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  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @rankinsect We're on the same page with the pros, neutrals, and cons. 🙂 Just chimed in to say that for me too (in retrospect) the 'magical places' in Jotunheim were the highlight of the game. Very well thought out and executed.

  • Maledicus
    22 posts
    You changed the birds ability to lock in and marker, huge deal guys.
    You took away the ability to slaughter people and fight Mercs, another gigantic step backwards.
    You took away the map description (when you hover over something and it tells you what it is) this is Super annoying because many of the icons don't actually make sense.

    While i think that ACV is a great game ( playing on Xbox Series X and only had one serious quest bug so far and i played for more than 150 hours ) i want to agree to all of your points here! Would be great if Ubisoft would implement this changes!

    Best regards.

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