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  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @b00msie it still follows their post release plan. They did (not sure if they still do) have some information on their website about it.
    If not, a few youtubers who have deals with ubisoft do cover it in their respective videos

  • Charlie_v_Braun
    20 posts

    @max18400 Did not think you were, I apologize, could have been a bit more clear about that. My thoughts were more in general. I know they probably have different teams working on different aspects of the game, but as long as many people cannot even complete the main quest, seeing bugged events and shop items drop while you are waiting for the next patch that hopefully let's you get on is really frustrating and I will not buy another Ubisoft game directly after release, even if there are good reviews - especially since their games seem to drop in price pretty quick these days, and in this state they are simply not worth the money.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @charlie_v_braun I completely agree. It is not acceptable. They need to stop realising the online store stuff, fix the various bugs and then MAYBE focus on new content.
    The only excuse I can think of is that they'll try to do it all in one patch

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @max18400 I agree. It seems that a game update with bug fixes is on the way, but there's no ETA as far as I know.

  • tokajero32
    21 posts

    the major update is far from now, its not on february btw. they will add a patch soon to fix some of the problems that still occur.when i dont know. u prefer to add it tomorrow and still have a problem or when they will have it ready?. there are other games to play too. its not like assasin's is the only one out there are the moment.

  • Charlie_v_Braun
    20 posts

    @max18400 which appears to be a bad strategy to me - why not release some hotfixes along the way, make at least some of your customers happy ASAP..

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @charlie_v_braun update in case no one has seen. Update is out live sometime today. Looks like I was wrong earlier haha. Hope this patch fixes many people's bugs in the game

    14 posts

    @max18400 I would like to play DLC but holy-moly I don't have a main quest line and can't even get to England. The support is ignoring.

  • Charlie_v_Braun
    20 posts

    @max18400 It did for me at least, finally made it past Clues and Riddles. I maintain that this should have happened in November but now I can finally finish this game and move on..

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