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  • MeowNuts
    9 posts

    i'm not "buying" anymore ubisoft game. They dont deserve my money.

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @karloz1995 You must be playing a different game than I am then. I loved Odyssey and I'm loving Valhalla and have over 180 hours in it so far. I'm not sure what people want, it is more of the same, but that same is what most of us want. Whether you play as an assassin or an in your face fighter, it's there for you. I'm not noticing anything different with movement as related to the previous games. I've had some of the same issues with getting stuck or not being able to move where I want to, but I've had those in all the games.

    Skills and abilities are very, very good. I was skeptical in the beginning as there's not much in the way of information on them, but after I figured it out it's on par with Odyssey as far as options and their effectiveness in combat.

    I do agree with the monetization of the game, as with other games I play. That part makes me sick and to have more gear available to buy than earn in the game, then something is wrong. Ubisoft does this over and over again and it seems they don't listen to us. It's just greed, sigh!

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    valhalla and odyssey are nothing alike.

    I wished the different teams would actually communicate better.
    Keep all the good stuff from odyssey and then make steps forward to improve stuff.

    Yet from odyssey to valhalla it just feels like they did a few step back instead of moving forward,
    That just makes no sense.

    i am not saying its a bad game perse, but it could have been such much better.
    Having enjoyed odyssey and then playing this game, i am just missing so many quality of life feature and its boggles my mind that its left out.

  • Tanzwuter
    1 posts

    Ahhhh...where to start.

    1.So called parkour here degraded to clumsy and crippled crawling on surfaces. I found my self asleep for real while was climbing another mountain in game.
    2.The battle system became a joke and feels like Mount and Blade. I don't feel my character anymore, no physical sense of my protagonist. Just weightless strikes and swings.
    3.Historical inaccuracy is over the top. When i was forcing myself through Odyssey (which i now like more after playing Valhalla) and was seeing all this female generals and officers, it was making me cringe. But a was telling myself that it was just a fiction, there is Pegasus in game, Atlantis and there is no need to associate this whatcomesfromunderthebullstail with real Hellas.
    But now this genderfluid developers run in my face female viking warriors and generals ffs! It totally messes with immersion into the game for anybody who at least studied vikings not by netflix show.
    (In case someone wants to bring up the story about the (only) one burial place of woman, who is CONSIDERED to be a warrior, which was found in Europe. Just don't. There is not a single evidence for this version (no wounds or skeletal deformations). Female vikings is against common sense. They could be land owners, hunters etc. But in the long raid they would by used for their nature intended purpose by whole crew. Dixi.
    4.YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KILL CIVIL PEOPLE DURING RAIDS? SERIOUSLY? YOU ARE VIKINGS, cruel bandits of the North. And suddenly so progressive and agenda driven leftists.

    It's very sad (for me), but ubisofters really have become what they describe in disclaimers we see when start a AC games (and it's only fair i suppose). Now all that we can get is agenda over common sense. Perhaps me and all others who think like me just have to accept the fact that Ubi now makes games for females who don't care about history. It's ok i guess, nobody makes us all buying their products. Let this new target audience make Ubi proud and improve their annual income reports.
    I myself was spending money on Ubisoft games for 13 years. No more. Valhalla became that last straw which broke camel's back.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts

    @tanzwuter well said

  • R0qi
    3 posts

    @tanzwuter i like most of ur points stated, myself is just lack of endgame and difficulty. done everything what i can now with 400+power and hardest difficulty.. simply log in once per day do 2 daily quests just to log off. been like that for a while 😛 . odyssey was bomb, this is OKish i guess

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    nothing is a challnge in valhalla.

    in odyssey i was truly looking forward to each order or ancient fight, here in valhalla they offer nothing, no challenge and no reward.
    same for the animals, while a bit more fun, nothing really happens.

    seeing how fast you lvl up it just super weird that they only made 1 area for 340, why not more and why not some for 400 or even 450.
    Also why did they do away with the toggle for enemy setting to be same lvl as yourself?

    A big complaint in Odyssey was the lack on enemy diversity and then in their next installment they have only 72 different enemies of which you have discovered all of when you reach lvl100 or something.

  • Beylous
    42 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Beylous
    42 posts

    Well, when they finally release a patch that addresses another good chunk of the 10000 issues within the next 9 months I'm sure things will be better......right????

  • hitmanx3z
    1 posts

    100% agreed with topic starter, Valhalla is so boring and not rewarding experience, Odyssey was my favorite and ideal game and Valhalla feels like raw and unfinished product with cutted features. I do better play and spend my money in Genshin Impact then in this, because Genshin is fun and rewarding, and doesn't make players chase papers for new tattoos, it's such nonsense, and it is so boring, like all side activity in the game, there's no a single point in doing them, there's no progress, there's no grind, there's nothing, this game is as empty as a bad joke. And WD Legion suffering from the same.
    I think Ubisoft should learn how to make perfect games from the devs of Genshin Impact.

  • ChuckKatse
    283 posts

    Could never understand why AC Valhalla had weapons that you could only obtain towards the end of their game. (1). The Gungier spear location really never known or even revealed.throughout the game but available once Hordefylke is unlocked towards the end of the game. (2) Thor's Hammer or Mjolnir location not really given or even revealed but available once you collect all the pieces of Thor's Armor. Not an easy task and most players have to wait until gaining very high levels in order to kill the Three Witches for three of the pieces that unlocks the forth and then wait until all the 45 Hidden Ones are killed to get the fifth. And finally Excaliber. Eleven Tablets of Brittan have to be found. Three of which are held by high level Zelots which if you are not high enough in skill points will not defeat them. Again another close to end game weapon. There is one weapon however, that you can collect early on and that is Legertha's Ax. Just have to know where it is. Of course that is never revealed either or even mentioned. Spoiler: Its way up in the most northern region of the England map. Remember I said way up. But there are not that many wealth treasures up that far so just check out every yellow dot on your map. Happy Hunting.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    in order to have good gear early on, you kinda forced to check you tube and go treasure hunting thats not a fun way to play.

    If you dont this however you will gimp yourself as enemy dont drop loot and it takes ages to find decent gear by just following the mian story.

  • shaiwan43
    54 posts

    Game launched with an absolute tsunami of game-breaking bugs. In a just and decent world, it would have been delayed. But their executives seem to be ok with "launch broken game, fix it later" philosophy.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    there are so many qorld evnts i cant complete due to bugs

    its pretty frustrating

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