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  • ProdiGurl
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    @distrust74 I have a hard time breaking into ANY new game . . . it's probly why I play them so long once I finally get accustomed to gameplay, story & character, I like to stay there a long time.
    Most of my problem was not knowing where to go next or how thimgs work -I wandered around so much that I got lost & bored and was WAY underpowered... thank God for Youtube videos to get me on the right track to get to England.

    Since it was alot harder/slower for me to get into, I put off playing much but once I finally got my bearings, I'M LOVING IT. This one feels alot more like Assassin's Creed to me. The story so far is great too - the opening story was awesome. For now I'm still not as bonded w/ Eivor as I was Alexios but I'm enjoying it anyway and that could still happen.
    I prefer the feel of this game... it's more weighty and AC'ish - I was obsessed with Odyssey as one of my fav AC's but agree with others on repetition issues.
    There's more to do here than just taking out AI in forts.

  • ProdiGurl
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    @distrust74 Soundtrack is really good imo, I don't see anything to complain about there.

  • Gravelmead
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    @distrust74 As you say, I couldn't find one thing or goal in Valhalla to hook on to, to motivate me. So inevitably boredom sets in pretty quickly.

  • distrust74
    9 posts

    Not complaining about it, I just didn`t notice music at all.
    Kinda weird, after playing (for an hour or two) I wasn`t even sure if there ever was music, I am almost tempted to check back on that.
    The only music I remember was the Disney musical in the intro sequence. 😉

    I get your point about how getting into new games can be hard.
    But ... e.g. last week I picked up Fenyx and found myself instantly enchanted.
    Combat and movement felt right, the mood quickly settled in, the world wanted to be explored, the progression unfolded it`s lure.

  • FylkirPanzer
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    @distrust74 I get the music thing a lot. There's supposed to be exploration music or combat music that kicks in regularly, but the only times I had music play were in "some" main story sequences, raids, or Sieges.

  • Plan3tCrackr
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    The music seems to kick on or off at odd times, like there's a DJ in my PC and is too busy on social media on his phone instead of controlling my music. It is something I've never really kept attention to in games but it is clear as day in this game.

  • Cell1e
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    Yes I feel exactly the same as OP. Their are some fundamental issues with this game that really need to be addressed. Its hard to belive they could trash the franchise as badly as they have. I wont be buying anymore of this series unless Im 100% sure they are not like this one.

  • ProdiGurl
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    @distrust74 Ya to each their own... I haven't had any interest in that game but I admit, IT LOOKS GORGEOUS and I hear nothing but praise from game commentators on Youtube.
    Just last night an Xbox channel I sub to was calling it his GOTY so I know it must be amazing. I should check into it at some point.

    I have Music playing all thru my game - and it's awesome. A welcome change after the same few song pieces on Odyssey (which will be one of my altime fav. Games I've played) - esp. while you're in the menu lol

  • ImaginaryRuins
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    Weak story for Valhalla? In fact, I followed the story of Valhalla a lot better than that of Odyssey. I could most of the time understood why Eivor was doing this or that in all those pledging missions.

    Mysteries are cringe-worthy? This word again? Is "cringe" now the coolest word on the Internet these days? These Mysteries side activities are now like short stories instead of escort or fetch quests, diversity is definitely improved.

    As one who has played and finished all AC main titles, I have to disagree with the OP.

  • ProdiGurl
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    @imaginaryruins Same. In my case, I was able to follow Odysee's story pretty well, but my problem was more forgetting it due to prolonged side content and loot hoarding. By the time I get back to the story, I've forgotten alot of the people & details. That's my fault.
    But ya I'm loving this story and following along great this time.
    I love this game and didn't think I would when I first started.

  • ChuckKatse
    353 posts

    So many bugs and Ubisoft's lack to push out patches. So far just two patches and the list of bugs is staggering. Patch 1.1.0 added more bugs to the list. Some aspects of the game are not keyboard friendly. Fishing does not work using a keyboard, you cannot lower rocks or move them forward or backwards using a keyboard. All you can do is drop the rock on a stack and hope it is centered. Makes doing the Rock Puzzels almost impossible. The combat mechanics are horrible. Many of the item sets and weapons are completely useless and there is no option to even sell them. I could go on but why. I think eveyone playing this game has their own opinion. I will tell you the negative comments about AC Valhalla is growing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • ProdiGurl
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    @chuckkatse It's probly like with Cyberpunk . . if you aren't experiencing those same bugs on certain platforms, the game is great for other people.
    These large games take time to patch becuz they'res so much detail - fixing one thing usually sets off another.

    I have a new corrupted save file issue going on just this morning where I have to go back and get 2 Armor items I just spent a whole day getting in 2 higher power areas.
    Luckily it's alot of fun for me to use stealth in areas I'm underpowered in so it doesn't bother me much but still it's not good to have save files corrupted and now I'm worried that this might happen again if I take the time to get these gear pieces.

  • JCar4327
    704 posts

    @prodigurl Yeah that corrupted save file thing sucks. I've had it happen once or twice. Thankfully I noticed it before I got too far from my last good save. I seen someone say they lost 2 days of play time to it. I would never go that long without a manual save, but that's me.

  • ProdiGurl
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    This post is deleted!
  • gatormaniac13
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    Combat style is poor. game has a lot of bugs, like fishing bugs. Poor variety of weapons and armor. Where is the one arm sword? Why cant eivor fight with the weapon while at the horse? The Yule festival was a joke. Many bugs in general. They should fix the combat system like ac odyssey. Make story more interesting and also make naval combat.

  • SouthpawSniper
    4 posts

    @ezio-a-kenway I couldnt agree more tbh from an AC franchise perspective it is garbage alone it could stand to be a not so bad copy paste play on the genera but the parkor and climbing is absolutely unplayable at times it really just seems to me like this was rushed altho i hear people saying they took their time? its really confusing and I think the disconnect is corporate greed making the water muddy

  • Karmachaositgp
    114 posts

    @taleraris It's nothing like the good old creeds lol It only seems that way on the surface but in actuality it's not even close. Even origins wasn't but it was the closest out of the last 3 games. odyssey nor valhalla are even close to be true assassin's creeds. If you've been playing them since the first game with Altair as they came out, you'd understand.

  • Mordule
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    This seems like a troll post. Stop feeding it.

  • AORUS2017
    259 posts

    You should be ashamed of yourself writing this childish rant grow up, if don't like the game build your own, oh wait you can't. What bunch of trolls here 👎


    I agree👍

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