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  • AllianceStuck
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    @kormac67 I have been unable to play the game for over a month now because of major game breaking bugs. What do you suggest I do? Continue waiting? What if I run into other game breaking bugs? Should I continue to wait?

  • longjohn119
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    Pardon, the ignorance, what's an EE? Electronic engineer? I happen to be an OS engineer on the wrong side of 50, and I tell you, the sentiment that software needs to be held accountable to the same standards as hardware is completely misguided. And this whole "in my day" talk, that's simply not true. Also, saying all software has bugs is not really a falsehood either. You don't understand the concept because you don't code. There is no magic command or button that tells you "100% there are no bugs in your code and will never be". And given the increasing complexity of games, system usage, variety in components, etc, it is virtually impossible to QA any software to work everywhere even most of the time.

    Yes I am an electronics engineer and I work with embedded devices so yes I do know how to code and a lot of what I do is with Assembly and direct manipulation of the registers ...... The difference between you and me is I work "Close to the metal" and you are insulated from how it actually works because it is buried under 3 or more layers ..... For instance in coding a game they are 3 layers insulated from the hardware .... There is a virtualization layer, and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and then the DX, OpenGL or Vulkan API layer ......

    Yes the software should be held to the same standard as the hardware because the hardware is a helluva lot more complex than the code in a game ..... Take the A100 Nvidia GPU with over 54 BILLION transistors all working perfectly together ..... A couple of mistakes in the design and it's just a piece of worthless sand ..... Or a 4 layer PCB design for a 64 bit ARM processor .... One mistake in the layout and the company is out millions of dollars because you can't just "patch" later, it MUST be done right the first time, there are no second chances, you have to start all over again from scratch ...... One mistake and you have 100,000 PCBs in the trash can because they are worthless .....

    Frankly I'm tired of excuses from Coders .... They always have an excuse why they didn't get it right ..... And there is no incentive for them to do better because they know they can get away with it

  • MicHaeL_MonStaR
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    @snakeeater49910 - Right. - I'm of a similar age, starting out with the NES and Mega Drive II (Genesis) and DOS on PC and so on.
    But while I don't agree with some things Ubisoft does, "Valhalla" is a well-made product, even though it can indeed have issues but can still be worked on.
    While this is only the third AC-game I've ever purchased and played (the other two being the very first two), I have to disagree with how most people just complain that it's a "copy/paste job".
    This is far from anything like FIFA or some crap like that. - These games still actually take years to make and you can tell the developers put genuine effort into it. - You can tell.

    And yea, seeing the younger generation just behave like this, complaining about the smallest things and just being some angry little teens, is absolutely sad and embarrassing.
    Having an eye for detail and noting issues isn't a bad thing, but you kids (and even 18-30 year olds) do need to learn to appreciate things and be respectful as well.
    Just because you paid for something doesn't mean you have the right to put down the creators. - The corporation behind it, whatever, but don't attack the developers.
    If you want to see a change or want a fix for something, just report what the problem is or what you don't like accordingly and they could look into it.

    But this isn't a bad product, they've clearly put a lot of care into crafting the world, the models, animations, scenes, so on and so forth.
    Now, again, if there are issues, those can be fixed, whether they find them or we do. We're all on the same side. We love games, we want to enjoy THIS game, so don't act out and be decent.

  • Dj0rdje12
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    God of war is only game series where I literally never had even single bug , and I own all 7 games and I finished each one at least 2 times.

  • Dj0rdje12
    36 posts
    I own Valhalla, but not Cyberpunk. I don’t actually have any hardware capable of running Cyberpunk properly (despite the fact that Cyberpunk was originally being developed for the generation of console that I have). It’s a good thing I cancelled my preorder for it months ago.

    Valhalla is disappointing. It runs okay for me. It’s just boring, Cyberpunk goes way beyond disappointing for me. It’s shockingly bad. I had more faith and respect for CDPR than I’ve ever had for any other developer. That’s gone.

    One has to wonder what’s wrong with the gaming world when Bungie moves into my top developer spot.

    Out of those 3 last AC games that introduced RPG elements and big open world Origins is easily the most boring game ( not saying game is boring not at all but compared to those 2 it is) both in story and especially in side events and content. No need to mention the world has too much sand so landscape is also the worst for me. Combat in origins is just too simple without special abilities that makes combat more interesting.

