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  • Locked SOLVED [RESOLVED] Unable to move the shelves to free the NPC in "The Demon Odour at the Tithe" | POST HERE

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    Same issue here
    Plz fix

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1268 posts

    @LordChappers Thanks for sharing these additional details regarding your experience, and the workaround that allowed you to proceed. I've passed forward your comments regarding the 1x1 shelf and hope that this will help the team further to better-understand the issue!

    @Chrissy834 If you leave the world event area for long enough, it should fully reset. Once this is done, please see if you can hear the NPC calling for help from the rear of the building. If you can, I would recommend taking all jars outside and placing them down out of the way, rather than anywhere in the room. If the shelves are not spawned in the correct position at this stage, please take a screenshot and post it here on the forums so I can better understand their position and if you are in a similar position whereby the 1x1 shelf is in the wrong place first and foremost!

    @Edhelvar I have no information about a possible fix at this stage - the issue is still being investigated at present. Only when a fix is found and planned will I announce it, and will follow-up as soon as I am able after that with the patch date / number.

    Official Response
  • steved88
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    I am also experiencing this bug - I have thrown dead bodies at the shelves to move them into place, exited and re-entered the animus to force the guy who is stuck to appear, reset all the shelves to their original configuration and restarted, changed my appearance, and all other posted fixes seem not to resolve the issue. I also noticed that when the guy who is stuck there is actually there, Odin's sight does not highlight him as in other mysteries in the game - its almost like he is there but not really there. Hopefully this gets fixed soon as this is the only thing keeping me from completing all trophies.

  • Dusty_Clouds
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    I'm having the same issue my man jus there, I move all the shelves but at what point hes not their

  • Dusty_Clouds
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    Please I'm waiting for a patch I'm not playing this game again 😞 please

  • Thelise
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    This has been bugged for almost 2 months now. Currently the man isn't even in the building anymore, there is still a moveable object on top of jars, and the world event can't be done.

  • Lysvander
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    This problem is on the mega thread list.

    Go trough the thread(s). I for one had no npc after i sort off abandoned the mystery because he did not move.
    When i returned much later he was gone.
    Destroying most pots, pulling the first shelve back towards the street (original position) - then meditating outside the building - then save / load triggered the npc behind the building and i could close the event.
    Many others had success with same / but different approaches.
    Give it a try, or wait for a fix.

  • MarsMuseMan
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    @ubi-woofer leaving for long periods of time and coming back resets the pots but as mentioned they are still stuck underneath the things we need to move. The first time I came back the NPC was there and I could talk to him. The second time I couldn't talk to to him. The third time he completely disappeared, pots are still stuck underneath.

    This quest and the fishmonger quest are broken, Everytime I wake up I wake up drunk and my hunter arrows are fully maxed but has now gliched and is stuck at 12 arrows Max. I love this game but these are seriously annoying and are ruining my experience

  • K00LBlaze
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    May I get a refund for this game...? All of these so called solutions do not work for me and I’m really confused that Ubisoft keeps congratulating people on finding solutions that aren’t designed for the game. I have over 150 hours invested in this game and this world event is the one thing I literally cannot complete. So again can I please get a refund Ubisoft? I’m not holding my breath that this will even be fixed before the first DLC.

  • Nox1a
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    @k00lblaze so you think you should get a refund after using something for over 100 hours? Interesting take.

  • Madrr
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    The one where you're supposed to save a man from the bad smelling jugs is still broken. Like many others the shelves have spawned on top of the jugs when the jugs have repawned.. 😂

  • iJames91
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    @madrr PICK Take a body from some random npc in the street, throw it over the objects that should move, they for some reason will end up moving through the npc body, at least it worked for me

  • iJames91
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    @madrr but before that try destroy the pots

  • Esirkix
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    I am in Lunden doing the Mystery where you help the man out of the warehouse. I went to move the first barrier out of the way and pulled it straight out towards the door and now it is stuck and will not move at all. I tried everything but reverting the hours upon hours of gameplay I have done after walking away from this mystery. Can someone help me find a way to fix this without losing all of my progress in game after it got stuck?

  • gkcare10
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    Still can’t complete the mystery in Lundun rescuing merchant on the waterfront. I think it’s titled The Demon Odour at the Tithe. The moveable walls are on top of the jars and breaking them doesn’t fix it

  • bucu2000
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    I am stuck in lunden mystery with the guy stuck by the docks. Moved all of the jars and blocked walls. And he is still not moving. I see that one of the moved objects is glitched and they are not in the right area at the start. It doesn’t work please advise.

  • Dragslyr8
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    I have had this issue since attempting this mystery. I have cleared the path but man does not leave. I have tried all the things I have read that others have done to be able to finish and nothing works. Throwing body's does unstuck shelves but no matter what I try he just stays in building.
    Please fix this issue

  • LedoveeeKladivo
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    I had problems with this quest too and this helped to me:

    Complete LUNDEN STORY ARC, travel away (no matter where) and when I came back, quest worked fine and was finally done without problem.

    Hope this help to you too 😉

  • Quake010
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    had the same,, npc dissapeared. had placed all the shelves correctly so hopeing for a revive.
    This did not happen, so I started killing civilians untill I got desynced. And that worked after desync he showed up and coukld finish.

    Hope it helps for you.

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