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  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @ezio-a-kenway I'm mixed with AC Valhalla honestly. I much prefer the story, combat, lore, and environment in this one, and like that Eivor has a personality but at the same time I really miss the range of choices you had to create your personality; I also greatly miss the amount of things to do and collect from Odyssey, not to mention the huge map size. I get that a lot of people disliked the grind and repetitiveness in Odyssey, but I very much preferred all of it, as it gave me something to do while waiting for more content to drop, i.e. replayability. AC Valhalla has nothing of substance in it to tide you over until the next thing. Once you find all of the armor and weapons, and complete all of the activities, that's it, you're done with the game with no reason to play it. Once you find your preferred playstyle and match an armor set to that, you don't need any of the other 9 armor sets in game. I miss the more in depth side quests that Odyssey provided, and while a couple of the World Events in Valhalla were decent, they all lacked depth and were too shallow. i.e. Talk to person, set house on fire, talk to person, done. Sigh.

    If Valhalla had many of the features I loved from Odyssey then I'd still be playing it, i.e. bounty boards, endless quests, repeatable Sieges/Battles, endless Zealots, RNG grind for loot to find better builds/playstyles, actual armor/weapon rewards instead of just Ingots in a chest, etc.

    There are many great things about Valhalla, but the features intentionally cut out of it from previous games hurts it massively in my opinion. I want to keep playing it, but there's absolutely no reason to, I've done everything. At least with Odyssey I could still hunt for loot, fight in battles, accept randomly generated contracts, etc.

  • WendysBrioche
    11 posts

    @quor321 ya I have to agree the game is in MUCH better condition than Cyberpunk at this stage, you have to give Ubi credit for that.

  • TaleraRis
    21 posts

    @fylkirpanzer You can do Reda's stuff each day. But everything you've described in Odyssey didn't really give you more to do. Valhalla has a ton more collectibles than Odyssey. I spent over 200 hours each game and it was in Odyssey that I felt like everything was rinse and repeat. Doing the same thing over and over isn't really content.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @taleraris As far as Reda goes, sure it's repeatable, all like four quests, hunt wolf, kill target, kill other target, rescue person. There is little variety to any of those that they're pointless to do really, more so because of the minor reward of opals. And since the Reda items cost so many opals, it's a stupidly long grind to get enough for what you want, if it even shows up for that day or week.

    As far as everything in Odyssey goes, yes, it gave me more to do. In terms of collectibles, I disagree, there are far more weapons and armor to collect in Odyssey compared to Valhalla. If you want to place hair, tattoo, settlement cosmetics as collectibles, I would say sure, there is more in terms of variety. But where it matters, for me in terms of armor, Valhalla is depressingly limited on that front. Besides, I did say that even if quests and locations were repetitive, etc, it was still something to do until more content like Lost Tales of Greece, etc. came out. You may not see it as content, but I do.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @fylkirpanzer It's been a minute since I played Origins so I don't remember if you got gear drops, but for sure prior to Odyssey there were no gear drops on that level in any AC game. You had to buy all your gear from the store or get it as a reward for completing a particular activity. It seems that they reverted back to that model for what ever reason, not sure why. I, personally, do not see gear drops as content and actually find them distracting because I have to constantly check to see if that piece is better than the piece I currently have equipped, not to mention constantly cleaning out my inventory. I would rather them focus on the story and side missions for content.

    I do, however, understand where you and others that feel gear is a form of content are coming from. I get chasing that perfect piece of gear that has the exact stats you are looking for; I've played The Division games and Destiny, just to name a couple, where having the perfect perks and stats can make or break a playstyle, so I get it. Hopefully they will be able to add gear to the game that satisfies individuals like yourself that want to chase those perfect pieces while not going overboard to satisfy individuals like me that don't find gear to have as much importance beyond the cosmetic looks. I think somewhere between where they are now and Odyssey would work out.

    The other issue they will need to resolve is a way to get rid of excess gear; either by breaking it down for upgrade materials or selling it, because as of right now you can do neither.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @jcar4327 I only have Odyssey to go off of, as I was never interested in the time period Origins was set in. But yeah I played previous AC games and it was fine for what it was then, i.e. buying what you needed or being rewarded for your effort. There's very little of that present in Valhalla sadly, i.e. rewarded for your effort.

