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  • martygod12
    Original poster 236 posts

    @quor321 Sorry but I dont believe it ... if there is not some massive overhaul coming down the line there will be very limited gear variation in the game forever and much more items in the store for more money ... Odyssey had like 50+ armor or weapon types at launch, Valhalla has 10 ... yeah maybe 5-6 more will be added with future DLC but thats just not enough ... that no random gear drop and no gear/weapon rewards for doing most things (killing bosses, side activities etc.) has killed the game totally.

    Sorry for being offensive in the previous post I got really angry after I watched the video.

    The lack of gear and rewards for doing things killed the game after launch for me to the point I stopped playing. I didnt even payed attention about whats going around the game for month and the half and was waiting how it will turn out in the future and how it will be improved, but after watching the video I sadly can see the direction Valhally will take from now on and its totally dissapointing and I wont be going back to the game honestly, its shame because it could have been such a great game.

  • Quor321
    222 posts

    @martygod12 I for one like that they thinned out the massive amount of gear that was in Odyssey. They just went a bit to far. If the broken gear we get could be broken down into materials, and about 5 to 10 more sets in game at the start would of been great. With more gear in game down the line as well.

  • longjohn119
    419 posts

    You were hoping you get some valid content after launch ?? Maybe some new armor sets and rewards since they are complete joke and embarassment now?

    Well Ubisoft response to this is a giant [censored] YOU right in your face. In a few weeks there will be more armor sets in the store then in the actuall game so they can milk as much money as they can from you !!

    This game is a disgrace and a complete joke, I am not touching this [censored] again unless some MAJOR changes coming in!

    When one of Ubisoft's biggest Fanboys starts complaining you have a real problem on your hands ......

    Just sayin' ......

  • martygod12
    Original poster 236 posts

    @quor321 Could not agree more, I dont need gear drop at every corner or dont neet it to be massive random loot, but there are barely any armors in the game and most of them you obtain by looting a chest, no variety no options no gear as rewards for doing things nothing.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 236 posts

    @longjohn119 The autor of the video is? Had no idea

  • Poudigne
    11 posts

    I'm literaly using the same armor from the start (Raven Set). Lol. My complains about the game isnt in the lack of gear (since there are many). It's in the game breaking bug that exists since the release and Ubisoft not Patching them


  • ImaginaryRuins
    354 posts

    @poudigne Like you I had been using the Raven Clan set from the beginning to the end 🙂 I don't mind having less gear as well, and in fact I like it this way - quality over quantity.

    Sadly in terms of quality, the technical side of the game really has a lot of room for improvement. Like others said it is likely due to Ubisoft trying to rush the game out before Christmas and before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

    And I never buy all those add-on gear that needs real money. Don't need it, and don't want to support such a business mode.

  • longjohn119
    419 posts

    Jor Raptor is probably the most prolific YouTuber for AC Odyssey and constantly promoted the game and the new armor sets and provided all kinds of tips and tricks .... Every weekly Sargon event got a video for two years and he put out 3 or 4 videos a week for a year and a half ..... He never once leveled this kind of criticism towards Odyssey

    The in game variety of armor in this game is back to the pathetic Unity level ..... Go over to me YouTube channel and check out my Odyssey video and looks at the extremely wide variety of armors I was using .... With a few armor mods that allowed me to remove things like the skirts or shoulder pads I would literally have 100 different looks in a single playthrough .... After they introduced the transmog system I don't think I ever used a complete armor set for more than a few hours of gameplay, I'd mix and match up everything which gave it a fresh look that made the game replayable ..... 10 hours into Valhalla and I was already bored with the armor and looks

  • Ciaossu-
    25 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • a22ghooligan
    10 posts

    Theres plenty of gear and weapons in the game, but ive been using the same armour and weapons for ages. I never see the point of all the silly armour/weapons in odyssey and origins, Valhalla has got a great balance of gear. And the upgrade system makes exploring even more worthwhile.

    Cant you kids play a game where your not rewarded every 10 minutes, maybe just enjoy playing the game. Or do youtubers make your decisions for you?

    Yes the shop is bad, this kinda thing has been the norm in games for ages now. Grow up and deal with it cause no matter how many utubers, snowflake kids cry about it, its gonna be there for the next release and plenty more after that.

  • Max18400
    386 posts

    An issue is not that there is less gear than valhalla than Odyssey, there not much variation between the sets, in terms of appearance or stats, there are no historically based armors at all (except the carolingian set and MAYBE the raven clan gear), they've reduced the amount of weapon types (like seriously, no one handed swords) and ditched the visuzl customisation. Honestly I'm used to sticking with one set of gear for an entire game. In odyssey I found a set of armor and weapons that suited my game style l,changed its appearance, then stuck with it the entire game (red mistios set with the hero sword). In Vahalla there just is not much variation in comparison.
    As with the in game store... Yeah it's bad. But it's not essential. In my opinion the gear on there looks awful and isn't worth the time looking at.
    It's seems all games are pushing their online stores at the moment.
    Also, it is confirmed there is a massive update coming in February, I'll leave the link in a minute about stuff theyre adding, which includes new gear, maps and replayable raids.
    And joraptor is perhaps one of the worst YouTube commentors I've ever seen. He advertises the online store, saying how amazing the gear is, then says 'yeah, the store is bad... Ubi need to dial it back'.
    He's a hypocrite and someone really does need to call him out on YouTube

