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  • Kampfhirn
    4 posts

    @nozgame omg, it works! Thanks! Hybrid controll is much more important to me than rumble.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 768 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your updates to this thread regarding visual and audio stutter when using hybrid input mode since my last reply, and please accept my sincere apologies that it has been a little while since my last response.

    I am pleased to advise you all that the development team marked this issue as resolved as of TU This issue should therefore no longer be occurring for any of you, and you should be able to seamlessly change between keyboard and mouse and a controller when hybrid input mode is enabled, without the audio stuttering or loss of audio.

    If you still find that this issue occurs for you following the deployments of TU and TU 1.2.1, please do let us know and answer the questions I previously listed in order to give us the best idea of how serious the issue is:

    • PC specs in brief (CPU, GPU, RAM)
    • Keyboard / mouse models
    • Controller type
    • Description of your audio set-up (e.g. do you use a headset, surround sound system, stereo speakers etc.)
    • Description of the audio loss; is it complete, partial? Does it last for a few seconds only, or is the loss of audio permanent?

    I can then reopen the investigation with the development team, and make sure that they look into this issue again if it's persistent! Thank you all for your time and patience, and have a great week.

    @Yesin069 - Thank you for confirming previously in the thread that the issue was resolved for you. I hope that your experience of playing Valhalla has improved since!

    Official Response
  • BlindingSaint
    3 posts

    My issue has been with the game losing audio when the gamepad ( SteelSeries Duo ) is connected. I cant start up the game without any issues when its connected. However if i boot up the game with the gamepad off ( MK ) it starts with no issue. As soon as i turn on the gamepad my game loses audio and then crashes.

    Please help fix this issue.

  • oreo0722
    2 posts
    My issue has been with the game losing audio when the gamepad ( SteelSeries Duo ) is connected. I cant start up the game without any issues when its connected. However if i boot up the game with the gamepad off ( MK ) it starts with no issue. As soon as i turn on the gamepad my game loses audio and then crashes.

    Please help fix this issue.

    Same problem here.

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts


    in Addition.

    How to fix this "Bug"

    "Never load resources for input icons synchronously in response to input, precache these textures and leave them loaded at all times.
    Nothing good comes from loading and unloading UI textures like this."

    Quote by someone i know 😛

  • DK_SHEN07
    1 posts

    Game freezed or lost sound using xbox elite 2 controller on PC, similar issue posted on reddit by other users especially people who are using new xbox controller

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    i got audio constantly cutting off and on again every few seconds, made a video just of the menu screen, but it's the same everywhere in the game, completely unplayable:

  • Tadiian
    16 posts

    @nonax85 Do you play on pc and have a controller connected? Some people had this problem when switchen back and forth between kb&m and controller.

  • nonAx85
    22 posts

    @tadiian Yeah i am on PC, Hybrid is the default scheme where both m/kb and controller is active, i've also tried only m/kb and only controller. i've also tried disconnecting my controller completely and only using m/kb.

  • Kampfhirn
    4 posts

    @falo2k You could try to disable the 'rumble' feature. I did it and now I can use hybrid controlls without freeze. I wonder if it would fix your photo issue too.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 698 posts

    Hi folks! We're aware of this issue - when the game detects a different input method, there is a little freeze. This is being worked on. Thank you for your patience!

    Official Response
  • Freestepper
    74 posts

    It happens when you enter or leave photo mode also.

  • Kaerrigan
    2 posts


    I found another bug that might be causing some of the issues with sound cutting in and out. By default the game's controller scheme is set to "Hybrid" mode which allows you to switch between controller and mouse/keyboard. I play with a controller, and I found that every time i moved my mouse the sound cuts out for a second. When I start using the controller again, the sound again cuts out.
    This is easily reproducible. Just switch between controller and mouse/keyboard while in Hybrid mode.

    This issue also causes the game to freeze/crash during cutscenes if you switch input. I play on controller, but sometimes during a cutscene I want to screen shot and have crashed my game at last 3 times hitting F12.

  • K.Knyte
    2 posts

    So I have been having an issue but solved it on my own.

    The issue is that when the game is running and you try to switch to the controller the game freezes and hangs for a very long time and then the sound drops out and then it works without sound for a while and then it crashes.

    While it is working with no sound (using controller) if the keyboard or mouse is touched, the game immediately freezes and does not come back.

    It was very frustrating, and after finding others with the same problem and all the support, official and non official, involved driver updating, sound control panel putzing about or even 3rd party software.

    While some of those fixes may help for some people, I found the issue to be with the "Hybrid" control option. Turning it to the devices I want to use (in my case controller) will cause the game to freeze momentarily, but I left it alone for a few minutes and the game came back WITH sound! Allowing me to use the controller as normal.

    Whatever the issue is it lies in that hybrid control option.

    I run Windows 10 on a Ryzen 7 2700 x8 @3.2ghz, 16 gb of ddr4, an nvidia 1660 Ti 6gb ddr6. I was using a regular xbox one controller plugged in via usb. Running in "high"/middle graphics settings.

    also i have 2 displays, it acted the same on both.
    I hope this helps someone.

  • K.Knyte
    2 posts

    Also, it looses sound upon entering photo mode, and freezes when you try to un pause.

  • aazhari
    10 posts

    Something interesting happens on my machine. The sound delay and shortly after a 30 second freeze is when I touch mouse and keyboard right after using the controller.

    in fact, it is very consistent in this way:
    - play with controller
    - move mouse or press a key on keyboard
    - sound goes
    - after 15 seconds game freezes
    - about 30 seconds after game unfreeze

    Rtx 2080 ti latest drivers
    Windows 10
    Dx12 borderless mode

  • ParadigmTheorem
    2 posts

    @xrayspex_73 Thank you so much ❤ I didn't know that option existed!

  • Blade9606
    1 posts

    @captainstarpaw My game is also having this audio bug. Cuts in and out while I play on pc with a controller and when I touch, bump, or press something with the mouse it cuts the sound. I have has the sound cut out completely twice now and caused a full lockup of the game to crash.

  • chairbender
    1 posts

    Hi there!

    I've been experiencing these exact same problems when using an Xbox wireless controller on PC (bluetooth and/or wireless adapter, doesn't matter).

    Whenever the input method changed (either from KB+Mouse to Controller or vice-versa) - either through accidental mouse move or Alt + TAB, I would experience sound loss following a 30 second -ish freeze, after which the game would recover.

    Hope this helps!


  • aazhari
    10 posts

    @aazhari This problem is now fixed for me with patch 1.0.4, however with the new patch the game is now randomly crashing.

  • BlindingSaint
    3 posts

    Every time i try to connect a gamepad the audio stops working and is followed by CTD.

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