    It wasn't just the random gear drops I considered content, but the copy/pasted areas to clear out in a region, bandit camps, caves, and so on. It was all filler content until actual story stuff dropped.

    Personally I wouldn't mind it if there was some sort of random gear system tied to the River Raids coming out, so you get new gear and weapons based off of the number of runs. Say you have to run three river raids to get a new chest, run through three more to get a pair of pants, and so on. Run through the first three a second time to get another chest, etc, etc. That way there's incentive to keep playing river raids. Though as you said, there would need to be a way to sell off or dismantle excess gear. I've got two Galloglach chest pieces and three Huntsman chest pieces (I don't consider the reskinned Yule gear as new armor, as it's just Huntsman armor with a different name). It'd be nice to get rid of all that, either as a way to get Ingots (depending on the upgraded level of the gear you pick up), or rarer materials like fabric and titanium, etc.

    Come to think of it they could even make it so you could replay Sieges, for armor and weapon rewards as well, same concept as my River Raid idea, the more your run them the more stuff you get, but each run would increase the difficulty of the Siege and/or Raid, to keep things challenging.

    All I really want is just more armor variety. Not quite so much like Odyssey as I understand the whole "too much of a good thing" argument, but at the same time, there's just not enough in game currently. There's some really nice looking armor and cloaks, etc that NPCs wear which would be nice to have. Would probably be a nice place to start.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @fylkirpanzer They did something similar, but not exactly like that, in Unity. You had to play the co-op missions multiple times in order to get pieces of gear that would fill out sets. Unity had a ton of gear in it and none of it was random drops. And you could upgrade it for better stats, but they could probably find a way to give them random stats and/or perks. And they do need to make sieges replayable. They are quite a bit of fun to do, and full of action. You can redo all the forts and stuff, but there is little incentive since all you are getting is silver and XP towards your next mastery point. What do you need mastery points for if there is little reason to play.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @jcar4327 I haven't even filled out all my mastery points. There's nothing left to do in game unless I want to endlessly kill enemies, but without any kind of reward from that it's all just kinda pointless. It's one more reason why I liked Odyssey's system. Run around and kill enemies and they'll drop armor or weapons. Really the only way to get weapons or armor in Valhalla is to find it in a chest or as a reward for a legendary animal, or some other "boss" metric like the Daughters of Lerion. I mean, even the Cultists and Order members in Odyssey dropped gear, but the ones in Valhalla don't except for the very last Order member.

    I tried clearing the map from all the tiny resource chests, but that just dragged on and on for what amounts to nothing really. I can just hit iron nodes or hunt animals for iron or leather. By a certain point in the game everything is upgraded, so there's no real need for it anymore anyway.

    I completely understand why they went in the direction they did with Valhalla, but they went from one extreme to the other, instead of trying to find a middle ground like you were talking about.

  • Banshstar
    7 posts

    Loved Valhalla that I had to try odyssey. Valhalla story is better and more engaging. The combat is much better. Think you got to used to odyssey combat or maybe its me who got to used to valhalla combat before trying odyssey. Cant say that they are bad. But you know for damn sure odyssey bow shooting is pretty bad compared to valhalla. Loved playing stealthy dropping basic enemies with headshots in valhalla. In odyssey you get headshot damage, hunter damage, crit chance, ciritical damage all over your gear and still take about 30-40 percent health of basic enemies with headshots. Yeah you can use the abilites. But I prefer that 1 shot drop with that sweet thump for confirmation over EXPLOSION and sending your enemy flying 10-15 meters for getting a headshot with a bow and arrow. Why is the devastating shot explosion so much better than all other explosion sounds in the game. Valhalla was really bad at that to. Have you heard those silos exploding, [censored] is that sound?

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @ezio-a-kenway I have to admit I was only able to play around 4 hours of Valhalla before I gave up due to extreme boredom and disinterest. I am usually a big fan of all UBI games but not this one I'm afraid.
    It actually feels as if the dev's were bored when making it, like they couldn't be bothered.

  • distrust74
    9 posts

    Ye, I didn`t even make it that long.
    So far every single AC game managed to spark my interest in one way or the other right off the bat.
    Sometimes through the characters, sometimes through gameplay, sometimes through story, sometimes with a mix of things.
    On Valhalla I just found nothing that would immerse me.

