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    Yes. I was level 403 with 3 NEW SKILLS immediately after last patch. The next time I played those NEW skills, one from each color disappeared and I now have 4 unused SKILL points, back to level 400. The 3 new white nodes are there but the colored new skills are completely gone. I also have beginning arrow capacity with full quiver and the Eivor always starting drunk bugs. Plead fix these things!

  • sonecaboss
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    @ubi-viral I'm having the same issue. I'm at level 400. After the 1.10 update, I just remember leveling up and gained new skill points and 3 new skills showed up. I was at level 403, but now the skills are gone and I have 3 unspent skill points I can't use. I can't send you the save files, because I'm playing on Geforce Now.

  • Jolypieuvre
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    Same issue but it's random sometime I have it sometimes I don't. But mostly I dont

  • Ryusennin
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    In my case, the 3 new skills were available after switching to offline mode. When going back to online mode, the skills disappeared from the skill tree and my skill points were "refunded".

  • tragik00
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    I had to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. Still cant unlock 3 achievements though

  • JSRG1840
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    I cant access any of the new skills. I'm on a 2015 model ps4 regular.
    There is just the 3 points in each section.
    I've redone all the skills twice - man that was a pain in the rear. I was under the impression we had quick skill allocation ( click a skill and it allocates all sub points to reach that skill from where you are). If it's meant to be there then that's another bug as it's not working.

  • ChuckKatse
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    I am at level 400 and have moved into the Master area of the Skills. I do not have those three new skill showing either. They did show up around 300 skill points but went away shortly thereafter. Another bug.

  • TheNorfolkian
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    @ubi-viral I’m on Xbox Series X, so I can’t send any save files, it seems. Has there been any further word on getting this issue fixed? I’ve been noticing that this glitch seems to affect my ability to acquire new skill points. For instance, I leveled up and only got one skill point even though I was supposed to get two.

  • ynazarkin
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    I am experiencing same issue. With new patch I got 3 new skills, added them, and then they disappeared from skills tree. Now I have 2 skill point, and I can’t use them. But same time I am keeping improving my mastery skills. I am 400 skills level, and around 40-50 level on the mastery. Is this issue captured on the list to be resolved by next patch?

  • Jack287346
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    I have never seen those new skills. I started playing the game at version 1.1.0, and the new skills have never appeared in the skill tree for me. (I spent 400 points in the tree and I'm not at around 40 mastery points.)

  • azullFR
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    These skills appeared,in my case, during Yule festival due to a bug (I suppose), some people still have these skills (ex: JoRaptor), and for some people (like me) these skills disappeared when Yule Festival ended;
    This problem is known in this forum since Dec 19, 2020, 8:19 AM, here
    There are some others posts about this too
    (Mine at Jan 09 2021 : https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/92187/yule-festival-coins-have-disappeared-and-new-skills-too)
    Nice day to all 🙂

  • azullFR
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    I've missed it :
    problem known in the forum since Dec,16,2020, 9:50 PM :

  • smcinturf
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    Would someone PLEASE confirm if this is something they will address??? Are we supposed to have 3 new skills or not? I mean this has been broken since Yule. Some people have 3 new skills, some don't, some did, some have never seen them. Come on!!! At least acknowledge its an issue. Its not in the mega thread for bugs. UBI SOMEBODY PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS!!! Should we have 403 with 3 new skills? If so, many don't, and we need fix. I see nothing mentioned anywhere regarding addressing this. [censored] man. Come on!!!!

  • ChuckKatse
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    New skills? See where the entry points are on the skill tree was able to access them once for about a day and they disappeared never to return. That was on my first play thru. My current play thru at level 390 those new skills have never showed up. Guess they are working for some, others get them and they disappear and others never get them at all.

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