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @speedynl21 yeah, the problem with that is like if you try to get one armour, u would expend a whole year trying to get it complete... i have almost 2 month trying to get another huldofulk piece of gear... i check everyday to see if the piece is in reda but nothing, and now they removed one slot from reda shop, now from 4 items that they usually give you (3 weekly and 1 daily) now is 2 weekly and 1 daily..... also like other says, there is not much variety in this game, base game lack of variety makes the game boring.. it doesnt feel rewarding doing anything in it, there is nothing that makes you feel rewarded for doing stuff

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @a22ghooligan cant play the game, in the state it is, full of bugs and also kind of boring.... there is no replayability in this game, afteer a few hours playing, u will find it very very very repetitive compared to the previous AC games... doing the same stuff over and over again, practically for nothing, sinces there is not much variery of weapons/armours, in this game, most looks exactly the same.. very boring.. this game is a mistaked to milk their customers

  • rankinsect
    52 posts

    Frankly what irritates me about the Helix shop here:

    1. The armor sets are better (gameplay wise) than any set in the base game, even if for no other reason than giving five advanced armor runes instead of one.
    2. The armor and weapons have special skills unable to be obtained by any other method.
    3. The sets are ridiculously overpriced. Three games ago, a cosmetic pack was $5 not $20.

    I'll never buy anything from their Helix shop, and it's just sad when I can shell out $100+ for a game and they still do BS like locking the best armor and weapons behind a paywall.

    I'd be totally cool with the Helix shop, massive variety and all, if all they were selling were cosmetic transmogs for weapons and armor, like what they used to be.

  • Max18400
    386 posts

    @rankinsect it is bad. But luckily, despite the store armors having really good stats, you don't particularly need them in the game. Like I've gone through the whole campaign using raven clan armor (only swapping to carolingian after fully upgrading the equipment to see it looks s***t). By that point I swapped, I had killed all the zealots, all by one drengr and all the legendary animals: only really had the last 4 or 5 areas to slog through.
    And please don't mistake me when I say the store is bloody awful, but it is not necessary

  • rankinsect
    52 posts

    @max18400 I know - I've finished the game as well (on Drengr) and am just waiting for DLCs at this point.

    I do still think it's awful that I can't actually get the optimum gear without paying - even if I don't strictly need it, the min-maxer in me gets really disappointed that I can't maximize my build without paying Ubi more money after spending three figures on this game to begin with.

  • Max18400
    386 posts

    @rankinsect it is so bad. I completely agree.
    Like I'm a person who plays the assassin's creed games because I love history. And this has been the least accurate assassin's creed game in regards to story and available gear.
    I can't even play the way I want to play the game because of the lack of one handed swords, the lack of historically based armors and the fact that perks and rewards are so limited by the base game equipment.
    Like I completely understood why some people were overwhelmed by the loot system in Odyssey (even though games like the witcher, skyrim etc. All have identical loot systems and are applauded), least there was a lot of variety of perks visual style ranging from pure historically accurite gear to pure fantasy, and a more diverse range of weapons.
    I suspect that even when historically accurite gear one handed swords are released (second most requested change are transmog gear) are introduced, it'll be behind a pay wall

  • martygod12
    Original poster 236 posts

    @a22ghooligan Funny you are saying that we need to be awarded every 10 minutes yet you applaud the most lazy, easy and absurd reward system probably ever made in the game.

    Most gear, weapons you get in Valhalla is by simply going to the dot on the map and loot a chest like a ding dong, and opposite to that the game dont give you anything for doing actuall stuff and investing time into the game.

    Not only that Valhalla seriously lacks in armor variety, but gear(loot) distribution is the worst I have ever seen in a game. You dont get anything for doing hard and time consuming stuff (killing bosses, side activities, treasure hunts, quests etc.) yet you can get gear or weapon just by going from one point to another and looting a chest that is completely ridiculous.

    So my point is that you mocking us for "wanting reward every 10 minutes" eg. saying the gamers want to have the games as easy as possible today, yet you praise the most easy looting system in a game ever made probably. Most things (loot) Valhalla gives you just like that almost for free for no or very low effort, and on the other hand game gives you practically nothing for the hard stuff, when you actually play the game, invest the time in it and challenge yourself.

    The loot/reward system in Valhalla is a joke, and one of the poorest I have ever seen and I am gaming for more than 20 years.

  • Fimbulthulur
    64 posts

    @martygod12 on top of that, they lowered the stats of Mjolnir, so that animus store weapons would look better and be more worth buying.

    Greedy [censored]

  • DuskDragon56496
    367 posts

    For real, they should change the name from "Assassins Creed" to "A Massive Greed" I can't believe some of you people are ok with them taking from the game and putting it behind a paywall, they are ChEATING us, there's no friendlier way to put it. Taking what used to be free in the game and putting it in the store, and you're response is"Oh golly it's ok I don't use the store"' Are you going to feel that way when they start implementing pay to play by territories, having to pay to open the next area up?And they'll justify doing this by running a campaign to support the developers,help them out,show them you support their work.Don't think this will ever happen? you just wait, because I believed them when they said they wouldn't put perks behind a pay wall.Why the hell is it some people will never wake up?The more you tell them "hey it's ok" the more they're going to get away with, and we're all going to be footing the bill whether we want to or not, because there's just not a lot of gaming companies out there thus, not a lot of choices.

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