    The dialogue is so poorly witten and delivered, most of the time it boils down to variations of "I lust for battle, my blade thirsts for blood!"
    I am sure this will tone down eventually, but it`s not a great start.

    Was there even some music to set the mood anywhere? The first boat ride was so underwhelming, the wood creaking sound so unsuitable for a boat of that size.
    I stopped at an island to find the chest there ... for a gold ingot? This alone instantly makes me not want to take any detours for no return.

    Well, maybe there is a good game behind this. Clearly I didn`t play enough to have an opinion about the game as a whole.
    But as far as first impressions go, I`ve rarely been that bored.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @distrust74 It's a decent game. By no means the best AC I've played. My 1360+ hours in Odyssey hold that title. I do enjoy a great many things with Valhalla, or at least try to, but there are too many things dragging it down. Like one of those things you mentioned, how you find a chest and it's just an ingot. Once you find the armor set that fits your playstyle, you really don't need anything else, that itself mostly eliminated my desire to go out and explore for more armor. I only did it because I was a completionist and wanted to see the various stats/perks the rest of the armor sets had. Needless to say I still mostly wore the Brigandine Armor through I'd say, 90% of the game. My main gripes with Valhalla honestly are the lack of armor variety and that there is zero replayability.

  • ProdiGurl
    0 posts

    @distrust74 I have a hard time breaking into ANY new game . . . it's probly why I play them so long once I finally get accustomed to gameplay, story & character, I like to stay there a long time.
    Most of my problem was not knowing where to go next or how thimgs work -I wandered around so much that I got lost & bored and was WAY underpowered... thank God for Youtube videos to get me on the right track to get to England.

    Since it was alot harder/slower for me to get into, I put off playing much but once I finally got my bearings, I'M LOVING IT. This one feels alot more like Assassin's Creed to me. The story so far is great too - the opening story was awesome. For now I'm still not as bonded w/ Eivor as I was Alexios but I'm enjoying it anyway and that could still happen.
    I prefer the feel of this game... it's more weighty and AC'ish - I was obsessed with Odyssey as one of my fav AC's but agree with others on repetition issues.
    There's more to do here than just taking out AI in forts.

  • ProdiGurl
    0 posts

    @distrust74 Soundtrack is really good imo, I don't see anything to complain about there.

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @distrust74 As you say, I couldn't find one thing or goal in Valhalla to hook on to, to motivate me. So inevitably boredom sets in pretty quickly.

  • distrust74
    9 posts

    Not complaining about it, I just didn`t notice music at all.
    Kinda weird, after playing (for an hour or two) I wasn`t even sure if there ever was music, I am almost tempted to check back on that.
    The only music I remember was the Disney musical in the intro sequence. 😉

    I get your point about how getting into new games can be hard.
    But ... e.g. last week I picked up Fenyx and found myself instantly enchanted.
    Combat and movement felt right, the mood quickly settled in, the world wanted to be explored, the progression unfolded it`s lure.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @distrust74 I get the music thing a lot. There's supposed to be exploration music or combat music that kicks in regularly, but the only times I had music play were in "some" main story sequences, raids, or Sieges.

  • Plan3tCrackr
    46 posts

    The music seems to kick on or off at odd times, like there's a DJ in my PC and is too busy on social media on his phone instead of controlling my music. It is something I've never really kept attention to in games but it is clear as day in this game.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts

    Yes I feel exactly the same as OP. Their are some fundamental issues with this game that really need to be addressed. Its hard to belive they could trash the franchise as badly as they have. I wont be buying anymore of this series unless Im 100% sure they are not like this one.

  • ProdiGurl
    0 posts

    @distrust74 Ya to each their own... I haven't had any interest in that game but I admit, IT LOOKS GORGEOUS and I hear nothing but praise from game commentators on Youtube.
    Just last night an Xbox channel I sub to was calling it his GOTY so I know it must be amazing. I should check into it at some point.

    I have Music playing all thru my game - and it's awesome. A welcome change after the same few song pieces on Odyssey (which will be one of my altime fav. Games I've played) - esp. while you're in the menu lol

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