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    It was the Yule Festival that was causing the Drunk bug. The Yule Festival has ended. For me once that happened the drunk bug ended. When I loaded a save game the bug was gone finally.

  • willnichols
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    @unworthy4 this has also happened to all my loads!

  • willnichols
    2 posts

    Both of these glitches have occurred in my game too

  • Descitron
    2 posts

    I have an issue, when I die in the game, after load the last checkpoint, Eivor are dizzy, and the effect is too long, anyone have this problem?

  • FallenVampir27
    4 posts

    @descitron yes since the Yol seasonal Update they did .

  • Lukey20202020
    6 posts

    The game is broken on so many things now it's ridiculous, ubisoft haven't dropped a comment in 24hour so much for player support

  • Descitron
    2 posts

    @fallenvampir27 and no solution right?

  • Saku_no_yume
    3 posts

    @drainyou1967 I am having the same issue. ( playing in PC)

  • psk972
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    Every time I respawn Eivor is drunk. Is this suppose to happen?

  • Owenzombies
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  • ChuckKatse
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    Don't know about you but Drunk Eivor was fixed for me once the Yule Festival ended.

  • Hapaczyky
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    True, it happens every time

  • chelleli
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    I had wandered into Hamtunscire and ran into the Bard with the poisoned Ale. I realized I was far too underpowered to fight him so I ran away and went back to the main quest. The poison wore off and all was good. Played approx 50 hrs over the course of several days with no issues. I’d saved and restarted several times since then with no issues. After the Yule patch, I now spawn drunk and poisoned every single time. If I die, I respawn drunk and poisoned. Talking to a NPC in a settlement will snap me out of it, so to speak, but it’s not feasible if I’m in a battle or out in the countryside. I’ve been doing side missions and avoiding any activity that might kill me to avoid respawning poisoned and drunk but I’m at the point in the game that I can’t avoid larger battles anymore. Is there any fix for this? Will this go away when Yule ends? This bug is truly game breaking. Also will my arrow quiver go back to holding more than 12 arrows?

  • DCitron6
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    This post is deleted!
  • DCitron6
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    @chuckkatse What country/time zone are you in? The Yule Festival is still ongoing for me.

  • UndeadNation07
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    So I originally started my game on pc, and transferred my progress to my xbox through ubisoft connect, and since the yule festival event started, my character has been drunk every time i spawn, or fast travel, even without drinking.

  • LordGorzul
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    This is an extremelly aggravating bug that gives both nausea and frustration. Everytime you start the game, or respawn, Eivor is drunk for a minute, and occasionally, he'll suddenly get "drunk" during a fight and stay drunk for a full minute.When this happens during an intense boss fight or zealot fight you can imagine how frustrating it can be. Probably one of the most annoying bugs Ive experienced in any game.
    I hope this take top priority in an upcoming patch which hope will be incredibly soon.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @lordgorzul Hello and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this bug, LordGorzul. I can certainly understand how distracting it is to have this 'drunk' effect occur after launching the game or after respawning, especially during a difficult fight. This is an issue our teams are aware of, and have addressed on the Known Issues thread. For the time being, please try meditating or sleeping in your bed in order to remove the status effect.

    Official Response
  • silacoid
    15 posts

    First time this happened to me was when I died fighting one of the legendary animals (don't remember the name, but a big wolf).

    I'm drunk whenever I restart after a death, fast travels or starts up the game.

  • Kdiggital37
    8 posts

    Everytime I load my game or fast travel my character is drunk, its a little irritating waiting for the effects to wear off. especially when i'm drunk too.
    All save games are effected. (PC)
    I believe this started when I saved a game after brawling at the yule festi.

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