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  • tonymanello
    1 posts

    Hi guys, same bug since a month ago. It's the last blue dot on the whole game.

    I broke down the fences first and then I pushed the rock towards the middle room, so the cow stuck next to the rock un the middle room, and then rock won't move fue to remains of fences on the ground I suppose.

    I hoped this esa fixed on yesterdays patch but there was no luck.

    Please fix.


  • FirstOfEarth
    2 posts

    After 1.1.1 this is still bugged and has apparently been forwarded to dev team and not one mention anywhere in the known issues mega thread. Fix this please ubisoft. Send to devs again please....

  • SteveCross95
    6 posts

    Also having the same issue the January patch didnt fix it either and I do not think theyre going to fix it in the february patch they are not even aware of the issue.

  • SteveCross95
    6 posts

    The video bellow explains the problem

  • fenukii
    7 posts

    When moving the pillar backwards toward the 2nd room instead of forwards, the pillar fixes itself in place and the cow will not move forward into the next room/section. Please could this be added to the known issues to be dealt with in a future update?

  • usrhlp
    5 posts

    I have encountered a bug with this but the opposite to everyone else. Without knowing I smashed through all the obstacles on the way to the mystery just to have the cow walk off and do what it was meant to. But because I hadn't activated the mystery it never completed even though I've completed it so the game thinks I've completed it and the game thinks I haven't so the mystery is still available and active in an area it doesn't exist anymore yet the cow has finished her walk.

    Ffs Ubisoft there are so many bugs in this game it's like they employed the cyberpunk team to test the game.

  • Shaggyolive24
    4 posts

    @samcro-_ I feel your pain, I travel back and try it every so often in the hope that it works. Spoiler Alert - it doesn’t

  • guest-0UgmBXON
    1 posts

    I was having same issue then realized I was pulling the rock wall into the pen with the cow - needed to push it out of the pen then the cow moved and I could follow

  • YoungJorgie20
    1 posts

    So I have a problem with the cow side quest in Asgard. The rock that you’re supposed to move out of the way for the cow to continue following you is stuck in place and I can’t proceed with this side quest and it is the last one I have to finish in order to obtain all 30 of the Ymir’s tear stones and offer them at the Ymir’s altar. Is there a way you people can fix this?

  • HelenSBlake
    21 posts

    @ubiwan Thank your for at least responding. It was indeed frustrating to find no information on it and I swear I did not see it in the "known issues" thread. But I am glad it will be fixed once a solution is found. Thank you again.

  • MickeyBOSS95
    1 posts

    Same bug for me,
    I move the block insideand is in the rock and don't move more.
    It's my last mission for the platinium

  • OrangutanAttack
    2 posts

    Why is this still unacknowledged in the Mega Thread???

  • scottymcv
    2 posts

    Experienced the same issue and can't complete the quest. I pulled the stone towards the 2nd pen, it is now stuck and the cow wont move. I have raised it with ubisoft support but it would appear thousands of other people have experiences the same bug and no fix has been made in the recent updates. Hopefully gets rectified soon.

  • fenukii
    7 posts

    @scottymcv Hope so. I'm 115+ hours in now and only have Jotenheim to complete and then... I wait... until this bug is patched...

  • original_batguy
    1 posts

    @slanitis I am also facing this on Xbox series X. It's the last world event I have to complete to get 100%! It seems to be because I pushed, rather than pulled the rock. Now I can't move the rock at all, and the cow won't go anywhere either, is just standing around in the second area near the rock.

    We're not the first to face this eg https://amp.reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/comments/jtyz7f/spoiler_spoiler_cow_mystery_quest_can_get_stuck/

    I've had it since very early on, have been very disappointed that it hasn't been addressed by either of the last two mega patches, and even more so that it still doesn't appear to be on the list for the next patch either 😞

  • slanitis
    6 posts

    Its a global problem and it hasn't been fixed. Its just being ignored. Crazy...

    No one even acknowledges it.. I am getting a similar thing as you, rock stuck

  • ringhio1942019
    2 posts

    @khaledshafic same problem here.Playing on ps5.I hope they will fix this

  • fenukii
    7 posts

    @khaledshafic Same problem on PS4.

  • fenukii
    7 posts

    @slanitis *Bumping*

  • Ubi-Ginge
    Ubisoft Support Staff 257 posts

    Hi all!
    This is currently under investigation by the dev team in order to get resolved

    Official Response

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