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  • gemgames86
    19 posts

    @schorpio1970 Glad I'm not the only one. Sucks though cause I can't tell if the drunk effect wears off or it's just my new glasses at this point, LOL.

  • SkypherDZN
    14 posts

    This also happens to me! every single time ... makes me dizzy after a while. pls fix this ubisoft!

  • Aerial_Arts
    29 posts

    Same here! after participating in the yule brawl, eivor is constanly drunk every time you load up the save.
    I lost the final fight so i don't know if that might be an issue that's causnig it.
    No issues with this at any point up until the festival update so im guessing it has to do with the fact that you load in to each fight "more drunk" and it just gets stuck in that state after you participate.

  • Galloglas_Kilt
    2 posts

    As of today I began experiencing a glitch where Eivor will be “drunk” once I load up the game or load a save point. It eventually fades off, but when I closed the game previously Eivor was not drunk.

  • dunkalars
    9 posts

    @tyuhyun Have you checked norway? One fast travel point dont work for me. Only me or you aswell?

  • MeowNuts
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • guest-3OMIjWyR
    1 posts

    Every time I spawn (Starting the game from a save or respawning after desynchronising), Eivor is really wobbly and drunk, like in the drunk brawling minigame for Yule Festival. This makes it frustrating to fight. This does go away after a few minutes, however. Any fixes?

  • CokeyHonster
    6 posts

    Eivor is sick of 2020, too. Let them eat cake!

  • TaleraRis
    21 posts


    Nope, happening to me constantly but this never happened before the Yule festival

    For me it also didn't happen when I first logged in and the Yule festival loaded. I did the Yule Brawl and lasted up to round 8 and now it acts like I'm that drunk on zoning or logging in. So that may or may not have something to do with it.

  • azullFR
    719 posts

    Exactely same thing for me
    Only solution I've found is to "meditate" ...
    Welcome to Bug festival !
    PS4 pro (fully up-to-date)

    20 posts

    @dunkalars I checked Norway. As you say, one fast travel point does not work. 😢 undefined

  • TravestySteinke
    1 posts

    Every time I load a save, whether it be a quick load, manual, load, death reload, or pressing continue on the main menu, Eivor will spawn in absolutely sloshed. It was admittedly kinda funny for a bit, but it can be a bit annoying having to meditate after loading a save, or being force to fight a boss drunk.

  • azullFR
    719 posts

    Having to mediate every single start is ....
    the non-usable & non-sellable runes bug ....
    PS4 pro (fully up-to-date)

  • beraldo10
    1 posts

    The same here.

  • UbiSObuggy
    8 posts

    Same. First it was the "jotunheim drunk glitch"
    Now it's the Yule festival drunk glitch.
    I really don't think they'll fix this. Game is too glitchy.

  • UbiSObuggy
    8 posts

    Same. First it was the "jotunheim drunk glitch"
    Now it's the Yule festival drunk glitch.
    I really don't think they'll fix this. Game is too glitchy.

  • UbiSObuggy
    8 posts

    @llhiggy talking to merchants and the smith also sobers you up.

    352 posts

    @ubisobuggy Good tip thanks. Sadly when you're questing and/or in the middle of nowhere, it's annoying to have to wait 2-3 mins before being able to play

  • WR3cker_DK
    75 posts

    Also happening to me constantly, but not before the Yule festival.

    Eivor also randomly says "Wait here a moment. I'll be back" also happening after the Yule festival update, but not before.

  • rankinsect
    52 posts

    Yup, this was funny and now it's annoying as heck, too. Particularly if the reason you're reloading a save is a death from a boss fight or other challenging area, and now you get thrown into it drunk.

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