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  • genchild-001
    6 posts

    I have a similar problem in that I'm 290 skill level and I had no idea half my alliance map wasn't unlocking. East Anglia is stuck thinking I didn't complete it even though I did, and I had no idea Cent, Essexe, Suthexe, Lincolnschire, Euvicscire, were "supposed" to unlock to pledge to. They never did. So now I've done half the world map, and I'm stuck with no quest. Ubisoft, how could you put out a product like this??

  • M4CRON
    2 posts

    Did you get any news from the devs? I already done everything at England, but can't progress cause of Blood and Bones bug.
    Already done all the wealth/mysteries/artifacts. Also got to 400+40 mastery levels.

  • BLACKSoutALLday
    14 posts

    Any updates I'm still not able to complete the Euriviscire arc on the alliance map since I already did it 2 weeks ago. I cannot progress any further in the game and the fact that no one from Ubisoft has even responded yet is horrible

  • DocVaderJr
    3 posts

    @blacksoutallday if it makes you feel better they are constantly updating the microtransaction store with new content. Clearly this is their main priority since we've had 3 store updates and not a peep about fixing their broken joke of a game.

  • Fredhead1968
    3 posts

    @ubiexcellent Will a patch fix these issues? I am 140 hours in and Power 376. It won't show Eurvicscire completed even though it is. Killed Faravid. Settlement won't let me upgrade final fowl and cattle because signs are gone to interact with. I have played AC since the beginning and have never had one so bug ridden. Not going to mention game locks up and boots or that I cant do anything with the raven or wolf.

  • KashimaKusanagi
    23 posts

    Any rumors of a new update on the horizon? I have to think that the developers are aware of this by now. It's not hard to find people complaining about online.

  • xCoheed27
    4 posts


    no crash
    I did start in ps4 and am now on ps5

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 673 posts

    Thank you all for your continued patience and for responding to my previous questions! The Game team is continuing to look into this issue, and I am very sorry that this has been persisting. Some of you have created a ticket and provided your save game files. I greatly appreciate these files, and have been continuing to forward them up to the Game team for review. If you have not yet provided your save game files and are playing on PS4 or PC (Xbox files may not send), please submit them and then provide your ticket number here.

    Official Response
  • jensime
    21 posts

    @UbiExcellent your ticket also has this for xbox, right? I'm on xbox series x with this issue.

  • BlackStar500
    1 posts

    Thanks for looking into this
    Same problem as everyone else, ticket number 13420471
    No crash
    Only on PC

  • Keiche
    2 posts

    Ubisoft why you still didn't repair it, why there's no solution or any apologies for all people the pay for unfinished product. Maybe you are waiting for a class action from consumers who bought your defective product? I don't want to throw away 100+ hours of playing with insane amount of bugs. When you repair this map? What would you offer to players with this problem? Code for other game to play when we can't use what we bought? Season pass? Or nothing and you just don't know how to fix this issue?

  • Fredhead1968
    3 posts

    @ubiexcellent Submitted save files on ticket 13553233. Thanks for your help.

  • kim_katimbang
    1 posts

    I am having the same issue. Can you please let us know when this will be fixed?


  • FluffyPig98
    1 posts

    The last quest of eurvicscire will not complete itself, The mission to «speak to Randvi» never appears. This is game breaking as it is impossible to proceed in main stories until the pledge is complete

  • kieron08622
    2 posts

    I’m unable to progress in Eurvicscire on the alliance map. I have completed all that needs to be done missions wise but it still says I’m committed to it. I now can’t progress in the games story mode. I’ve run around the map trying to see if I’ve missed anything but I’m now out of ideas. Is there a problem with the game itself? To be honest if it is a problem with the game I’m a little disappointed.

  • BLACKSoutALLday
    14 posts

    @keiche Hell no bro I've been stuck here for freaking 2 weeks now. What the F is the point of sending in game files when thousands of players are reporting this problem. Like someone else stated you can update the Creed store with microtransactions but you can't fix the actual damn game. Hey I only have 80 hours in your game since release, but please play $20 for a skin that's more important. Holy [censored] this is embarrassing

  • BLACKSoutALLday
    14 posts

    Knock Knock Devs we are still over here waiting for the fix. Do I have to ask Santa Clause for you to fix the biggest glitch in the game? How many microtransactions need to be purchased before you focus on this?

  • Armour_G
    5 posts

    I completed the "of blood and bonds" quest, killed Faravid, attended the ceremony and returned to Randvi, where she gave me the same quest.
    Map now shows one completed and one pledged quest for eurvicscire on the map side by side...Map is completed but cant move on.
    I returned to the Royal Hall in Jorvik and Faravid is still there even though he was previously killed but if i fight him again i can "kill" him over and over again, but at the point of death he shows the "Revive" icon above him and he restores to full health. I can "kill" him over and over but always he revives.
    This appears to be what is holding up my progress in the game. 

  • Helias1994
    2 posts

    I got the same problem boys been waiting for weeks for them to fix this [censored] this is ridiculous they need to [censored] compensate us i didnt pay good [censored] money to get 100+ hours into a game and get stuck because of a [censored] glitch.

  • Keiche
    2 posts

    @blacksoutallday I've been waiting as long as other's I think, I have 100+ after a little more than a week and I stuck. Everyone here is frustrated but for ubi most important thing is micto transactions and ignoring us. Anyway I can't create ticket in my country because they're site have bug and I can't send my report. Anyway they're have definitely enough reports to repair this I feel more like beta tester.

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