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  • Kormac67
    659 posts

    @ziggurcat You can only create one Jomsviking.

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @kormac67 across all new game save files?

  • Kormac67
    659 posts

    @ziggurcat Hm, never thought of that.
    My guess would be the new JV replaces the old one.

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @kormac67 My thoughts were that someone got real excited about creating Jomsvikings, and created a whole bunch of new games just to do that or this person's game is bugged. I can only speak for my own experience, though, which was that I didn't have a repeat in users' Jomsvikings. Would be nice if they actually made it so you can recruit specific people from your friends list who also have the game.

  • PATIENT666158
    1 posts

    @queen0m3an I'm having the same issue. I'd like to try to recruit a friends' Jomsviking, but all that shows up in recruiting areas is one person's... They're all different, so I believe they are from different people, but the name is bugged, saying they all belong to this one person.

    Have you figured out how to stop this, or have any updates? Thanks!

  • Julzzz777
    3 posts

    @queen0m3an Let me guess: the player's name is CachouMTL, right? I've had the same problem for about a month.

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    @julzzz777 Over, and over, and over again. 4/5 of the time it will be CachouMTL.

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    @julzzz777 And . . . again . . .



  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    Out of the Animus . . . Back into the Animus . . .

  • Crucco88
    15 posts

    Hi All,
    It has been a couple of days since i do not get any money from the raids of the Jomsviking.
    Does anyone have the same issue?

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    i have never gotten any money from them, so ...

    cant revenge players either. feels like a total waste to spend 100 silver on any jomsviking as your default crew never dies anyway.
    You cant upgrade your crew either or add skills or whatever to them.

    unlike Odyssey where you could upgrade your boat

  • Crucco88
    15 posts

    i agree overall, it is mostly a distraction at this point.
    However, first days i got like 150 silver from the raids when i was offline.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    thats just after you have build the barracks i believe its a ne time only type of deal.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    Too few crew slots and people who bought helix stuff will be the only ones getting their Jomsvikings recruited by others with any frequency.

    Regarding the subject of this thread, maybe some people save before creating a Jomsviking to see what it will look like and they somehow all end up saved?

  • Kormac67
    659 posts

    @kreutzgang Depends. I only recruit nice looking girls without buckets or corona masks on their heads.
    And I also have got a reward just once right at the beginning.

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    I've recruited 33 other players' Jomsvikings. The only thing I look at is the player's ID.

    I don't recruit any Jomsviking where the user name has "Guest" as the first part of it anymore. I figure those people most likely can't be bothered to create a Ubisoft account, so they're probably not interested in anything beyond the actual story content of the game.

    I don't recruit "CachouMTL's" Jomsvikings: because of the bug.

    I've recruited Jomsvikings from:
    show_stoppa (Kata the White) - Friend
    ManIsNoOne62 (Johanna Long-Nose) - Friend
    pvtJustin (Jon Dragon-Hunter)
    cjag100 (Vedraldi the Ball-Breaker)
    flo0379 (Domhildr the Rabid Juggler)
    Bigz_90 (Brusi Dream-Wisher)
    Crellz (Svafa Brain Crusher)
    TheHorridSquid (Beni the Berserker)
    GunZ0811 (Abjorn the Lone Warrior)
    Rolling Culture (Kogir the Lord Slayer)
    Angryspartan06 (Dufan Goat-Footed)
    Fulwimini (Fridaelfr the Cold-Handed)
    Andremeda1969 (Olafr the Lone Warrior)
    StewyParasite50 (Ulfrun Sleep-Soul)
    Thomas050407 (Juti of the Windy Sea)
    MrLebowske (Krinan the Clever)
    muki03 (Jora the Undying)
    guest-PEc009uo (Uhtred Bone Hammer) - No longer meets my criteria
    Bartwiesglanc (Mundi Hawk-Winged)
    guest-7gpwXEyp (Holmvidr Black Swan) - No longer meets my criteria
    SockDobby (Sveinaldr the Faithful)
    localginge (Eylaug the Forester)
    Name not posted for privacy reasons . . . looks to be real first and last name (Solva the Fealess)
    guest-qSKWFDKa (Botheidr the Dim) - No longer meets my criteria
    musterthehords (Holmvidr Blood-Eye)
    WagglyElk (Oneisi the Calm)
    dark-lion001 (Gnupa Lucky-One)
    Knifes_b4 (Tassi Ant-Legged)
    Name not posted for privacy reasons . . . looks to be real first and last name (Ofridr the Deep-Minded)
    Darwine6491 (Bjorn the Lord Slayer)
    WillyPitviper (Folkbjorn the Ergi-Impaler)
    OxyDox_Kaos_ (Kalfr the Ergi-Impaler)
    kay_leeR (Leikr Fuzzy-Hair)

    I think that's all of them. There could be some typos in there. There really are two "Ergi-Impaler" Jomsvikings side by side in my barracks.

    I didn't recruit any of them because of how they looked (though I did choose not to recruit one basically naked really big one, as I found him hard on the eyes). Most of them are wearing in-game armour.

    Their outfits change, too. The ones that I have on my ship keep the same name, but occasionally wind up equipped differently. It looks like their appearances are updated when the player who owns the Jomsviking changes the gear. It wouldn't make sense to recruit them because of how they look.

    My Jomsviking is Ofridr Sneak-Thief. He's decked out in the Mentor's set right now, with dual daggers, but that will change again.

    I'm hoping I'll be able to utilize more of them with the river raids.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @dreadgrrl wow - did you type all that up or is there a way to copy pasta?

    I recruited 11. Most of them look like bears in human form, so I try to pick ones that don't haha. Still, mine only got recruited once, hence my assumption about the helix store.

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    @kreutzgang I typed it all up while I was watching the U.S. inauguration. I’ve actually been meaning to do it for a while. I think it would be fun to learn that someone had hired my Jomsviking, but there’s no way to find out. At least there’s now a written record of the ones I’ve hired (minus the people who appeared to use their real first and last names in their user names).

  • ViRaLuNdEaD
    27 posts

    @queen0m3an This is exactly what I am experiencing. This only just started in the past few weeks. Before that I always had different names. Now all of them have the same name:


    Doesn't matter how many I recruit they all have that same user's name.

  • Azurawulf
    4 posts

    Im tired of only seeing CachouMTL jomsviking only takes away from trying to get friends as well as others who play game that I could be helping out I do not recruit any now because refuse to get the guy who has unlimited supply. I'm hoping this can be fixed soon id love to experiance river raids with jomsviking of choice not one players.undefinedundefinedundefined

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