    Valhalla has the best side events with many diverse activities and the very large amount of puzzles , so those 2 easily put it above both Origins and Odyssey.

  • Dj0rdje12
    36 posts

    I live in country that is second poorest in Europe. 60 $ for a game is 1 / 5 ( one fifth) of average salary people here have and 1/3 of average pension. I do have a job , I dont smoke , drink or do drugs and gaming is my passion , I am 26 not married so I can have that luxury to spend this amount of money on video games.

    What do you think how many parents here are willing to give 1/5 of their salary for video game ???

    What about for example average German would he be willing to give 750 US dollars ( 1/5 of their salary) for single video game ???

    How would he feel if that game is broken , how would normal person feel wasting 1/5 of their salary into broken product ?????

    Amount of money does not matter in the end what matters is if product is broken they have every right to cry , insult , be mad or similar.

    I personally beat game after 120 + hours and had one permament bug with daughter of lerion rest was fine I had other smaller bugs.I did enjoy the game but I would be very angry if I had game breaking problems with something that costs me that much.

    So just shut up.

  • III_Hammer_III
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    In order to fix any bug that is reported, if you don't have direct access to the system that is experiencing it, you have to be able to reproduce it in the lab. Otherwise you can't fix it, because you don't know what causes it.

  • NrVr7
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    This post is deleted!
  • Netspook
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    Sorry for the late reply, been quite busy the last few days.

    Your "long list" consist of 2 indie devs and 1 AAA game made by the same company who made AC:V...

    And for the record, "No Man's Sky continues to suffer from bugs on a regular basis...". Nope. There are some bugs, but it isn't a buggy game. In fact, the game is still VERY popular, with 4.227 NEW reviews the last 30 days, and 95% are positive. Check the Steam store page if you don't believe me. That wouldn't happen with a buggy game.

    "Every major title I have bought has been buggy in the past 7 to 8 years".
    Either you're hunting for only buggy games to buy, ore you're downright lying. I don't believe this for a second. And still, Valhalla should be on this list, you said it yourself, it's right there in the quote: "EVERY major title". But no, you insist you don't have issues with this one.

    You are contradictiong yourself, and you can't back up your own claims.

  • Gravelmead
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    @snakeeater49910 You are pointing the finger at 'EVERYBODY' . So you think everyone is a spoiled brat but yourself. is that what your saying? I would say that is not a very mature thing to say. I for one am grateful for UBI as I love the majority of their games.

  • larrykop1967
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  • JCar4327
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  • larrykop1967
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  • JCar4327
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  • larrykop1967
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    This post is deleted!
  • DreadGrrl
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    @nrvr7 Freedom of speech does not protect one from the consequences of speech. The distinction is important to understand. Many people don't.

    This is a privately owned forum, and the owner of this forum (Ubisoft) is well within its legal rights to place restrictions on its usage.

  • NrVr7
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    @dreadgrrl Well if criticize is against Ubisoft forum rules, it would be against freedom of speech, your point is right and I agree (I rarely say that tbh) but we can't say "there is freedom of speech" if you'll be banned for pointing problems of a product you pay for

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    @nrvr7 Slurs and swears are the only parts of speech that are blocked by the forum. People are perfectly free to write whatever else they want. There may be consequences for what they’ve written, but the writing of the comments is not prevented.

  • TheCosmicBob
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    @dreadgrrl Exactly! My house, my rules. Ubisoft's house, Ubisoft's rules.

  • ImaginaryRuins
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    I'm from the 80s. Been playing the AC series since the very first game.

    So far, I have been enjoying all of the AC titles. Of course, some more, some less. Valhalla is the one which I have sunk in the most no. of hours (without doing grinding.)

    However, even so, this time I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with Ubisoft. First, the game is quite clearly not tested enough for bugs, and second, even after so many bug reports Ubisoft chooses to prioritise other less important tweaks. I also played Watch Dogs Legions and man that game was a mess - all those frequent crashes.

    So I do not attack Ubisoft simply because I enjoy doing it or I am feeling entitled, but because the technical quality of their two most recent works was just so disappointing. Large games surely have bugs and glitches I understand but not this many.

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