’ve tried. Missing ale disappeared, and Bertham got stuck in the river and won’t follow me home in Cow Catcher.

    @katieenligne also my Eivor is drunk every time I fast travel lol.

  • tomburgess01
    3 posts

    @katieenligne same for me!!!

  • gkcare10
    2 posts

    @spud_macintosh every time I die or load in I’m drunk lol. Eivor is hiding something 😂

  • XbicksinduttsX
    4 posts

    @nffire89 i got that too

  • Kericb90
    1 posts

    Load in-game drunk, but that’s not the only issue, the last 4-5 anomaly events I’ve attempted, either reached the end and was unable
    to interact with the final piece and in at least 1-2 anomalies can’t interact with beams at all. I have videos and maybe pictures. Plus, I’m nearly at the end of the game and want to complete the game fully. Also some dialog NPCs are unable to interact with as well (ie Orlog, Drink Comp, etc)

  • NiallTheFool
    1 posts

    @ubikobold When is your next update/hotfix because these issues are ruining the game. Did you release the game too early and didn't actually finish making it?

  • LocoMaximus
    4 posts

    @ubi-raziel I've had it since festival started. Only way around it is to wait about 45 seconds or meditation. This doesn't bother me unless I'm doing a hard fight. If I die it sucks to have to fix it or go in slow. Please fix this and arrow glitch.

  • F_E_R_R_E_T
    1 posts

    same issues here.
    it's not funny anymore, beeing drunk with only 12 arrows in my (invisible) quiver

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 687 posts

    Hello again! This is something that the Game team is continuing to work on, however I do understand any aggravation that this may be causing during your gameplay. I would like to thank you all again for your patience in this matter and apologize for any aggravation caused.

    Official Response
  • aldoko2014
    2 posts

    Really annoying. Whenever I reload I am in the drunk mode. Eivor is moving around OK but that is all.
    Have to go back to a cutscene while meditating does not work and it won’t solve by itself.

    Ubisoft please repair thuis asap.

  • keremthns
    23 posts

    Same here

  • chagerman
    5 posts

    Every time the game loads it starts me off with blurry/drunk black and white vision. The only way to get rid of it is to speak to someone, which is fine if you’re near a town. Fast travel doesn’t fix it. Meditation doesn’t fix it.

  • chagerman
    5 posts


    Those didn’t work for me. The only way I’ve found is to speak with a character; like a shop owner. It goes back to normal view after exiting the shop. Now just don’t die during gameplay.

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