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  • UbiKoality
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    @jonmango Hello! I'm sorry to hear that you're also experiencing this problem. I appreciate you being so willing to upload your save files for the team! A couple of issues with Hamtunscire have been reported, but having additional details is helpful to see if the specific problem you (or other players) are experiencing is what has been reported. Are you unable to pledge to Hamtunscire because it is grayed out? Also, is it showing as a completed region despite not actually being completed?

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  • jonmango
    9 posts


    Hi and thanks for the reply! I have pledged to Hamtunscire, but I’m not able to progress the story. The alliance map says I’m committed to the region. I noticed the problem when I still had Vinland left to complete, and I was able to commit to that region and finish that arc.

    When I save, it’s named “Kingdom’s End” instead of “Exploration” like if I wasn’t in an arc.

    I also went to the first objective (town where there were Danes and Saxons just standing around together). It’s like a movie scene that’s ready to begin but the director hasn’t yelled “action” yet, haha!

    I do not have the bug where Hytham thinks I have completed the arc - I still have to get the Order Medallion from The Father.

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @jonmango Understood, thank you so much for the clarification! For final confirmation, you were able to pledge to Hamtunscire, but no quest was added to your quest log which is why you cannot progress in the story? Please correct me if I'm still mistaken! It's important to be detailed and specific when reporting to the team, so I'm wanting to make sure I understand. 🙂 If you're able to upload your save files as previously discussed, please be sure to let me know your case reference number!

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  • jonmango
    9 posts

    @ubikoality The clarification is correct, thanks!. I have been looking into getting the save files off my PS5, but I haven't made much headway. I assume I would need to load to a removable media and then to my PC.

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @jonmango That's correct! You can typically use a USB to save the files to, plug that into your PC, then upload the files in a case!

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  • tonymbf
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    I am over 200 hours into the game and I am now stuck.
    Hamtunscire is the last area I have pledged to, which I have now done, but there is NO QUEST appeared in the menu. All the other areas did, just not the last and most important one.
    I have killed all the 'Order members' except The Father, so I have 14 Order medallions but cannot hand them over until the 15th one.
    With no Hamtunscire quest to follow I cannot complete the game.
    Please advise.
    Playing on XBOX ONE
    Thank you

  • Sam_Boo26
    148 posts

    @tonymbf Did you go back to Norway with Sigurd ? It's the last quest you're supposed to do before Hamtunscire. You should get it by talking to Randvi or Sigurd, I'm not sure. It can also be because you need to upgrade your settlement first. From what I heard, sometimes, they prevent you from continuing the main quest if your settlement's level isn't high enough.

  • vLuckk
    3 posts
    • So ive just completed the Lincolnshire story arc and only have hamtunscire to go, however for some bizzare reason I can't pledge to it what so ever. I've pledged to every other area but this one is giving me alot of bother. I've tried everything from running around to completing other quests and nothing is happening. Sigurd nor Randvi want to talk to me, I can't find ubba what so ever and hytham is just blanking me at this rate. Any help? Because I'm lost 😞

  • Emol2007
    2 posts

    assassin's creed valhalla hamtunscire
    i cant get the mission and alliance map with hamtunscire. Pls help

  • Emol2007
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!

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