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  • WildHunt
    72 posts

    @kelseyswaggs Same here on PC, none of the Premium Starter Pack weapons appear in the forge and because they start at the lowest level it makes them useless for higher-level players until this is fixed.

    20 posts

    I think the reason for this problem is that weapons come into a different tier than product descriptions.
    In the product description, it says mythical weapons. (https://store.ubi.com/us/assassins-creed-valhalla---premium-starter-pack/5f9fdf840d253c067cbdca03.html?lang=en_US)

    According to the product description the weapon should have been paid mythical. The problem is that the weapon comes in the lowest rank, unlike the description.

    The weapon is considered the lowest tier in the inventory, but Gunnar sees it as mythical, so it seems impossible to upgrade.

    I think we should either re-issue the weapons to those who purchased the Premium Starter Pack or need to make it possible to upgrade weapons for free in future patches.

  • TeapotLord21
    3 posts

    Had this happen for a shield I bought from the store as well (winged shield). Lowest upgrade tier, cannot be upgraded at Gunnar. May just happen at random for premium items?

  • sdrake905
    1 posts

    i am also dealing with this

  • WildHunt
    72 posts

    @tyuhyun paid mythical would still appear in the forge, all my mythical items still appear there for some reason, maybe a future DLC will upgrade them beyond that.

  • Fruitloops3000
    28 posts

    Is the sword a 2 hander?

    20 posts

    @wildhunt Yeah, I was confused about that part with another game. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • DoBeLikeDatDoe
    2 posts

    @kelseyswaggs SAAAAAMEEEEEE

  • deemax84
    2 posts

    Same, but I also didn't get helix points

  • Quor321
    232 posts

    I also did not get mythical weapons as the pack states, no perks either. PC. Anyone see an official response on this topic yet? If this is not going to be fixed or if its intended I would like at least some of my money back as I was told I was buying mythical weapons.

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