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  • ProU95
    10 posts

    At least you guys get to finish it... here I am reading spoilers cause I can’t finish the game due to a glitch that won’t let me report after finished Of blood and bonds in Eurvicscire that’s not even been acknowledged by Ubisoft...! But don’t worry, by the sounds of it the en didn’t might be another glitch.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @prou95 I'm sorry to hear that. Ubisoft keep adding in patches without announcing them. So I hope your issue gets fixed soon.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts


    Unless I am mistaken, the ending of the game is when Eivor returns from the First Civilisation machine room in Norway back to Ravensthorpe, with or without Sigard. After that, the Hamtunscire pledging mission and Guntha'rs wedding are more like the epilogue.

    Eivor's later life definitely is an interesting topic. She died in Vinland (North America) all alone, away from her homeland and Ravensthrope. Something serious probably happened. I read on the AC wikipedia that in the end, King Alfred attacked Ravensthrope to eliminate all Vikings from England (which happened historically). Maybe that's why? Not sure.

    Yes Basim replaced Layla to enter the Animus post-game; although he should be called Loki at this point.

    My understanding is that AC modern line continued in the form of comics so merely playing the games now is going to have gaps understanding the whole storyline.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @imaginaryruins it's not what happened historically. Alfred defeats Guthrum at the battle of Edington spring 878. The result of the battle is the creation of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom (wessex and west Mercia as a vassal state) which towards the end of his life, Alfred would create the idea of a united English people. then East mercia, northumbria and East anglia remain viking as part of the dane law, areas subject to viking law effectively. Not to mention Alfred makes Guthrum King of East Anglia after forcing him and all his lead jarls to convert to Christianity. Major changes happen else where as Halfdan is killed fighting in Ireland and Northumbria is left kingless for a few years (880s a new king is installed) Eastern mercia is divided up into the 5 boroughs, effectively independent jarldoms. So this battle in essentially changes or acts as a catalyst to the major change all across England. The vikings were never wiped out in England. They interbred with the local populations. Much of the English language and social structure is viking at its root. Not to mention even after viking leadership was defeated (respectively by Alfred's grandson, Athelstan on 937) most of the danelaw areas were occupied mostly by a colourful mix of Danes, norse and saxons. The only attempt of ethic cleaning done my the Anglo-Saxons (st.brice sat massacre) was unsuccessful. Shortly after this, England has a series of viking Kings (cnut, Harthacnut).

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @imaginaryruins sorry, that came across way more defensive than I meant. But that plot of Alfred destroying Raventhorpe hasn't been said anywhere else. It's an assumption based of Valka's prophecy. It's likely true, but that could lead to the Ireland dlc and Paris one

  • Kormac67
    659 posts

    @max18400 Hm, they designed Ravensthorpe as your home, and plan to add replayable content. I doubt they will take it away in a DLC just like that.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @kormac67 I don't think so either. I think It'll be damaged, or attacked and the repayable raids are either to rebuild/add defences, or just as revenge

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @max18400 also, Raventhorpe is based on an actual place. So I doubt itd be destroyed beyond repair in any case

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @gemgames86 I have a feeling that the game has too many endings, but without the climax that should have come with any of them. Especially the big reveal about the Father was very anticlimactic (and not only because it was too obvious). Regardless whether or not the Aelfred-story will be picked up in the DLC's - not all players will be playing those and not all players will be aware of the real history behind this -, the base game really deserved a fitting ending (or plural).

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @hroozenbeek I completely agree with you. For all of Odyssey's faults, each of its endings felt finite and conclusive.

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