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  • Flobberoni
    7 posts

    So, any more people experiencing this ?

  • vsgNotice
    2 posts

    @dooxast Have the same issue and no way to work around it.

  • TajikczE
    2 posts

    Yeah, I dont know if someone already posted it here, but my situation is that ive already cleaned the whole path, but the first box was once stuck with jars, i broke them. Then it dropped, but then i couldnt move with it at all, i tried the corpse thing, but it stood still. If you could please fix it, I would be very glad. I think someone posted a video on YouTube. Heres the link:


  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    Hey guys,

    Just to confirm is this "The Demon Odour at the Tithe" Mystery/Quest?

    If so this is something we are aware of and this is currently being looked into.

    Official Response
  • Meneh
    15 posts


    Indeed, this is my impression as well. It also seems like this one can't be fixed with the standard "wait until it resets" like others, even if it does reset, the moveable wall things does not spawn in their original state, and in my game they are spawned even on top of new jars..

  • Manifesto1985
    1 posts

    Same problem.undefined

  • Mr_Mammary
    2 posts

    I'm having this exact problem, although I'm on Xbox Series X. Have you managed a workaround yet?

  • Mr_Mammary
    2 posts

    @whiskerfish I found a partial solution - try throwing a corpse at the sliding objects that aren't moving. Eventually they will slot back into their alleys and you will be able to move them again. The downside, at least in my case, is that the quest giver now won't move or talk to me. He isn't even highlighted as if he is interactive.

  • Rothbart96
    4 posts

    Found the solution to the standing NPC. The small box is on the wrong guide, it is standing on the jugs. Take the dead body, throw it and slide the small box onto the old guide (just like the quest was originally). Then they should be pushed back. The dialogue option will unlock and the NPC will leave. If you dont understand write comment i will help you.

  • Damfrallan
    15 posts

    @rothbart96 what do you mean, small box? It seem like everyone have diffrent type of problems.. crazy and so annoying 😞

  • SpArKeS24
    1 posts

    The pots have glitched underneath a movable barrier so you can’t move it even if the path is clear, also when you eventually do move the barriers and make an Escape path for the stuck Norseman he just doesn’t move please help

  • Luminox94
    4 posts

    @ubi-baron Thanks! Im going crazy not being able to 100% lunden aha

  • TomSon23456
    1 posts

    @dooxast I have literally the same problem. It is impossible to complete this mystery.

  • BLiNNeMaNS
    2 posts

    i've noticed several times the order of respawning objects bugs out puzzles/makes it impossible to enter doors.
    what i mean is the moving objects (sliding doors) seem to be in the same spawngroup as breakables.
    it happened several times they spawn on top of boxes and if you then break the box it's back in place, the "move" handles/interaction still works, as in "you can hold it in place" but the door itself is immovable.

    to reproduce the bug here's an example:

    this also happens on several other areas, but i think this would be the easiest to reproduce for you devs.
    i think splitting the object group/reordering spawn sequence could fix it

    edit: - i'll add a screengrab later, atm i am not able to go ingame

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    @SpArKeS24 Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear you've encountered that.

    We are aware of this issue occurring, and it's been passed on to the AC team to be looked into.

    One thing some users did to get around this is getting a body and throwing it into the movable barrier, this clipping seemed to fix it and allow it to be moved.

    Official Response
  • k3viniz3d
    1 posts

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to add that I also experience problems with this quest. The guy wont move. I broke all the jars, threw bodies at it, but the thin movable part seems to be in the wrong area. Is there any way to reset this?

    If I read this tread, I need to agree with @Damfrallan. It seems like different parts are bugging out for everyone.

    1 posts

    Can confirm @rothbart96 is correct with his logic. (Nice one dude) as for me....after 30mins of getting [censored] off!! I then realised the small box (single movable stone box) near the NPC was on the wrong guide. As the double box was in its area thus not triggering the NPC.

    so... I left the area ran back so the small box was now raised up and jars, jeet’d a body or 6 at it until it was back on the originally track and boom triggered the NPC, quest completed. (Obv’s make sure all other movable box’s are in the correct place).

  • liveatlast91
    4 posts

    ok so i got everything fixed but the first box. its stuck bodies do nothing. and it spawns IN front of the jars. right by the door. its moved just enough i can get over it, but I cant have him walk past it, which I'm assuming is the issue.

  • SurexPOSEY
    19 posts

    @ubi-baron had multiple bugs on this mystery.

    first time there was nobody in the warehouse.
    I loaded an earlier save and second time I move all the shelves but can't talk to the Norse man and he can't move.

  • ThorGodThunder1
    6 posts

    Im also having an issue with it, however my issue is the smaller movable objected clipped over the wood barrier and cant be put on the spot to allow the npc to walk out of the warehouse.

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