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  • TeOtWaWkI
    5 posts

    Is this bug under investigation? Can't complete all territories...

  • lambier39
    2 posts

    This bug need to be fixed.. its the only thing stopping me from complete completion

  • X-ChewBaka-X
    3 posts


    I am French, I use google translate. I already left a message on the French forum but no response: /. I'm trying here. I'm on PS4 and have made the last 2 updates since the game released.

    I am very annoyed with the game, many bugs but each time I manage to restart a save or restart the game and it unlocks. But this time, impossible.

    In Jorvik there is the mystery Bridges of Oppression: talk to the man on the scaffolding by the water. The man wants you to take him to the bridge. To do this, you must use the boat on the opposite side. Reach the opposite bank, go up the stairs and when you reach the bridge, Eivor will automatically place the man on the bridge. This will end this mystery.

    The problem with me is that Evior automatically deposits on the bridge and there nothing happens, men are supposed to come but I have no one, I no longer have access to my controller, my character no longer moves, alone solution it's restarted the game. I waited for several minutes but nothing happens.

    I tried to advance in the game by continuing my main missions and I come back after it's always the same. I put you a photo where my character is frozen.

    [URL = https: //] [IMG] [/ IMG] [ / url]

    I have been trying to platinum the game for 3 weeks I am stuck with this mystery, I only have this one left to platinum the game but there it will be impossible if I do not validate this mystery.

    Someone would have a solution because here I am completely despairing this is the first time this has happened to me on all the Assassin's Creed I have done.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Lost_Winchester
    2 posts

    Cannot progress on PS4; carried NPC to bridge, quest forces Eivor to put NPC down, then Eivor becomes stuck. Cannot open map to fast travel out, cannot summon raven or attack, cannot walk or crouch or dodge, cannot complete quest

    Key detail: Attacking NPC already dead

  • lambier39
    2 posts

    How was this not addressed in the update?
    I cant get 100% completion if you dont fix this bug.

  • Lost_Winchester
    2 posts

    Bridge of Oppression

    Eivor carries injured NPC to the bridge, but the main attacking NPC is already dead.

    The World Event forces Eivor to put down the injured NPC on the bridge, but enemy NPCs do not engage and Eivor becomes stuck.

    All other arcs completed, all other regions 100%.

    Tried fast traveling, meditating, moving dead enemy NPC, but it always ends the same way: Eivor stuck, enemies do not attack, World Event does not complete.

  • ruggyskid
    1 posts

    cant get him to come out of the water to finish quest

    found this online is the problem i have

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 148 posts

    Hey there folks.

    Many thanks for your reports and videos provided so far. I can confirm that a fix for this issue is planned for a future update. Please keep an eye on the forums for details on this when we have them available. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • X-ChewBaka-X
    3 posts

    @ubi-orion Ha finally a response, I hope this will be corrected in the next update, more than a month that I am blocked.

    If you need a video, tell me I will post it;)

    thank you

  • Delta1up
    1 posts

    Hi playing on ps5.

    Ac valhalla. Jorvik location. Mystery quest bridges of oppression. collect man from under bridge and return to his boss on top of bridge.

    Unable to complete as says "must be anonymous"

     I think I am anonymous.

    Have left City and returned. Have left game and returned. Have completed other tasks and returned. Now finish almost everything and still can't finish this mystery.

    Please help. Your previous response says will be fixed in update i think there have been updates from mud December. Now 16th Feb.


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