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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Unable to move the shelves to free the NPC in "The Demon Odour at the Tithe" | POST HERE

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    Hello after your update which was supposed to correct the mystery bugs, the lunden mystery bug at the ports and still as much bug i do not want to restart the gale because i am already making good progress in the game so please correct yourself. Bug or suppress the mystery of the game because i intend to finish the game at 100% like all the assasin’s creed that i have toyed and the mystery blocks me for my quest for 100%

  • sirmurder
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    I'm having the same problem on the Xbox Series X.. The first one is stuck, tried throwing a corpse and it still isn't moving. The second one is spawning on the vases. I've already started the quest and the guy won't talk with me anymore.

    Please help!

  • Mmonk99
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    The side quest where you have to solve the puzzle with the man stuck in the store hours with the bottle of bad smelling sauce, i went there before the quest was active and finished the puzzle because I thought there was treasure behind it, now i cant complete the puzzle because one of the sliding walls is spawning on top of these bottle and cant be slid even if i break the bottles.

  • CKEALiddy
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    I just had that problem if it’s the same one as might and was stuck just next to the open doorway, for me I pressed triangle or Y on the side of the sliding thing closet to the doorway and Eivor managed to just glitched through the tight spot. I wasn’t able to move it but I was in the next area but I cleared the rest of the way by smashing the blue jars and then the man pretty much glitched through the wall and I just had to go outside and speak to him.

  • T-Roach97
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    I’ve had the same problem as many of you and resolved it today. The smaller shelf in the back room was in the wrong spot therefore the guy wouldn’t walk out. After an hour or two of going to the fast travel/load a game (so annoying), the small shelf was on top of a vase. You NEED to make sure it respawns on top of a vase. Move the other vases in front of the small shelf making a little bridge type thing towards the spot/tracks where it should be. You should be able to slide it on top of the vases into the correct spot. For me it didn’t even have to drop, all it had to do was slide a tad bit over the correct tracks and the guy spawned outside and it was over. Hope this helps! I thought this mission was hopeless but this worked!

  • Gizmo2k
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  • speedynl21
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    i hitted the shelf a couple of times with 2x 2h axe, after that i was able to move it, seems for some unknow reason its not 100% in place

  • Pulsar8313
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    the PNJ is here but the second mobile case is impossible to move because all pots have respawn
    Blocked for platinium trophy just for that

  • Cesarmrl2
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    @pulsar8313 similiar issue with that event cant move the Shelfs but also the NPC is not there

  • Freestepper
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    Wait till you do the main story quest in that city. After that, i went to that place with the event and the NPC appeared outside of that warehouse and thanked me for getting him out of there and the event was completed. Yes, it's bugged nevertheless, just like many things in this game.

  • Pulsar8313
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    @freestepper i have already completed story line

  • Draeoth
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    Now when returning to the warehouse i cant move any of the movable shelves and there is still no one to talk to for the mystery. Also one of the shelves was on top of some blue jars that respawned. It dropped after the jars were broken but is still immovable.

  • Cesarmrl2
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    @draeoth same isuue here, it suppouse to be an NPC inside the warehouse

  • Cesarmrl2
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    @socratic13 same issue here

  • guest-1z4b7K0A
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    @gizmo2k I am having the exact same issue, Finally moved all the crates and movables and now he wont move. Why cant you speak to the man to walk out again after having left the mystery for awhile?

  • JoanX1
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    For me, First wall dont move. I only managed to move once to back. After that a did get move to right.

  • SolaVirum
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    This post is deleted!
  • Zh4rkeim
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    My quest is even more bugged, I have the pushable double block on top of the jars, and throwing a corpse works to get it unstuck, but my problem only starts there, as somehow that block has duplicated, with one of them being beyond the gap, towards the zone where the NPC is, and that one can't be moved, at all, the small one works just fine, but I have an inmovable block that shouldn't be there preventing me from finishing all of the Lunden Mysteries.

  • CptBorschtsch
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    If the shelves are bugged out for you, this fixed it for me

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