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    Having the same problem only on the Xbox version, ever since this Yule update thing is really annoying can only hope Ubi will patch it and soon.

  • malteration_
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    Its a Bug after the "boxing" Event. Had to take a savegame 1 h befor to fix this problem.

    Dont do this Event then its fine.

    But after the next Bug is taking the Barrel back from the "Brewery Quest"
    After i picking up the Barrel the quest marker went miles away on the other side of the map and i cant ride, swim ore ship with the barrel.

    Very, very awsome Event. NOT.

    2/6 Quests are Bugged...

  • Chunyu1977
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    I had the same problems here, both starting up drunk and in Brewery quest (it's quite a problem to bring a barrel to a distant destination).

    And the most annoying is.....when I finally arrived at the destination, there was nothing happened, it's just a grassland with no one to interact. Would you please fix it?

  • Daftwraith
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    @dave_the_human Also having the same issue. Seems like you can get it to go away by fast traveling most of the time, but it is annoying.

  • TimTheThing
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    When i load any save file or continue from the main title screen Eivor is drunk until i meditate or wait the specified time it takes to sober up.

  • WR3cker_DK
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    You are not the only one with that problem, my self included:

    Hopefully they are fixing it soon

  • ImaginaryRuins
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    @daftwraith Yes the drunk state is gone upon a fast travel. While it is not game-breaking and certainly a lot more minor compared to other issue, it is annoying.

    However, I think the more important issue is why the team behind the Yule Festival could not even get us a bug/glitch free experience. The festival is a VERY small thing compared to the rest of the game. The quests are much shorter, in a much smaller-scale to notice bugs and glitches. Just how come the staff members making this could even mess this up this seriously?

    Drunk state, the archery range targets not rotating to their original positions properly before a round starts for the scores to count, wrong mission markers, and quest item (cow meat) not counting properly? As if the game isn't buggy enough already.

    I don't expect these bugs to be fixed; all I hope is when the Festival is gone, they will also go away.

  • Ryusennin
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    Interestingly, the drunk effect is not triggered if you start Ubisoft Connect in offline mode (whic makes sense, since the Yule festival is then not available in your game).

  • LoftedGolem255
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    Same problem here on my Xbox. Except I got the added feature of not being able to interact with Reda and his other associates, as well as losing all of my 150+ opals. I was warned not to buy Ubisoft until completely tested and bugged!

  • CarRamron23617
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    Hello I’ve encountered a bug since the patch . Every time I load in I’m drunk and it won’t go away , on top of that my armor is showing where I have hid certain pieces please fix it’s unplayable drunk all the time

  • CarRamron23617
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    and on top of it my raven won’t work 😞

  • kroes_de
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    every time i spawn i spawn drunk fix this please

  • Pemy_
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    Same here, on PC, started happening ever since the Yule Festival began. It's pretty annoying.

  • LadySwampfox
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    I am also experiencing this glitch on Xbox One. This nonsense began after I partook in a Yule Festival brawl (for those wondering, I made it to the final boss before being defeated). Just quit and restarted the game, and Eivor was behaving as if drunk, complete with the "drunk" on-screen effects. It's like he's got an IV feeding him alcohol for long trips or something.🤣 Pretty annoying to have the world spinning like that. Please fix it as soon as you can, Ubi. Thanks.

  • YorkshireLass
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    @ladyswampfox I didn't even do any of the Yule related stuff, upgraded the settlement and it's happening every time you start the game or have to reload. It only lasts a couple of minutes but when you need to be able to see to fight or interact, very annoying. I think the effect is too strong and unecessary (on PC)

  • clintoss1
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    • Every time I load up my saved game my character is drunk. Been happening ever since I did a mission to return the secret brew. Is this normal.
  • CharlieRamairez
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    HAppens to me as well, please fix this

  • Steije2006
    3 posts

    @kroes_de same here

  • meeseeks44
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    also seeing this problem on PC, it is after doing one of the Yule events, every time a save game loads Eivor spawns drunk. The effect disappears but it returns after loading a save (and all future saves).

  • HelIraiser
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    Same here on PS5.

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