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  • ImaginaryRuins
    355 posts

    @karloz1995 While I perfectly understand why you and other users want such an option, respectfully I do not entirely agree.

    That is because the character we play is a historical one, one that actually existed in the past rather than one we create for a fictional adventure - we use the Animus to relieve the memories of that individual, who had his/her own name, gender, skills, personality, and background.

    Can we for example, relieve the memories of Beethoven and say "I don't like being a male / I don't like being named Beethoven / I don't like being deaf so I want to change that setting"? I am afraid not.

    In fact, in AC Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV Blackflag, Rogue and Syndicate, there are even restrictions in the way memories are completed - in order to match what the ancestors really did in the past, we need to perform certain actions in specific ways. This goes against all those cries for freedom and choices today Valhalla is facing, but all these restrictions are there for a reason. The AC series is not really a "choose your own adventure" series, but about experiencing the life of a historical figure.

  • Karloz1995
    Original poster 268 posts

    @imaginaryruins i understand you, but this historical figure is a fictional one, doesnt exist in real life, only in AC world, and sinces they already try to do something similar to what im saying by how the gender choices works in ac valhalla, with male eivor and female one being the same entity, why not let us choose the name, aswell, if they want to make one gender canon with a proper name ,they can use the comic book they have, to do that, wich is the way they have been making "canon" some stuff like the gender "choices" in those games, in odyssey kassandra was the canon choices, and in valhalla, female eivor is the canon gender, because of that, at least we can feel more free at doing stuff in game, at letting us choose your name

    even though i loved the first trilogy of AC, those timess have ended to never return, as how thinks are going right now, so for the long term healthy of the game and the divided fanbase, the best route is to go full rpg, and let us choose those thinks properly the way we want

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    based on real characters yet everything else is fiction....

    dont see a problem in choosing our own name, and if you dont like you can just use the default name 😉

  • ImaginaryRuins
    355 posts

    @karloz1995 The historical figure certainly is fictional but within the universe of AC that character is "real".

    I would like to quote what another user said concerning this topic: "this fits the RPG route the game itself is using, but whether that fits in the grand Assassin's Creed series is up for debate." We are not creating ourselves a character to go to the past, but put ourselves in the shoes of someone else to go to the past. That someone else is bound by his/her genes so unless there are good reasons the relievers should be unable to change that.

    Of course unless Ubisoft can provide explanations like those for AC Valhalla (a bug in the Animus) and AC Syndicate (the two being twins).

    If purely, purely considering the fact that the franchise has to move on then I understand the gender option issue even though I have reservations about whether it fits in the Animus memory relieving setting.

    But I think I will stop here. Perhaps let us all agree to disagree.

  • Karloz1995
    Original poster 268 posts

    🤔 🤔 🤔 🖖 👥

  • AlphaGoose46219
    132 posts

    Can't call this game RPG at all!!
    Choices??? just a few times it effects just a little within the quest and nothing in the story itself!
    Dialog? take another option and you get the same answer!
    Its a big farce, Odessey was a start on the RPG pad but even then they blew it complete when a choice could make a real interesting difference.
    This ISU story (its not Valhalla at all) must be told to explain and fix the holy ISU line.
    Its a wonder we can choice at least something even if it is empty.

  • ashis2004
    4 posts

    @imaginaryruins Tbh I really liked the way Ubisoft presented this because you can't really know if Eivor is a male or a female. It's something you have to guess and only at the end do you realize if Eivor is a male or a female. You had to find out on your own and finish the game in order to understand why there were 2 choices and I liked that.

  • ashis2004
    4 posts

    @karloz1995 I agree with this. Why not give us some characters male and female to choose from and we choose whatever we want. They can make it so that even though some of the story might be different for every character, but the ending is going to be same for everyone. This also might make people play the game more than once or twice in order to get the stories and also see the different endings with the choices that you can make with the way that the franchise is going.

  • ashis2004
    4 posts

    @imaginaryruins I think what they should do is give us a couple of choices to choose from, male and female. So then that character we would choose will be real and a historical figure in the game. At least that's what I think they should do

  • Sam_Boo26
    136 posts

    I'm all in for having the option to choose the character's gender, as long as there is an in-game explanation for this, but I'm not really fond of choosing their name in a game like Assassin's Creed.

  • O-E-Smith
    18 posts

    @imaginaryruins except it's not historically accurate...

  • Dioman80
    5 posts

    I think the may reason people get upset about the gender choices is because they really don't even matter because of the way Ubisoft handles AC canon. I mean, why give players a choice when your going to choose for them anyway? At least with Valhalla they tried to do something different that would make both sides happy but then the official comic comes out and this old debate gets restarted all over again. Either let both choices be cannon or don't have a choice in the first place.

    I'm fine with playing as a female assassin. Just don't give me the choice to play as a male assassin only to say that choice is non canon.

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